I am concerned with many on my list.  Know a FEW are more ready for tough times but don’t know about many as well.  CAN YOU DO WITHOUT A JOB?  CAN YOU DO WITHOUT ELECTRICITY?  CAN YOU DO WITHOUT MEDICINES?  WILL YOU BE WARM ENOUGH?  KNOW how to stay COOL?  Stretch your WATER? Even to DRINK LESS? Can you live “bug free”?


Yes, I am concerned.

YOU have been “with me” a Long Time.  MANY warnings, many advices….Above and BEYOND “getting close to God.”

How READY ARE YOU!   ???

Only you can answer this…and only YOU can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

What we are NOW in is NOT BAD at ALL!   What looks like it WILL BE, IS!

I Love you and am worried about each of you.   Aho?    re


A brother pointed out:

To be truthful, it there is a complete breakdown of the government and they start rounding people up, I am not prepared at all. I have survival stuff for some disasters, but do not have the ability to go to a place that is truly safe. I have friends with land but it is not very high in elevation and they do not have any preparations for any kind of disaster. Lots of my friends are living on land, but most of it is exposed and they have not heeded any warnings to build shelters underground. They view that as giving in to negativity. I think the whole metaphysical world is expecting to ascend in a few seconds.
So I am left taking care of an elderly friend, who does not have anyone else to turn to and I am in a small city by the water. The right thing seems to keep helping my friend, but part of me knows I should have a safe haven built.
I would imagine a number of people you are talking to are in similar circumstances. They are worried about thier children and parents, etc.
Just being honest.


Grandfather Red Elk Replied:

And you are Correct.  Still, THE Safety is IN TRUSTING GOD.  No land needed in this, brother.  YOU are where you are SUPPOSED to be AND DOING AS YOU ARE MEANT TO.  In truth, I can “get it” too….UNABLE to get TO our “safe land”.  MY TRUST starts and ends in the Ultimate: HIM.
It was HE who told me where to look.  I did so since the late ’60s.  Finding a number of places…ALL OF WHICH WERE ‘NIXED’.  Still, He told and I obeyed.  Seems a waste of time and money.  That’s a LONG time to obey orders and see no results.  Still, He said………….then lo, THERE WAS THE SPOT.  10 acres!  And GIVEN TO US!  FREE!
Now I have a shell up only.   No water (but 2 rivers in walkable/driveable distance)….money spent on cutting into the slope and doing the shell (30 ft dome ).  So BROKE I can’t get to it but once or twice a year…..let alone Finish.  ALL IN HIS TIME!  HE is My DAD and I am His CHILD…soo  wait.  I have huge tarps that CAN cover the frame’s wire inner skin if needed.  IE, a GIANT TENT.  Won’t stop forest fires, big winds, etc. but FLOOD and EARTHQUAKE Free.  Even just THAT will be better then a “secure” house here.  I bought EXCELLENT sleeping bags for all…Below-0 ones.  Have basic HAND tools…even a SHOULDER YOKE to lug water from the closest river (“ha”!)…tho we have 4 or 5 electric generators I KNOW THEY WILL BE ABSOLUTELY USELESS as prices rise (gas, parts, etc.).  Even a small Wind Generator.  Batteries (’til THEY give out).  For the wife and family’s “weaning” only.  They aren’t ready to be TRULY “Primitive”.  Must WEAN them into it.
Shoot, bro, I may not “make it” BUT all this will BE THERE for SOMEONE WHO WILL!

I’ve been told 3 times I will live into my early 150 yrs.  Don’t WANT to!  HOPE this ISN’T true, but….time will tell.  If so, a reason for it.

Yes, most expecting to “be taken up”….odd, 3 beliefs:  Before.  During.  At the End.    Ive seen #3.  WE ARE WELL INTO #1 AND NO ONE’S “LEFT” YET.  So leaves only 2 now.  Scriptures points to #3…FULLY.
So, let ’em play their “I’m Safe” game.

Right or wrong at least I’m FAIRLY ready for #3.

Could die as I type this, or moments after sending.  NO GUARANTEE ON LENGTH OF LIFE.  Aho?

“Live for TODAY.” (basic scriptures)

I BUILD for the 7th GENERATION Ahead.  That dome & safe land more for someone else than for myself & Family.

Still, people have the opportunity to prepare at this time.  “Fatalistic” by “accepting to die” is NOT perhaps wise.  After all, He’s giving the opportunity and might well use it while you can.  He’s also given A LOT of WARNINGS.  NOT just from me, but by many.  Seems He’s TRYING to get Some “interested.”  ONLY THOSE WHO CAN, WILL.  Hopefully not in FEAR but, well, because it SEEMS “RIGHT.”

My own brother…quite well off, doesn’t intend to prepare:  “Hell brother, who would WANT to stick around if all your friends and family die?”

Not seeing he has the means to perhaps HELP them survive.

Survival to him means LUXURY Survival.  Electricity, Heat, Food, Car, etc.  In short: “If THESE Things “go” then I don’t WANT to Live.”

Doesn’t either FEEL the need or doesn’t WANT to FACE the possible need.   His path.

I love him DEARLY.  But whenEVER he “passes” we’ll still see each other Up There.  Aho?  “Death” is only a temporary parting. Aho?

So, each their own.  For those “called” to prepare, FINE….but need to be aware this might NOT be “for them”…but for some(one) NEEDING your/the “labors” you’ve put out for our human race so we CAN repopulate the Earth.

Least that’s the way I look at it.  Aho?

Nah, don’t worry.  If you are to move HE will make SURE you’ll KNOW When and Where.  Did for baby Jesus’ parents didn’t He?  ( :   GB   re



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