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Dome #1 (brown) and Dome #2

Dome #1 is in the background, Dome #2 is the gray one.

Inside of Adam's Dome

Inside of Adam’s Dome

Pictures are now gathered under the  ‘Photos’ link at the top of the blog if you want to see more photos of Red Elk’s dome building.


To date I have found All ‘New Agers’ “are GOD”.    At least those I KNOW (and MANY)  SAY / TEACH THIS.


On and on.  Always them same “GOD” statement(s).

Well, these GOD(s) people then come to ME to “solve” a problem.  “WHAT SHOULD I DO re, PLEASE HELP!”

GOD?  Asking ME for advice / help???   HUH?



Recently one of these…who ALWAYS COME TO ME FOR HELP, got VERY IRATE with me.  “YOU ALWAYS ‘KNOW IT ALL’!!!!  Just DRIPPING in Anger.  “Dripping”?  No…GUSHING!

NO!  No I DON’T “KNOW IT ALL”.   I DO tho, KNOW THE REAL GOD and HE “Knows it All”!

They TOO can KNOW ALL, but ‘HEY’, to KNOW    THE (ONLY and TRUE) GOD, means to EXPOSE THEIRSELVES TO THE LIE They have used to “make it through life.”

TOO DANG   P  R  O  U  D   TO ADMIT they have NO “inner” Standing!  “Gusts” of “EMPTY AIR”.   IE :   “Lost” and TOTALLY EMPTY!

Reader(s), Scripture says “YOU are AS gOD(s”)…but LITTLE ‘g’!   GOT THAT!!!!?  LITTLE “g”!    We Are GOD   “STUFF”.. .but I’ll be darn if we are HE who MAKES US!

IF you are one claiming YOU are GOD……GO, MAKE A HUMAN!  And GET your OWN SELFmade DIRT, to Do SO!



Again I tell all you readers that I want All to understand what is on this blog is / are for INFORMATION.  I want NO ONE to ACCEPT as FACT.  I write from EXPERIENCE.  I Share from what I have FOUND, THROUGH my experience(s).  I leave ALL to YOU to accept, or reject.  I just SHARE.


Check.   Check.   CHECK!

Only in this will you know I tell TRUE.

I want NO “Followers” of “Red Elk”….I FOLLOW BIG BROTHER.  Use my tellings as a CATALYST to “shoot” your Inner Sight to  doing the same….IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.

KNOW I am NOT “The Christ”…nor am I God.  I’m just a Follower / Seeker, as are you.  I’m just SHARING the INsights and DOings of my / this pathway. Aho?    re

In my MOUSE / Pack Rat telling…I’d like to note “THEY WON’T LISTEN”…..DID, ‘til just over 1 1/2 yrs. ago.  Now, NOTHING.  Even the HOUSEFLIES won’t hear!

That “Telling” brought a response…another “in touch” having the same problem…”THEY AREN’T LISTENING TO ME, EITHER!”

Odd, ALL the 100% FULLY RELIABLE ‘Signs’ I’ve used, NO LONGER ARE!  I mean Not at ALL!  Furthermore, NO NEW ONES ARE REPLACING THEM!


Why?   Well, IN Scriptures it tells :  “In those days, the BAD will become Good and the GOOD will become BAD”.   WE ARE NOW IN “THOSE TIMES”!

This is just PART of the GREAT CHANGE(ing)!

LOOK at our LAWS that now PROTECT and “EXCUSE” the WRONGDOERS!  A “Spank” instead of a good THRASHING.  “Whistle Blowers” now “The CULPRITS” / Etc.


Yes, we ARE “In Those TIMES”.

THAT’S “WHY”!    re


We’ve been invaded by Field Mice and now Pack Rats (1st cousin to the Peruvian rat called CHINCHILLAS) this year.  For ??? reasons they will NOT hear me and stay out.  WARNED ‘EM “Go, STAY GONE…or Die”).  Ok, their choice.  Time to ‘war’.

We are not ‘killers’ here…tho the mice, well, the HERD of mice, are just TOO MUCH.  Setting mouse traps.  Gotten LOTS too….but still, just not our “thing”.  Aho?

My wife sent me on a “mission”…”GO GET A LIVE TRAP”.  Well, just back.  $90 (+tax )    for  the    smallest   is      TOO  much.     Did get Regular types tho…PLUS Sticky Strips AND Poison.  NONE OF WICH I LIKE TO USE.  Gonna leave it up to “the Warden”. She will probably say “no…return ‘em”  ( I HOPE).

So, what TO do?  “Iz ah IDIOT”….GO BACK TO THE OLD WAYS!

My dad…1/2   Native American  and    1/2   White,  did this… but with a Twist”…COMBINING the 2.  Taught me in my youth.  THAT’S what I’ll be doing the next 2 days!

Dad used a PLASTIC BUCKET…Stretched a heavy Paper Sack over the top….Towards the CENTER he cut “Pizza” strips….baited the center tip(s)…put Water (about 5 inches deep – DEEPER FOR RATS) in the container…put 2 – 3 wide stick RAMPS to the top of pail.  Then set this where he chose.  Mice (AND “rats”) smelled the food…climbed the ramps, walked toward the baited tip(s).  THE “CUT” unable to hold their weight, AND THEY SLID IN.

Drowning isn’t a nice way to die  (been close to THAT 3 times in my life…UGH!)!

And killing not my way anyway.  So will add some food at the DRY bottom and HAUL the “catch” a long way from home.  Release ‘em there.

My father was rather “vindictive”.  When someone “crossed him”…he’d do this too…RELEASING at THIER Yard!  “Let the SOBs Have ‘Em,” he’d say.  (Not MY way tho).

I’ve noticed the New Traps today….ones with “names”…have their Names / Logos on CHINISE MADE Traps.  What USED to be QUALITY has gone to “Looks Good…HAS THEIR NAME…so I’ll Buy it”.  IVE FOUND THE CHINESE “Short Cut”…WEAK SPRINGS!   Springs that OFTEN Break Backs / Etc. but the poor beasts are STILL ALIVE! (I’ve had to “do ‘em in” myself, with a hit on the head).  DANG!  If you HAVE to Kill…KILL QUICKLY!

Wish THOSE makers lived ‘just down the road.”  AND the Once EXCELLENT USA COMPANY “heads” who have “Buy Cheap, Sell High” ‘money grubbers’….. I would do a LIVE Trap and RELEASE ‘EM in THEIR YARD!

Poisons WORK, but then the poor beast crawl off and die…OFTEN in YOUR WALLS!    UGH, the SMELL!

(If my wife chooses this, I’ll move to one of my Domes and let HER trace the stench!)    ( :

Anyway, this trap is a CHEAP and EASY “winner”.   Good Luck.   re



Daughter had a mouse on her dresser last night.  She keeps a night light on.  Noise woke her…mouse was on other side of a “water ball” thingy she has.  Was looking at her through it…water ball MAGNIFIES!  “2 HUGE…..GIANT EYES…I mean HUGE! STARING AT ME!  SCARED THE HELL OUTTA ME!!”.  Ran off..a BABY  Mouse !  (:   re


The last 2 days teaching I shared a number of VERY SIMPLE Healing Ways.  I’ll add ‘em here for all:

Many “pains” are an easy fix….simply by being AWARE…IE : OBSERVANT!

Once had a Cree in VERY bad lower back pain.  An ongoing thing.  He came to me looking VERY “down”.  “Can’t stop it, re.”

I laughed…told him to give me his wallet.  With difficulty he removed it and handed it over.  As SHOWN (Instant “telling” by our Creator)…it was ALMOST AS THICK AS A RED BUILDING BRICK!

I held it up…not saying a word.  HE UNDERSTOOD!  Taking it back he said “I’ve gotta clean this Damn thing out!”

As he walked away (wallet in HAND this time) The Cree Medicine Man and I just set and ROARED in LAUGHTER!

Wouldn’t YOU have a “Bad Back” if YOU were “sitting on a BRICK” day after day?  Constantly on a  “TILT” when you SET?  Even BENDING OVER pressing “the brick” against your butt cheek…pressed in by tight pants?   HEAL YOURSELF and save Chiropractor and Doctor calls / bills!

Another:  (My own wife this time) :  “My back is KILLING ME!  Hurts CONSTANTLY honey.”

Told her : “Start putting your purse strap on the OTHER SHOULDER”.

Her purse, weighing a “ton”, was CONSTANTLY pulling one side Down.  The shoulders are BONES.  GodCreator made man PERFECTLY….WE MISUSE IT!  Literally ABUSE it!  The poor bones (muscles attached…which in turn are connected to the BACKBONE’S Spine….have to TRY to REALIGN the VERTICAL Stand man was DESIGNED to be / walk in.  Doing what it can to KEEP YOU STRAIGHT and UPRIGHT.

She did so…in about 5 days was fine.

Knowing my wife…AND that “old habits” are DEEPLY INGRAINED in the mind…well, she’d “forget” and revert to her favorite side…RE-doing the problem.

I BOUGHT HER A “Hip Purse”.  “Wear it in FRONT of you AND GET RID OF ALL THAT EXTRA WEIGHT you carry”.  This “purse”, much smaller then the “piece of ‘LUGGAGE’” she HAD been wearing, HAD to be “toned down” to be able to carry the NEEDED things (and a FEW of the “junk” things gals lug about).  A “shock” to her “habits” but she now does so (MOST of the time).

Occasionally she starts to “hurt” and “complains”.  Tell her “don’t come complain to ME, idiot…YOU KNOW HOW TO STOP IT.  Your PATH tho.”  (She goes back and gets well again).

People are SO “Stupid.”

Big Brother told a number of Healed Ones:  “Go, and SIN NO MORE!”

Abusing the NATURAL Is a “Sin” (“Disobedience to God”).


THE WAY YOU WALK causes Problems.  LOOK AT THE BASE (soles) of your SHOES.  Are they (or one) worn down UNEVENLY? Off to one side / Etc.?

Are you “Bowlegged”?  “Knock Kneed”?

Your shoes WILL TELL YOU!


By paying attention to EACH step, you then become “Conscious” of Walking RIGHTLY!

This will take 3 DAYS to “break” your sloppy old walking habits.   YOU “become” “RIGHT in GOD” (“repented”).

But man, being man…in time, will ONCE AGAIN start going back to “the old (sinful) ways…SO CHECK EVER FEW MONTHS and do accordingly to “return”.  Otherwise you WILL be AGAIN hurting” / “sick”.

But as I’ve told my wife…”Its your Path…do as you please” (Just don’t come complaining to me….YOU KNOW THE ANSWER!”).

This WALKING “Way” also heals OTHER problems…..not just Bowlegs…OR Knock Kneed / etc..  YOU Figure it out!  Aho?



IE, change your OUTER looks!

This, in turn, STARTS ONE to thinking BETTER OF THEMSELVES!

A beginning to complete “REPENTENCE” and HEALING!

What are they “holding” that’s a “sin”?  CALLING THE CREATOR A LIAR!  His Written WORD a LIAR.   They are “saying”  “I’m not GOOD ENOUGH to have Him LOVE ME!”

Jesus (“Big Brother”) died for ALL!   Got that?   A  L  L !   DONT MAKE THAT SACRIFICE A WORTHLESS THING!    He didn’t “pick and choose”…ALL!  Aho?

Depression is NOT a NORMAL Brain Function…its YOU that has made the decision.  Now, IF you WANT to stop it…YOU can do so.  YOU’VE put yourself INTO it…now, “Repent” (get right with God) and GET YOUR REAR OUTTA IT!

Your path tho.  Do as you please.  Just don’t come crying to Me.  Aho?

KNOW THIS:  there Are SOME who “walk in depression” DELIBERATELY!  A VERY FEW because of “black” Possession (rare tho).  These rest tho, doing TO SEEK ATTENTION!

These “poor me-s” LOVE THE “POOR YOU” Attention!  DOTE IN IT!

How does THAT get healed?…TOUGH LOVE!  ReFUSE to give them the “pleasure”.

To constantly GIVE only “FEEDS” THEM!

Maybe they will get disgusted and STOP ACTING LIKE A CHILD!

Continue PRAYING for them…BUT “MOVE AWAY” FROM THEM!   AHO????

Up to you tho…your path.

KnowTHIS TOO:  Some “GIVE” and don’t WANT to have work a cure for the depressed one.  WHY?  “WORKING their way to HEAVEN”!

These are AS “sick” and in need as MUCH as the DEPRESSED “Leech” one(s)!

We Can NOT “work our way to Heaven.”  Those thinking so have lost SIGHT of the FREELY GIVEN (Christ Sacrifice) GIFT!   Literally “saying” “it is NOT done. I must WORK!”  TOTAL BUFFALO CRAP!  It was FREE!  It IS Free!   Just ACCEPT THAT and “GET INTO HIS LAP”!

Ok, enough.  I’m given pay for these “healings”.  USE      THIS FREELY GIVEN KNOWLEDGE and GROW!  Re


Adam and a Canadian learner here.  Getting ALOT of yard things done.  Canadian with weed eater, Adam. with big Dr. Field Cutter. Teaming up and getting ALL our outside of house / domes back in GREAT looking shape.  We also got 2 Big loads of white sand…poured on Adam’s Dome floor and re-covered.  Re-arranging the interior as well.  LOTS AND LOTS of inner space.  Everything in its place…PERFECTLY..  Tieing his sleeping bag (rolled) to the wall…etc.  We now call it “The Apache Taj Mahal”.  ( :
Adam leveled the floor…the dirt put against dome outside (higher berming).  Now that (3 domes) area being “trimed” of weeds / etc.  WHOLE AREA WILL look GOOD in an hour or so.
LOTS of TEACHING, TOO.   Taught both Mental Telepathy and both successul the 1st time doing. Both Receiving and Sending to each.
The Canadian started and darn if he didn’t get side-tracked…Sending to ME.  CHEWED HIM OUT!  He hadn’t thought he WAS…..’TIL HE THOUGHT ABOUT IT!  ( :

Quite a time so far.
I’m on This while THEY are ‘DOING’.  Gotta go give ’em a hand….not fair.  Aho?   GB    re

I would like you to know, it does Not make me feel good to “chew out”…nor to turn down those seeking advice.  It literally “turns my stomach”.

Over the years I’ve received THOUSANDS of Emails and Letters from folks “wanting”.

There are so MANY “out there”, Seeking.

When they stumble across one who understands and cares…and is open about it…they “jump right in”.

Try as I might, they keep “returning” again and AGAIN.

Suddenly I’m a GOOD FRIEND…and a “Pen Pal”.

Rarely giving in return.  My job is terribly “underpaid”….to say the least.

I am not writing this to “ask” or “hint”.  I am writing so you can understand the reasoning of WHY I do as I do (“jump” / Turn Downs / Etc.).

It is very upsetting to have constant “What about This / That” returns….people WANTING, but it seems not wanting enough to seek their answers from our Creator.  As often as I tell…”GO TO HIM and ask”, they totally ignore this telling.  Always seeking a SHORT CUT : ME!

Its one thing to deal / handle 4 or 5…or even 10.  Quite another to “do” with TENS OF THOUSANDS!

WS can verify SOME of the FLOOD of Emails I’ve received.  So too can my Post Master!  (Ever take home your daily mail in a NAVY SEA BAG!?!)

Frankly, I’m surprised I’m still Alive!  ANSWER EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Tho not all received the return.

MAIL HAS CONSTANTLY COME UP “Missing”!  Still does, too.

Believe me, I get some irate people from this.  (By the way, the POSTAL POLICE…a FEDERAL POLICE FORCE few know exists…has caught one of the thieves.  Now heading to “5 to 10” (YEARS in a Federal Prison)  THIS IS AN AUTOMATIC SENTENCE.  No “Buts” or “I’m sorries”…BAM! Off to judge and prison.

Over the years, I’ve “lost” ALOT of mail !  OUTgoing AND Incoming.

Friends, I CAN NOT “HANDLE” being a constant “Pen Pal”.

(In snail mail, most NEVER EVEN SEND A STAMP to return their answer(s)!)

The worse is those few EXCHANGE GIVERS who DO  give Some $$s / Etc  then expect  THAT   “Pays” for ALL help thereafter.  (‘Til the day I die,  I guess).

“GO to HIM,” I tell.     MOST DO NOT!

Well, maybe this will explain why I’ve been forced to do as I do.

Tell me, would YOU do DIFFERENTLY?

If so, “methinks you’re talking out of your” skivvies”!



That’s what I’m trying to Teach,   ANYWAY!

HE IS THERE FOR YOU, Just as HE’S there for ME!

DON’T try to take a “short cut”….I AM NOT HIM! Aho?

(Anymore, all I wanna do is crawl in a hole and SLEEP).   re

(Yes, yes I can vouch!  The first time I went down to help there were THREE LAWN BAGS COMPLETELY FULL of letters.  It took 3-4 FULL weekends to get it down to ONE bag, AND do the hundreds of emails!  He dictated, I typed.  Oh, there were a few that weren’t answered – because the person sending them forgot to include their name and address in some fashion.  No way TO answer!  — WS)

I’ve a “sister” in Holland.  Quite a gal.  DOing much in “the OLD WAY”.  Just sent pictures of some of the tools the “BEFORE” Hi Tech” took over.  One, a SCYTHE.
I’ve used these often over the years.  AFTER learning the PROPER way…these are a JOY to use.  Actually rather RELAXING.  You get into a natural “rhythm” as you go…SLICING the bases of wheat to High weeds.  Really FUN!  AND: No GAS.  No SMELL.  No NOISE…and NO running back to fill up with gas/oil mix (“weed eaters”).
I’ve the last as well….DO like ’em for “close to fence / etc.” work”.  But in an overgrown Lot, to a Field, the Scythe just CAN’T be beat ($$ wise).  I’ve gone through 4 “weed Eaters” but YET to ruin the Scythe.

There are ALOT of “Old Timey” tools you can get…NEW…simply by knowing it’s name and looking Online.  Tools that Make SENSE!  Tools that LAST!  And often NOT AS EXPENSIVE as a “Modern” type.

I’ve been “burned” too often with High Tech things…so look for a BETTER Way….and darn if that “way” has an “antique” ‘stigma’.  Some are tools in our VERY ANCIENT past.

Ever lug two 5 gal.buckets, full?  ME TOO!  Banged legs / slopped out contents…and ROUGH ON THE ARMS / HANDS / BACK.  Well, I found and bought a SHOULDER YOKE!  WOW!  What a CARRYING Difference!  I LOVE IT! (
Readers, we WILL be NEEDING TO KNOW OF THESE THINGS!  It is THOSE “ancient” ways / tools WE ARE HEADED FOR!!
“Hear” me.  We are NOT “Changing”…our future IS RIGHT AROUND THE “CORNER”.   Prepare NOW…by at least KNOWING of these ways.    re