The Embrace of Trees

Been looking at local trees as I drive by….thinking “survival shelters.”  Has dawned on me that many’s out-reaching big branches could form quick and easy…and INTERESTING structures IF PLACED UPSIDE-DOWN with trunk straight up.  “Pre-Made” Wall BRACES!

A “Future Experiment?”   Anyway, something to “Brain File.”

Would be easy to plant these and cover with rush leaves/Long weed “sheathing”/tarp “wrap-around”/etc. to hold heat (SAFE fire) IN and Snow/Rain OUT.

Thought I’d pass this possibility on to you as a fun backyard possible project for a Garden “shed”/”Tent”/etc.    GB   re


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Posted on 15 November '09 by , under Alternative Living, dome home, Gnome Home, Handy Tips, Mother Earth, Natural Living Tips, Nature, Skydome, survival skills.

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