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By now each reader understands the Inner Heyoka take Scripture and the OLD way of the Indians of our lands to SHOW and EXPLAIN to you; The TWO “Ways” get the SAME RESULTS…..just in a more EASYER way (N.A.).
Explaining the NA Way of Simplicity to DO “the things of Christ” (Called Big Brother by us).

He EXAMPLED…AND TOO EXPLAINED. Yet that Explaining seem vague to nearly all readers of The Good Book.


ALL the Things Of Christ CAN (and DO) make these things more DoABEL to you (We Hope).
Christians today are weakened by their Teachers and Peers.
NA, seeing how They are put into a “category” of “Dumb”….thus turn AWAY from the “Whites” religion. TOO LATE Im afraid. The Damage has been done. Most of our NA hold only a CHILD-LIKE mind…the SPIRITUALITY that is HIS “Way”.

You “whites” see that and want it. Most couldn’t tell you HOW. They’ve been FORCED to LEAVE the CHILDISH SIMPLICITY…and are thus, well…..”lost” to the Knowing of their Pre-White days.


GodCreator Bless. re

“We’re bringing this all on ourselves. You idiots!

I’m part of it and every one of you are part of it. You wonder where you’re going to get the money to pay for your gasoline or your car or your heat. Then you wonder where you are going to come up with all that show and tell like the new jet water ski and the new car. I tell you…you’re worried about the wrong dang things.

There’s something far more important than ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s.’ It’s keeping your heart right with the Creator.  Living the way you are supposed to live in love. The way you were born so innocent but into a sinful (disobedience to God) world.

You were never born a sinner. No man nor woman is. No child is born a sinner. But you’re born into it and accept it and just start feeding on it. Then they start throwing that food out as they grow up to other little innocents so that they follow after momma and daddy.

“Forget God go get a jet ski” geez…you’re idiots! You’re bringing it on yourself!

And there’s some of you that’ve got to pay a price that really shouldn’t pay the price because they are right but the majority rules. And because you’re bringing it down on you you’re bringing it down on everybody.”


(David W – Felt like sharing this because returning to God and to true agape love is very important and we need to make sure we stay on the straight and narrow. No matter what life throws at you or what temptations might come your way always do your best to keep your eyes on God and if you take your eyes off of Him do your best to bring them back onto Him)