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Spirit Man vs. The Flesh

Don’t you get it?  You ARE “Dead to the flesh”!
It’s by not BELIEVING that, that your / man’s problem is based.
When you were baptized and rose from the watery grave, that FLESH body (and all it contained) was left in the grave. “L” HAS SET hIS “Don’t believe it”! TRAP!  AND YOU’VE FALLEN FOR IT!
“Born again” = Born AS THE FIRST TIME…BRAND NEW and TOTALLY INNOCENT!  A BABY….fresh from the “grave” Womb.
“L” has you / us DIPPING BACK INTO OUR FORMER CORPES.  IE; WE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY START “Pinning” for our SINFUL past WAYS!  Thus become “double dippers”….a Sin here, a GOD thing there.  In a SHORT TIME we have a tendency to REDRESS our SINLESS (new) SELF with the rotting skin of our own DEAD CORPSE.
As a NEW BORN, that “dead body clothing” is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, so we are in constant struggle to disrobe that OLD FLESH.
HOW can one “fight” this?”  ACCEPT YOU DIED!
“SEE” what your DOING is…”Grave ROBBING”!
STOP   B  E  L  E I  V  I  N  G     “L”!!!!!!
                                                              APOLOGIZE TO “DAD”!

Told and Untold

So MUCH I have shard…only to share only so little.
TOLD the Bible as known today is NOT the full story. Today’s is FOR the EASTERN Hemisphere.  There is OUR Hemisphere Bible as well.  TWO Bibles .
Noah’s Ark is TRUE….and of THAT Hemispheres telling
THIS Hemisphere has at LEAST 3 MORE “Arks”….Native American Arks.  We call THEM “The GIANT CANOES”.
One has been located…High Up in the High mountains of North Canada.  Two more to go.
The / These sights will not be revealed.  To do so would get these DESTROYED for TO TELL AND SEE THESE WOULD MEAN TO DESTROY THE MAN-FED “WORLD BIBLE”…IE ;  RELIGIONS in Christianity of today.   Exposing The TRUTH.  Aho?  HO!    re

Nothing Happened?

Readers….”Dooms-Day” has passed.  NOTHING HAPPENED?
I tell you True:  YES IT HAS!
What took place is / was,WAS A SPIRITUAL SHIFT…and EYE OPENING of “SPIRITUAL EYES”.  
NOW Slow (or NO) of those CALLED  will be JARED to “MOVE” onto LEARNING …GOD is REAL!
ALL Religions will SPLIT..  ALL. Christian / Muslim / Etc. will, in time, split into  FIFE (5) different “groups”….those that remain in “tradition” ways to various FREER ways.  Of this 5 way Split…only ONE group WILL LEARN SOUL “PURITY”.  IE….TOTAL SPIRITUAL   F R E E D O M! 
THE  “ELITE” of those ALL.
To these elite, it will matter NOT AT ALL what Cultural religion., what COLOR, what COUNTRY each if from….ALL THOSE WILL BE ONE!
THIS is what happened on the “doomsday”!
Yes, it HAS BEGUN.   HO!
Now, to all:  I LOVE YOU ALL!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!  GodCreator Bless us… ALL!   re

Science and High Tech IS “New Age” based, friends.

Filled with Just ENOUGH Truth and Usefulness to be accepted as ALL True.

Once the vast majority are receptive….THEY ARE “CAPTURED”! I.E., “controllable”.

“ENSLAVED” to SERVE the controllers.

They “play” you like a Flute!

Using you to pay Taxes / Etc., so THEY can PARTY…at YOUR Expense.

In this they lead you AWAY from GOD…convincing you that YOU a GOD(s). Stealing your very SOULS essence.


THEY say “Look, you ARE GODS…See? Buy a PLANE ticket…Get the ELECTRONICS to Harness the sun / wind / water. SEE WHAT WE OFFER YOU? We offer you GODPOWER!” “Follow US!”.

And you FALL FOR IT.

This all started in the Churches. Turning mankind into UNGOD-LIKE “GODS”. and enslaving YOU into THEIR “Zombie SERVANTS”.

Yes, they Party” at Your expense.

Its like this: “Feed them enough BS and in time they will think it’s ICE CREAM!”.

Savoring every bite.



Red Elk asked me to add something from an email he shared with WS:

We’ve been programmed into it from the time we’re tiny children, not unlike domestic animals. My generation was the first raised with TV tho NOT with computers which came along later, but we also still went outside…but succeeding generations have been more and more ensnared. Outside of the few who have chosen to learn things outside of the tech, many don’t think they can survive without it. Even when God keeps reminding them they can by taking it away.


There’s quite a debate going on, on the use of certain things that prevents Radiation.

“Get THIS / “Get THIS” ways.


FULL Faith.

My input was not “put on”.

Hummmm. Guess the “God Believer” isn’t much of a believer as he says.

Guess too the others.

“Slips” are “showing”. Aho?

One thing on this “Get” is FEAR!

Like they ard Afraid to Die? Afraid to FACE a “Being” they THINK they SAY they “believe IN”?

Look folks, I know the “impossibles”. ALL Medicine People…Good AND Bad… THAT’S WHAT MAKES US “MEDICINE” Men / Woman.

We have LEARNED. Learned to understand and “Work The Dream”. Learned the UNSEEN in the today’s “Reality(s)”

THAT’S what make US “Medicine” people…and YOU…NOT.

FULL BELIEF in the TRUEReality. The “Unseen”.

The FACT that this, YOU call “real(ity)” is TRUE…and it’s NOT, at ALL, true. ONLY THE WORLD of SPIRIT is REALLY TRUE!

Without this mental ‘break through’…YOU ARE DESTINED to “0 ” to VERY SLOW Spiritual Growth.

Without it you will rarely (If not slowly) NOT be able to ‘do’ “The Things Of Christ”.

So, forget it…go out and buy “live” things to your hearts content. You will NEVER be a REAL CHRISTIAN (Christ FOLLOWER).


“They see, yet are blind.  They hear, yet are deaf.”

Like Christ, who openly told in parables : truths.  Even to today, these are SEEABLE and UNDERSTANDABLE…..but, as in the above verse : Not … the common masses of today.

As He, who had to explain even to His 12 disciples….you too must now be explained to as well.

YOU have been ASLEEP, tho you claim to be awake.  Deceived, but believing in your told belief of deceived / deceiving “deliverers”.

In this, mankind has suffocated their Godliness.  Their Godly Abilities.

Walking in a form of Coma.  The “Living dead”.

Barely breathing, Spiritually.

A FORM of Godliness….VERY much like your own SHADOW.

During the last few years, I have been trying to awaken the sleeping eyes.  Some, tho few, are NOW Awake.  SEEING the things they had only “heard of”.

I now give you this:
The 4 Horsemen of Scriptures are all roaming our Earth.  ALL 4.  (I’ve told this before)

Are you AWARE of WHAT these 4 ARE?

They are the 4  ELEMENTS!    EARTH   WIND   FIRE   ICE

Earth : earth QUAKES!

Wind :  TORNADOES / etc.

Fire : Volcanoes / etc.

Ice :  MELTING Water / FREEZING Cold



Expect FAR Worse and FAR More!  THEY ARE RUNNING RAMPANT!     Re


2 nights ago,  while watching TV, Big Brother showed up, wanting me to follow (go) with Him.  I Checked this Spirit, as I always do.  “A-OK”…so headed to the bed room for quiet time between us.  There He “took” me to the Prayer / Vision spot He has often taken me to.  This was originally a “Spirit” spot.  “Seen” a number of times.  ‘Til on one actual Vision Trip time, He led me to an off trail….at it’s end was THE SAME SPOT He had taken me to, so many times “in Spirit”.  THE REAL SPOT!
Here I was again, in Spirit, with Him.
Ordered to “look”, I did so.  The scene before/below me was now DEVASTATED!  Trees down…BLOWN Down, BURNED, some “sticks”, burnt, still standing.  MILES AND MILES OF FORESTS.  ALL I HAD OFTEN SEEN (in Spirit AND in Reality), now,  well…..DEAD!  Or ALMOST All.  There WERE Survivors….tho EXTREMELY Scarce, “here and there”.  Aho?
The sky was red with Fire Burn, as well as smoky / “dusky”.  As far as I could see.

There below was an old style church building (I had always seen this there as well….Small / White / Steeple).  It was no longer so.  Now it was smudged with smoke and “Close Call” burnt wood.  Very “forlorn”….but STILL “In Service”.  USABLE.

NOT destroyed, but sure had seen a lot of “near calls”.  Aho?

Before, all those had been GREEN tress…..MILES AND MILES of them, Leaning toward the church building.  Windows and double doors open.  THE TREES REPRESENTED HUMAN BEINGS.  What was being told, inside, for all to hear, was the speaker: telling / teaching / sharing The PURE Word Of GodCreator.  The Speaker was myself.
I was doing the same in all this devastation…there in the now nearly defunct wilderness.
Those who survived were slowly making their way, again, to the open windows BUT SHUT (tho UNLOCKED) doors.  Smoke curling around it, from it….DEAD WOOD Smell all about. Again, air FILLED with Passed Over, now dead , trees.  Still smoldering.  Aho?
BUT….not ONLY where there Survivors (some UNTOUCHED but MOST “Injured”)…BUT there was ALSO….LIFE!  TINY SEEDLINGS….growing in this devastated “mess”.  NEW LIFE!  Nurtured by their “parents” “deadness”.  THOSE DEAD, creating the NUTRIENTS NEEDED FOR NEW LIFE….NEW “Reforestation”.  LIFE GOES ON!  NEW Life!  A NEW START!

Even these tiny trees where learning towards the scruffy old church….LISTENING    A  N  D   SPROUTING / GROWING…..QUICKLY!

The older survivors, that were hurt, where BEING HEALED!  Standing TALL! WELL!


The vision showing over.  Done.

I leave this for you to decide its meaning, AND if a TRUE “Future”.

I’m just a reporter, telling what was shown.   Re


Life has years of packed on “luggage”.  Years of Accumulations.
Can get rather “heavy” to carry around.
Can get painful, Spiritually….lugging all that around, daily.

Big Brother (Jesus) can HELP.



Getting reports of Break-Off groups of their Religion / Churches / Etc.

I’ve told this will take place.

The traditional will break into 5…and EACH of THOSE 5 “break-offs” will DIVIDE INTO 5 AS WELL.

Of EVERY ONE, only ONE will be right!