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Spirit Man vs. The Flesh

Don’t you get it?  You ARE “Dead to the flesh”!
It’s by not BELIEVING that, that your / man’s problem is based.
When you were baptized and rose from the watery grave, that FLESH body (and all it contained) was left in the grave. “L” HAS SET hIS “Don’t believe it”! TRAP!  AND YOU’VE FALLEN FOR IT!
“Born again” = Born AS THE FIRST TIME…BRAND NEW and TOTALLY INNOCENT!  A BABY….fresh from the “grave” Womb.
“L” has you / us DIPPING BACK INTO OUR FORMER CORPES.  IE; WE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY START “Pinning” for our SINFUL past WAYS!  Thus become “double dippers”….a Sin here, a GOD thing there.  In a SHORT TIME we have a tendency to REDRESS our SINLESS (new) SELF with the rotting skin of our own DEAD CORPSE.
As a NEW BORN, that “dead body clothing” is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, so we are in constant struggle to disrobe that OLD FLESH.
HOW can one “fight” this?”  ACCEPT YOU DIED!
“SEE” what your DOING is…”Grave ROBBING”!
STOP   B  E  L  E I  V  I  N  G     “L”!!!!!!
                                                              APOLOGIZE TO “DAD”!

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Words of Tribute to Red Elk

Heather here….

One of my greatest adventures with Red Elk was in 2003, when he took me on an amazing journey to meet his friend Fawn Journey Hawk. I can’t go into the details of what we were doing, but I assure you, it was a learning experience for me, a time in my life I will never forget, and when I realized….Red Elk was the real deal.

I/We have been reaching out to make sure that notice of Red Elk’s passing has been shared. Thanks to Coast to Coast AM, their announcement made it on their website, facebook and radio show reaching  millions of people.

Sometimes it takes awhile to reach a medicine woman who isn’t using modern communication devices, but alas she has been in contact with me now and wrote this. I asked her permission to read it at the memorial service for Red Elk on September 26, 2015. I am publishing now because I believe some people need to hear this. It’s for your heart. Just one of the many messages I’m receiving and will share soon.

Also, regarding Fawn. She is moving her medicine camp and if someone could message me if they have a place that would be suitable for her camp, she will open her tipi for teachings and healings.


Red Elk Gone

A void on the Medicine Path

Yet still a vivid memory and dreams of times past.


He danced with the Wounded Medicine Stones

And dared to defy Grandmother Owl

Red Elk laughed at the darkness

And trespassed in the Underworld


The path he followed was his own

And like the Wolf, mated for life.

He carried the inner-conflict of a “breed”

And used it to build a bridge.


But most of all he was human


“I brought you five pounds of the

Best fudge in the world,” he said

As he handed me the box,

I looked inside-

One piece left,

“but I ate some on the way home.”


“Red Elk, I’ll cook dinner tonight,

What would you like?”

“Baked apples”

Well, I asked so we had baked apples.

That old Indian loved sugar.


Now he’s but a whisper in this dimension.

A whisper that remains as a memory and continues

To walk beside his woman

And look after his loved ones.

A whisper that says, “I’m still here.” “

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April 23, 2015 – Red Elk Shares

At the moment I am in rough shape. Know this though, I am improving guaranteed. I am doing exactly what I tell others to do. Telling myself I am healed, I healed, I am healed. Note: I say “I am healed” not I will be. And it is starting to become truth in my thoughts. Just last week, a dear friend of ours was rushed to the hospital. She did not know it, but she was right at deaths door. I took time off from me and switched my prayers to her. She went home the very next day.  They are watching her carefully, but was surprised she was able to get out of bed let alone go home. I believe totally that she would get over the problem. It was close, believe me. So when I say believe, I mean it totally. Tonight, I am going into her husbands things that run into the heart. He has a problem now. I will see what I can do or advice. Whatever, he should be ok soon too. Remember, believe, believe, believe. Any connotation of doubt negates the healing, etc. Good luck and pray to God Bless.

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Truth is Spirit Day 1


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Truth is Spirit Day 2


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“And the Dead Shall Rise First”


WS / H , a goof on my part….right off the bat.  PLEASE INSERT   B4   The “then the Coming Down of the Saints.”…..make that THEN the LIVING will rise (“assention”)   (THEN:  the   saints  part).  Thank you.     re



“And the Dead Shall Rise First”

(2 Meanings?)


This morning held more then one thing to contemplate on.  One being the title of this sharing.

Have you ever given great thought to this passage?

If, as most, it means to you that those laying in their “sleep” will rise and go “up”.  “First”?  Yes.  THEN the LIVING will rise (“ascension”), THEN a DESCENDING of the masses of Godly AFTER that.  Correct?

Yes…correct…….BUT:  This morning brought on even MORE thought on this.


You’ll need to understand what the DNA is all about.  It is THE SOUL of ALL YOUR ANCESTORS…..passed down into YOU.  YOUR “Genes”.  Your CHILDREN have ALL the ancestors ….now INCLUDING YOURS !

The DNA is MEMORIES of ALL these ancestors.  “Soul” passed on to each newborn.  DNA is the “TREAD LINE” of mankind from the First Two to US.  ALL THOSE MEMORIES ARE WITHIN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US now living.

Now, with this in mind:  YOUR “Soul Line Thread” ” is NOW BEING ACTIVATED!  The DEAD ARE   “Rising” WITH-IN YOU!


Bringing on your STIRRING that ALL are NOW having!

Some run from this.  “Partying” / Sex / Booze / Drugs / Etc.


WE ARE BEING “Stirred”… Chili Beans boiling in a pot!

Discarding those “beans” that are “bad”.  Seeking only the GOOD to feast on.

MANY have an NA in their DNA blood line….(yet, in truth, ALL have…for we ALL starting from The FIRST two).

Those with an ancestor of recent Native American (blood) have a “jump”, though, than others who have only the thoughts of “white”.

Again, those with “recent” NA, have a “jump”.  As they have the STILL Strongly held CLOSER memories .  Aho?

OK, I see, through my knowledge ;  The DEAD  (who shall rise FIRST)    A  R  E    RISING……..RIGHT   N  O  W  !!!

It is TIME.

Accept or reject, I just share.



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A Request

As “The Great Vision” rolls on….I’ve become very tired. nearly physically unable to carry on.  If this does happen it will be You that “takes over”.  I HOPE you will.   GB    re

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Agape Love

To all:
I’ve “brow beaten” enough against religions….Christian and All.
If you haven’t been “jarred” into looking into yourself by now, I suspect you never will.
As ‘Big Brother’ slammed the pharisees and sadducees of His days, I have done the same.  ‘Following’.  Aho?
Speaking Truth has never been a popular commodity.  Living it simply adds to truths ‘fire’ . People just don’t Like seeing their inner / hidden being.
Yet there ARE some its helped. It is these who will strive to Follow.  The “elite few” that REALLY Love
I ‘m done with shouting and striking out.  Now it’s totally in YOUR HANDS,
Good luck to you.
To us ALL.

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Inner Heyoka

Seeking Dad’s permission to visit with His (now deceased) Inner Heyoka  Medicine Members.  See if they can advise me on health issues and future Spiritual doings.
I am not allowed to “call up the dead”….both I – Heyoka AND Scriptural “no nos”….but to VISIT the past and converse in THEIR time isn’t that. Done a lot of that.
IF so, I’ll return in the Traditional way :  Sweat Lodge / drum / pipe and sacred plants.
Will need to build the Sweat Lodge.  Unable to in this physical condition.  Will need help.  That is IF I’m told to “go in” in the old way.
I’ve  “drifted” the last 3 + years into the White “World”.  Religion.  Striking out, HARD, on “God Believers” commitment.  TRYING to make them Think.  Few have, by the looks of it.  Most still clinging to modern mans “technology” over the simplicity of One-on-One, with He who they CLAIM they are committed to. (Don’t get me wrong.. Modern technology has its good”).
Anyway…I’m done with this, basically, now. 
Back to “home”. 
We’ll see.

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Folks, “I”, still “with you”. 
Being “still’ to allow you to give a go and Grow on at YOUR pace and “Alone”. 
You are NEVER “Alone”  Believe me!
I’m aware I’m “missed” Can FEEL it….still, you need to be “weaned”.  I hinder that.  So…
My news: 
3 strokes, possibly another small one, in 5 (6?)  days late last month. Then, in heavy coughing, I ran out of air….fell.  Now have a slightly cracked upper leg bone (Left side) that ends at my pelvis bone.  Also a couple injured ribs. Doing OK though…so not to be concerned.  “Dad” is healing….and my  knowledge.
Ribs much better.  Leg…better.  Aho?  HO!
I’m using a Walker and getting about the house OK.  Family helping a LOT!
Often putting aside their own needs for mine.
I’m ENJOYING being “OLD”.
Started age regression…TWICE.  Each time…STOPPED!
Asked “Dad”  “WHY”?
HE ANSWERED!  “You are a teacher.  To teach AGING, you Must KNOW “AGING” “.
OK by me, makes sense.  Aho?
Many realize I no longer do reply’s on the Comments section.  Why?   TOO  MANY TO LAZY TO READ THE BLOG FULLY.  Asking things long ago answered.  Both tiring and disgusting.
Its ‘Sink or Swim’ time, friends.
OK,  I’m still “with you”…WATCHING (and Praying), and I’m not the ONLY One doing so!
Have a Go(o)d Christmas.  Pray for each other,  FEAR NOT…and GROW! 

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