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Friends, there’s alot of Free Food about you….IF you know WHAT is Edible, What it Looks Like and HOW to Prepare it.  EVEN IN WINTER.
Tho my mother “fought” Indianhood…there was ONE thing she enjoyed so much, she used it and taught it:  FISH PATTIES.   From what is normally considered “trash” fish.  Carp / Suckers / Gar / Etc.  These ARE Delicious!  But don’t take my word for it….there’s plenty of recipes on the Internet.
Weeds, as well as some of your FLOWERS, are Great eating, TOO.
Honestly, there’s no good reason to go hungry in most of this country.
Or to buy MANY MEDICINES!  These plants also HEAL.
Again, INTERNET, folks.
Might as well start learning….you’ll be FAR AHEAD of “the game” AND be helpful to others!   I hope you pay attention to what I’m saying.  re
Was JUST about to go get water (neighbors’) when the phone rang.  A Canadian Cree. VERY good friend.  He had a surprise….had set up a 3-way call to him / me / and a Texas gal.  RADIO INTERVIEW.   “Can you do it?”   When?   “Right NOW!”  gulp
Was a show with NA GodCreator people.  Call-Ins…Speakers, Etc..

I HAD NO IDEA THIS TYPE EXISTED!   FASCINATING! Fellowship with LIKE KIN!  People HELPING people….From the HEART!  “REDS” helping “Reds”…. AND WHITES!…ALIKE!!!  NO “your WHITE…you have no business HERE” stuff.  REAL LOVE..AGAPE LOVE!!!

I was privileged to be a part of it.
Do I know its name?  NO!    re
Ive reuest WS  and H to post this WITHOUT CORRECTIONS…..(gonna b ruff, folks):
I quit school at age 15.  9th grade.  Faild it.  Not because I was dumb, but because I had more importent things to study….”Medicin”.
I knew enough to do the reading n math to make my way through life.  Had no intentions of being a Rockit Scintist…Engineer…Etc..  i KNEW my calling..  HS wouldnt help in this one bit.
I had faild because of this.  The MUCH FEARD Truint Officer never cought me….everyone ELES, but never myself.
Who would exspect a ‘truint’ to b in the city librays, STUDYING?  “Anchent Ways”….Hypnoses…History of others on our countinit, Ect.?
When not in tese (Detroit has some GREAT Librarys), Id b at the MUSIUMS.  Again, 1st hand SEEING.
Then, if not in any of thsese, Id b off behind the big auto plants, tracking the many ENORMIS deer / etc. in the strips of bush / trees n trash the city never took care of.  Not a Park (as ud call a park) but a PARIDICE to wildlife…n thus, to ME!
The small mendering creeks n streems, filled with floating oil, trash, old tires, etc. TEAMING with fish.  BIG ONES!  Never DID see a Carp, or a Sucker….EVER.  But saw RECORD BREAKING Bluegills and Trout!  Never saw another human, ether….OR the Truint Officer.  ( :
Id trap Phasents…Rats…Farrow Cats…Racoons (live traping)…and use a willow branch as a fishing pole. Made my own hooks…but store bought fishing line (untill I learned how to make my own from green long weed leafs).  Everything found “on the spot”. This “usless and “STUPID” kid, dressed as a “hood”…had a BALL!  Building hideing places as Id go.  Little sleeping “huts” that fit into the area.  Nights out in these.  Tiny LOW fires in cleared brush to break up the smoke…hidden fires so as not to b detected. This “hood” was HAVEING a BALL!
Then, emerge to Taxis, City Busses, Noises (that had been dulled by the factorys masses) and hundreds of cars n predestriens…and FULL sunlight…SHOCKING to the sences!  Then onto a bus, or hitch hikeing….back home again.  A few days WHERE I “BELONGED” now behind me….the “normol” (WHITEMAN) world.  ugh!
My mother had long ago stoped worrying about me.  She had her own “life” and one less “kid” was alright with her.  (She was a ‘party girl’).
Trying to ‘hide’ her Indianess…telling all she was “Egyption” (hi ck. bones / etc.)…she did all she could to fit into the “white” world.  Ashamed of being NA.  ! was ASHAMED of HER!
Anyway…did as I needed to do, schoolwise.
Always WANTING a COLLEGE Education….eventualy (after 3 attempts) I managed to “tough it out” n passeds my GED test….then to 2 colleges.  Last just for Fun (likes the campis).  Studying in these things I could choose.  Things needed to help round off my ‘calling’.
Yup, this miss-spelling twit has a COLLEGE Degree!  ( :   (Only one yr. at #2 college…and, for fun…AND to futher my “Med.” training).
As u can c, my spelling is, well, sorta “off”. BUT U CAN READ IT!  Thats all u need as far as Im concerned.
Its not “Whitman” rules “way”…but at least ur understanding anyway.  (U outta c my COLLGE CLASES NOTES….my form of PETROGLIFS!  That only I CAN read. Aho?)!
Eventualy I joined the Navy.  ‘Survived’ THAT.  Fun, but got out as fast as I could.  The wouldnt give me what I had signed up for.  Just wasnt worth it.
Then, to marryed life.  At 26 (n officil batchler, as was my goal) I found “The Warden”.  Been a prisoner every sence.  Cant recall how many yrs, but over 40.
When I clled my mother to tell her I was geting marryed….her words went “Congradulations”….no, it was “is she INDIAN!”  Like spit comeing out of her mouth. (She realy had a “problem”).  ( :
When we adopted r daughter…a COLLVILL NA Child…..oh oh!
Yup, mom sure had a ‘problem’.
When my mother finily passed away….I felt no more oblagation to “honor” her “WE R WHITE” issue, and went from HER Nameing us…to my REAL name.  Yes, I am legely Red Elk.  Aho? No first name.  No last name…just Red (ElkRedElk).  Aho?
I am NOT related to ANY Red Elks in NA land.  Mine given in a Sacred Cerimony.
Wasnt MY choice…was GIVEN it.  Aho?
So, here I am, a Meti (“Half Breed”).  “2 Shoes” sorta being.   One Mocc., One Street shoe.
Ok, uve got a bit more “about” me….AND what WS has to put up with to make my spelling more platabel to u.  Bless her Vollinteer Heart!  re
(Yay, a break! 😀 😀 😀 – WS)

Got EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED!  A number thinking me crazy for not going after Any of these. “You can do so MUCH for OTHERS (I WOULD).” etc.


SAYING “I TRUST IN GOD”…then, when a “carrot” is dangled before ‘em…they DROP that “TRUST” in a BIG HURRY!   “Trust” in the Bill with “In God we Trust” on it…..MAN!

I expected it. I got it.

One “will fly out there and use the money for others.”  Wanna bet…..not ALL of it!?

No one seems to realize To be GODLY means to be HONEST!  IE:  REPORT YOUR FIND(s).  Guess what?  SCRUTINY!  Government will want to know where you got it.  How much.   Government Land or Private Land (not yours?…others)…TAXES, once LEGAL BATTLES are over….and on and on AND ON!  Maybe YEARS of LAWYER FEES to see IF you can have it, has OFTEN occurred!

So, you “Jackasses”…you want it, YOU go find it!   I was telling so MOST would actually SEE just WHERE THEIR TRUST REALLY IS!

Where is YOURS! ???    re


In the abilities of the Medicine Ways, many of us know spots of…to many…great interest.  In some cases, actual treasures.  Gold / Artifacts / Etc.

I myself have a number.  One, not treasure YOU’D call “treasure”,  but a Probition “Model A” rum runner.
This auto was making a run from Canada to Detroit.  Driving across ice.  Broke through and sank.
I was a diver and belonged to The Hamtramic Divers club.  2 of these divers came across the “A” just off a small island in the Detroit River.   “The current was very fast.  As we sped past we grabbed the car and hung on.  Holding the metal we were able to see inside.  We were surprised to see a HUGE “ROUND” of …… CHEESES!  I (one of the 2) worked off a hunk.  Then a Freighter was heard approching (the “A” was VERY close to the shipway).  We got out of there in a hurry!”  (The freighter’s turning props create a suction, adding to the current.  No place to be…or chance being sucked into the props).
Anyway, the chunk came with them.  Those ashore scraped off the “scum” and all had a “GREAT MEAL!”
Every year we’d go looking for that “A” again…with no success.
I don’t know if the group is still active.  GOOD MEMORIES!  (:

Other places are known as well.  Stage Robbery (gold and coins)….Hudson Bay Fur Trade Co. hidden gold (2 chests, Canada)…a hidden cache of gold nuggets in saddle bag(s) here not far from my home….Coins in Mason Jars buried in an apple orchard nearby….Crystal Skulls  (QUITE A FEW!)….Phoenician stash (2)….Rotting rolls of Big Bills buried in a back yard and under that home (Mich.)….a cave of Ellensburg Blues (a now a precious stone) here (caved in by landslide)….another Phoenician Place, OBELISK, mere miles from me here (and destroyed by Big FANCY “gated” community…so their making could go on)….and a number of others.

All “tempting” but “not my bag”.  I don’t want to be curtailed by what’s TRULY “treasure”….helping YOU GET CLOSE TO THE CREATOR!
I have watch men DESTROYED by their “thirst” for $$.  Doing VERY VERY WELL…HERE.  BUT WON’T BE WORTH A RAT’S REAR…”THERE”!
I do not want THAT to happen to Me.

And NO!  I will NOT tell YOU these SPOTS!   Instead, learn to walk with HIM and learn to TRUST HIM!  THERE is your TRUE TREASURE!     re

Reader(s):   I’ve asked Heather and Whale Sister to keep THIS posting CONSTANTLY ABOVE    ALL    others. (NEW POSTS are below. – WS)

Many Emailing or Commenting for “This / That” info.   I WILL NO LONGER ANSWER THESE.  “Why”?  IF you Do a SEARCH, INTERNET Search…..You will FIND IT IS TOLD (usually). EVERYTHING HAS  B E E N  Shared. I will Not “Re-Do” an already DONE thing.  I’ll have the big book out As Soon As Possible….WITH knowledge. Between THREE (3): This; What’s Already “out there”; ….AND SCRIPTURES….You WILL learn! I have no desire to do constant “Re-Dos”.  ITS ALREADY OUT THERE! I DO like to see the Emails/Comments that are UP-LIFTING.  Emails/Comments that Give me HOPE. But tired of “personal” “share with ME”.   Those that do so are simply Lazy.  Please, do your OWN ‘HOMEWORK’.

I suppose this posting will irritate some….WHY?  It should NOT, IF you are one REALLY wanting to connect!

Remember: YOU are the “Magic Button”.  PUSH IT!

Good luck and CreatorGod Bless      re

Getting what you WANT….by PRAYER….Works.  “HE KNOWS YOUR NEEDS”.   There ARE times a “need” isn’t one that is really such…but a WANT.  Well, He also knows your WANTS, too.  To help you be happy…often He fills THAT as well.  “Keeps the kids happy” type thing.

Like you giving your child a “special toy”, tho he / she has a Roomful of toys all ready.  Aho?

In my domes building, I’ve “wanted” a number of things.  Things I couldn’t afford.  One has been my WANT of a certain Color / Nap of a very expensive rug (for Sky’s dome). I “haunted” the local rug sales places.  Hoping to find JUST the RIGHT Remnant (more affordable).  Even often went to the 2 local “Cheap Shops” AND the Habitat For Humanity place.

I HAD PRAYED, so KNEW HE HAD HEARD.  2 weeks, 3, and 4 weeks of looking went by…EXPECTING AN ANSWER.  “Somewhere…SOMEHOW” I’d find this answer met.  After all, I PRAYED.

Then, 3 days ago, AGAIN I went looking….AND THERE IT WAS!  At the Habitat place.  The EXACT ROYAL BLUE, DEEP SCULPTURED NAP, of what I WANTED!  $2.00!   Not a TINY piece, a small ROLL of cut off scrap.

So, now Sky has his floor rug (to yet be installed).

In that finding, I also found a rather large Burl Wood “wall hanging”.  All shiny and cover coated in clear resin.  I BOUGHT IT AS WELL!

NOW he has his “KITCHEN” TABLE!  The “SPECIAL” area I had ASKED would SOMEHOW BE, for his “Tri-Pod” kitchen area.

Between the “Glowing” Royal Blue rug and This “table” (GLOWING TOO), the Interior SHINES!  The inside is an “EYE GRABBER”!

(I’ve Pre-set both in, to see how well it will be…so know).

Folks, PRAYER WORKS.   But you must EXPECT IT TO.   Prayer, WithOUT FAITH, is a WEAKNESS.

I will now go to yet ANOTHER “need” Answered…..NEEDED A WHEEL ALIGNMENT.  Steel threads exposed on one tire….and I needed it “NOW!”.  Well, THE VERY NEXT DAY A DONATION CAME IN that COVERED THE COST. To top it off, I CALLED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to get it done.  HAD PRAYED!  Told ‘em “I need to get it done THIS MORNING!”

Guess what!?

“We have JUST GOT A CANCELLATION.  Can you come in at 10 minutes to 10:00?”  (43 minutes away). “YES!”

See what I mean?

Folks, When you Ask…ALWAYS KNOW ITS HEARD, and go along EXPECTING THE ANSWER.  Aho?    re


Readers:  I was sent an Email that said “I can’t understand why a 1st Nation guy would share all this knowledge to we ‘white’ people, after all we’ve done to you.”

Friends, lets be honest:  YOU probably haven’t “done” ANYTHING to us!  Maybe your ANCESTORS did, but not YOU. Aho?

What YOU do NOW, is YOU.

That holds true to ANY Race YOU “do” TO.  Aho?

The Emailer also said “You NA”.

I’ve shared I am NOT a “Full Blood” Native American (1st Nation).  I’m a BREED.  A METIS.  That means MIXED “breed”.  NA AND WHITE,  RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE.  Blackfoot / Shoshone (I’m told) and French / Irish.  I CLAIM NO FULL NA and have told that over and over. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!

Why do I share (sell) How To’s on Telepathy / Teleportation / Etc.?   HAVE TOLD THIS Over and Over as well : I’M DOING YOUR HOMEWORK!  It is ALL FREE…and I’ve Told THAT as well!  ANY who will pick up a BIBLE can get this information on “How.”  (Use a CONCORDANCE when reading).  It’s FREE, friends.  F  R  E  E!

People are so LAZY (in general) they SEEK withOUT “Doing”.  “Want it NOW!” attitude.

Ok, you then Pay me to “GIVE IT…NOW!”

I make a “wage” to do what YOU are TOO LAZY to do YOURSELF.

Just like you pay to eat at a McDonalds, etc..  MORE CONVENIENT  to BUY, then to go home and COOK, YourSelf.

Told MANY times TOO, that there is NO “NA” Medicine Secrets I will “put out”.  (Tho get “attacked” by sharing these ability knowledges…BY the NAs.)


I’ve told (in my 2 DVD Videos) what I have been SHOWN…by THE CREATOR….and If YOU get as “close” to “Him” as I have…”HE” WILL SHARE WITH YOU, as well.

Or… me.             Your choice.  Aho?

I will (hopefully) soon get my BIG “Short Stories”  Book published and “out there”.  IF you intend to buy, SAVE YOUR MONEY…it WON’T BE CHEAP! ($35.00 to $40.00).

This book is filled with Insight.  Gives You ALOT TO THINK ABOUT!  (It will be around 400 pages).

As all I tell….Don’t buy if you think it is “bunk”.  Again, this is Your CHOICE.

Not ONE is being “forced” to go the way I have.  I’m just here to SHARE what this “way” has done for / in me AND tell what it has done In me.

EVERYTHING is UP TO YOU to choose.  Aho?

So, I leave you to do, or think, as you please.

I tell you true…YOU and  I      W  I  L  L       BE SEEING EACH OTHER….GB    re


I’ve been watching Low to High-aged teens “work”.  Work?  WORK!???

What has HAPPENED to our youth?  NO Work Ethics THAT I’VE FOUND (in the BOYS).  Gals far better…more Self-Esteem i guess.

Folks, the USA WILL BE INVADED…and now I can understand why we LOSE!  Between the LAZY youth and our Screwy “Elite” “Leaders” of our Country….WE DON’T STAND A CHANCE!
Right NOW we should be planting explosives under airports (private to Community)…on ALL our bridges (FARM “canals” ones to our Largest)…Mountain Passes…..Etc. Etc.  to at LEAST slow the invaders DOWN (5 allies).   Building up our HOME defenses…not splitting our armed forces all over earth.

I’m NOT Speculating… I was SHOWN!   THREE TIMES!
Meanwhile (followers of GOD)…FEAR NOT!!       re

In regard to the message below this one, I’d like to tell what the “before THIS Earth, earth” was like.

Most have no doubt heard our (now) planet is called “The Emerald Marble in space”.  Most have seen pictures of our (now) planet, taken by out-of-space cameras.  Indeed, we live on a BEAUTIFUL planet.

The one THIS emerged from, in comparable size, would be considered a BB in size.  VERY VERY SMALL….and ABSOLUTELY AWESOME IN BEAUTY!

Its surface was always Tropical-Like.  The 2 Poles the coolest…forming MORE ICE and SNOW only during a certain time in its year. They stayed “snowy and Icy” year round….but more like our earths tall mountains do.  Aho?

The ancient of ancient ancestors (that I was Shown) were alot like LAOTIANS in structure.  Small, Lithe, BEAUTIFUL people.

I said “THOSE I WAS SHOWN”….There was yet ANOTHER type.  UNSHOWN, but I “KNEW” they existed.

These last were that Earth’s CONTROLLERS.  Earth people too, but VERY Controlling…..almost Early ROME type “leaders”.

I don’t know what was / had happened for this (THEN) Earth’s “demise” reason….but it wasn’t a good thing.  Brought on this Whole Earth’s people’s CONTROLLING “Society”.

I DID get the “feeling” the Controlling Ones were TALLER…and LIGHTER in Color.  “White”?  While those I was shown were tan and, well, ….Laotian-Like, in skin shade / eyes / hair.  Aho?

I was shown a SECRET SOCIETY of the smaller stature ones.  One that was CONSIDERED VERY DANGEROUS to the Controllers.

Constantly hunted….tortured (to tell where more “of their ‘ilk’ were”) and murdered.

The WHOLE (then) EARTH Was in TOTAL “Disarray”…the G(o)od verses the “bad”.  LOVE verses CONTROL….”All One” verses “US”.

At this ‘showing’ all “HELL” was about to take place (due to the friction).  THE (then) EARTH WAS ABOUT TO BE “DESTROYED!”)!

This secret Society had certain people who … in EXTREME SECRECY … would meet “out in the boonies” (hidden places away from scrutiny).  VERY DANGEROUS to do (this group meeting).

They had look-outs all about them (outside the prime meeters) to guard against “finders”.  (Controller men).

These PRIME Meeters would go to an object (in one case, a large “finger-like” upright stone boulder) AND BEGAN A CERTAIN PRAYER.  Then go to the stone, lay hands upon it, CONCENTRATE, and IMPRINT THIER KNOWLEGE INTO IT.  Each imprinting their “piece” of knowledge.


CERTAIN OF TODAY’S PEOPLE know how to turn on the “search” mode OF THIS / THESE OBJECT “COMPUTERS”.

Anyway, when all the knowledge was Mind-Inserted into the object (in this case, the stone), the stone was somehow cut into MANY small pieces. (It wasn’t an “overnight thing”…ALL took WEEKS….insertion to cutting).

These pieces were snuck onto 5 Controllers’ Rockets (like our ICBMs)….and the rockets’ Trajectory orders were secretly reset.

THESE ROCKETS WERE MADE TO HELP CONTROLLERS ESCAPE the Disaster that was coming.  “Lifeboats” for the “elite”.

(Yup…”SAVE OUR REARS and SCREW THE LITTLE GUYS”…..same-old same-old as dictators / etc. today).

Well, literally 2 – 3 minutes before the Controllers were to embark and EVACUATE the (then) earth….THE G(o)od SOCIETY “SHOT” THESE (5) ROCKETS OFF INTO SPACE!

MOMENTS AFTER LAUNCH…THIS (their) EARTH WAS “Destroyed”.  “Killing” ALL ON IT!


The 5 ships …unmanned…escaped just in time.  Heading out into space.  To travel in different directions…floating for
“ages”.  The knowledge objects aboard, sent, HOPING at least ONE ship would crash on the (THIS) NEW EARTH.

At least ONE made it when their (our OLD) Earth was reformed and appeared in THIS (Our earth NOW) plane.  (A sort of “Beam me up, Scotty” type transference).

IT TOOK HUGE CENTURIES to “Re-Group” the (now) earth, we have now today.

In this “Re-Grouping”, the “then” earth’s PIECES …COLLECTED MORE “components” as it floated about in space AND EMERGED as OUR “MARBLE”.  It GREW LARGER then it HAD been!

Anyway, these KNOWLEDGE objects are now (the FOUND ones) in Safe Hands “here-n-there”.  PROTECTED AND WAITING TO BE OPENED AND SHARED TO ALL MANKIND.

So, that’s that.  The start of TODAY’S Earth….from YESTERDAY’S Earth.  The ORIGINAL Earth that began when “All was void, and without form”.