Mini Report:  yesterday I cleaned out the fireplace.  Made it DEEPER while doing so.  Might have “messed” with the air flow…SMOKE  SMOKE SMOKE!  Very little ‘draw’.  Today I bought 3 copper tubes (3/4 inch) and ran ’em from front to nearly all the way back.  See if air increase would help.  HARDLY A LICK OF Start Up SMOKE!  The least I’ve EVER had!  Then it REALLY BEGAN DRAWING!  Packed it and tested again.  DITTO!
May have beat the problem but won’t know FOR SURE until a stronger wind comes up.   ???

Then cleaned off the bed ledge.  Will pack loose straw around inside ledge and then cover that whole ledge with vinyl tarp, put in my feather bed mattress…then sleeping bags atop.

Round “Half Table” painted and ready to be put in (one half) as a shelf.  Fits dome curve to a “T”.   Might cut the other half into 2 and ditto those as well.  We’ll see.  Maybe use one of ’em as a PC “table” or tiny TV stand.   ???

This place is so small, “clutter” can NOT BE.  Would be wise to have a waterproof lockable storage box outside.  Use, put back.  Aho?
Designed for the BAREST of essentials.

Also got a TOMATO wire stand.  Will cone it with tarp and stick above high spot in main room.  Smoke will escape instead of build-up inside.

So, still moving along!    GB    re



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