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Limited Physical Abilities

I’m not the only one with now limited abilities and looking to get around them.
THIS CAN HELP:  On Google search type in : Disabled and Productive.  

A Sweet Dream

I was in semi-sleep and was given a wonderful dream…of a time when Christ reigns sometime after Armageddon and our earth flip. A time after man had found each other again. ALL THE VERY OLD God “remembering ways”…beautiful LIFE ways of our ancients, WERE RETURNED TO ALL EARTHS PEOPLE! The FULL “Dream Time” ways of the Australian Aberrginys..I..ALL of our American Indians…returned…The Lapplanders , etc etc, GIVEN BACK and once again placed into mans recall. ONLY THEIR UNGODLY CEREMONIES DID N O T EXIST. (MYIANSS / etc.). I saw too that these ceremonies…though each were different…Fit Together like a PUZZLE…WORKED into ONE Beautiful “Picture” of WORLD UNITY! WISDOM abounded. RESPECT of GODLY ELDERS one again reinstated across the WHOLE Earth. PEACE…PEACE Wonderful PEACE! Readers…THE OLD CEREMONIES HAVE BEEN STORED AND WILL TOTALLY BE RESTORED! Celts / Hebrews…ALL Godly! THIS IS OUR TOMORROWS!


Praise the Lord!




The GREATEST DANGER  to nearly all preppers  will  be  BOREDOM.   re


Though not for everyone….one source not often used is a simple ZIP LINE.  IF Hillsides are available, one to a series of these “stretched cords” can save on power machinery (Trucks / Etc) to Wheelbarrows or even Animal moving. 
I know of a farmer who used such in firewood gathering…shooting cord-wood across a steep reveen.  Saving valuable time and physical moving.
Wind TREE using:   Not all have a consistent wind or breeze…..still, if there Occasionally, a move tree branch can be “harvested” to wash buckets of cloths to even sawing wood.  Not to be laughed at.  Let NATURE do at least Some of your weekly chores.  These moving branches can also PUMP AIR into sunken water tanks and on into your Home…as an Air Conditioner. Allowing Earth Cooled Air to enter.
There are other “devices” that can be made….quite often cheap with salved finds, a bit of ‘outside the box’ thinking and some physical labor.
ALL the above ARE In USE in some areas/areas and homes.   THINK UP MORE!  GB  re

Update – Home

Thanks to all the prays, my operation was a total success.  Both feet and lower legs now getting the blood flow needed.    My feet are no longer freezing.
They feel So GOOD!
To  OK… 2 stents to go…but may need ditto to my heart in the future.  I’m a bit short from heart to brain.  30 percent low.
This will “do for now”).  PTL!
Yet no w another problem has emerged….Fett n Legs ‘ heald.”……but TO LATE!  ALL MY MUSSELS R “GONE TO POT”.
NOIW i need to Excersise to gert full body abitys back.
This is no easy task.  Ive already been through a long / hard battle n  not emotionly or phyicly prepaird to fight yet another.
 i first need REST.  n A LOT of it!
So, in truth, I’m still at “Square One”.  
 Prayer is needed on THIS forthcoming battle now.  It promises to be a long tough one.  Aho?

Red Elk is in surgery now

I just spoke with Red Elk’s wife. One patient is ahead of him. They
ushered the family into the waiting area. It is about time they are
going to begin the procedure. If they are able to put a stint in they
will. If the blockage is too great they will keep him over night and do
a bypass tomorrow. Meachelle sounds hopeful that this will give Red Elk
more time, and more quality of life to be more independent. I have to go
to work so I’ll update you later (and/or when possible for me to do so).