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Readers:  I was sent an Email that said “I can’t understand why a 1st Nation guy would share all this knowledge to we ‘white’ people, after all we’ve done to you.”

Friends, lets be honest:  YOU probably haven’t “done” ANYTHING to us!  Maybe your ANCESTORS did, but not YOU. Aho?

What YOU do NOW, is YOU.

That holds true to ANY Race YOU “do” TO.  Aho?

The Emailer also said “You NA”.

I’ve shared I am NOT a “Full Blood” Native American (1st Nation).  I’m a BREED.  A METIS.  That means MIXED “breed”.  NA AND WHITE,  RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE.  Blackfoot / Shoshone (I’m told) and French / Irish.  I CLAIM NO FULL NA and have told that over and over. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!

Why do I share (sell) How To’s on Telepathy / Teleportation / Etc.?   HAVE TOLD THIS Over and Over as well : I’M DOING YOUR HOMEWORK!  It is ALL FREE…and I’ve Told THAT as well!  ANY who will pick up a BIBLE can get this information on “How.”  (Use a CONCORDANCE when reading).  It’s FREE, friends.  F  R  E  E!

People are so LAZY (in general) they SEEK withOUT “Doing”.  “Want it NOW!” attitude.

Ok, you then Pay me to “GIVE IT…NOW!”

I make a “wage” to do what YOU are TOO LAZY to do YOURSELF.

Just like you pay to eat at a McDonalds, etc..  MORE CONVENIENT  to BUY, then to go home and COOK, YourSelf.

Told MANY times TOO, that there is NO “NA” Medicine Secrets I will “put out”.  (Tho get “attacked” by sharing these ability knowledges…BY the NAs.)


I’ve told (in my 2 DVD Videos) what I have been SHOWN…by THE CREATOR….and If YOU get as “close” to “Him” as I have…”HE” WILL SHARE WITH YOU, as well.

Or… me.             Your choice.  Aho?

I will (hopefully) soon get my BIG “Short Stories”  Book published and “out there”.  IF you intend to buy, SAVE YOUR MONEY…it WON’T BE CHEAP! ($35.00 to $40.00).

This book is filled with Insight.  Gives You ALOT TO THINK ABOUT!  (It will be around 400 pages).

As all I tell….Don’t buy if you think it is “bunk”.  Again, this is Your CHOICE.

Not ONE is being “forced” to go the way I have.  I’m just here to SHARE what this “way” has done for / in me AND tell what it has done In me.

EVERYTHING is UP TO YOU to choose.  Aho?

So, I leave you to do, or think, as you please.

I tell you true…YOU and  I      W  I  L  L       BE SEEING EACH OTHER….GB    re



This is just too good.  A real lesson for all of us.  Have a Blessed Day.

The light turned yellow, just in front of him. He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the red light by accelerating through the intersection.

The tailgating woman was furious and honked her horn, screaming in frustration, as she missed her chance to get through the intersection, dropping her cell phone and makeup.

As she was still in mid-rant, she heard a tap on her window and looked up into the face of a very serious police officer. The officer ordered her to exit her car with her hands up.

He took her to the police station where she was searched, fingerprinted, photographed, and placed in a holding cell.

After a couple of hours, a policeman approached the cell and opened the door. She was escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer was waiting with her personal effects.

He said, ”I’m very sorry for this mistake. You see, I pulled up behind your car while you were blowing your horn, flipping off the guy in front of you and cussing a blue streak at him. I noticed the ‘What Would Jesus Do’bumper sticker, the ‘Choose Life’ license plate holder, the ‘Follow Me to Sunday-School’ bumper sticker, and the chrome-plated Christian fish emblem on the trunk, so naturally…I assumed you had stolen the car.”


(A meme, but one with a good message that Red Elk wants you to read. WS)

I’m Alice

JUST finished watching ALICE IN WONDERLAND (WS Note: the Burton version, tho RE did note it was a continuation so both versions and the book should be considered).
Sure reminds me of….ME.
To be an Inner Heyoka IS a lot like that, and Harry Potter and MANY “Fairy Tale” stories.  In the “Inners” (AND, TOO, the TRADITIONAL Medicine People), we live in Realities few ever can.  Almost like “Magic”.  To walk or ride down roads and see the Ancients…man OR beast, while still in THIS “reality”….to occasionally TALK with them….LEARN from them….Watch their Living ways….well; Wow!


Then there’s Visit Times with Big Brother…and an occasional time at the FEET of the Creator, HEARING “HIM” SPEAK….”WOW” is a WEAK Way of expressing it!!!
Yes, we Do / See / Learn AND STAND (In AWE) of these Times.  Oh, so WONDERFUL this “way” can be.  So Wonderful it IS!
No, not everyone can have this Calling…but ANY can have MOST OF IT!
But even in That…can You TAKE IT?
GO TO THE CREATOR.  HUNGER for Him.  SEEK    KNOCK     and be CONSISTENT.  Then YOU Too can find!




Hummmm   3 from this group asked for tellings regarding my last.  I could write (and sell) books!

Well, hummmm…you should know we Inner Heyoka deal / work with angels….Aho?

I’ll tell a tiny bit on that.  THEY ACTUALLY EXIST.  G(o)od AND BAD.  TOTEMS are not just totem POLES.  That’s another matter.  Totems are ALSO NATIVE AMERICAN ANGELS!  Ones WE Comprehend.  The Creator deals with MANY people.  Gives as EACH UNDERSTAND.

I, part White / Part NA, know NA AND Whites’ ‘winged ones’.  Aho?

Ok, with that: Last very late Fall Season, I did a seminar in “deep Mormon” country…DEEP in Utah.  Took my 18 yr old grandson.  (His 1st “trip” with me).  And WHAT a TRIP!  SEEING MANY long past NA Villages…People…MASTODONS!  Saber Tooth TIGERS…UNBELEIVABLE!  Telling Matt what I was seeing as I was driving.  “See that “hill” (small Mountain) over there?  That was called HUNTERS HILL”, etc.  “I’m seeing BIG HERDS of HAIRY MASTODONS…This VALLEY FILLED WITH ‘EM…and “HUNTERS”, Etc.

Then to the town.  Setting at the ‘to be’ seminar building (we in the pickup), Matt and I chatting, when : “WAIT A MINUTE MATT!  WE HAVE COMPANY COMING! A “Spook”!  Described him to Matt as he walked to my side window and stopped.  I rolled the window down to talk.  A short guy…rather ‘warm’ clothing. Floppy round beamed hat.  Beard and old spectacles. KNEW INSTANTLY HE WAS A LONG AGO MORMON!  “Are you Red Elk?”  “Yes.”  “Been waiting for you.  Glad you’ve come.  They NEED to KNOW what you teach.  WELCOME!”  Told me his name and we shook hands (YUP! as Matt WATCHED my “EMPTY” hand go up and down). His name was Joseph (something).  Not THE “Joseph tho.  A follower (and turned out, BEST FRIEND, to that one).  “DONT HOLD BACK” he said as he turned and walked into…NOTHING.  Nothing but still HEARABLE.  “THEY NEED TO HEAR YOUR MESSAGE.  DON’T HOLD BACK!”

I sent Matt in to get the seminar arranger.  Told him what had taken place and the Spirits looks.  “THAT’S JOSEPH (name?).  BEST FRIEND TO Our Leader!  He held GREAT RESPECT with ALL THE NA!  LOVED BY THEM!”  etc. etc.
Then told him of the vast herds I’d seen as I had drove into the valley.  (YES!  We are KNOWN THERE…ditto on the “spook”). “THEIR BONES!  Got a Full Skeleton in the small museum here!”  (Matt saw ‘em the next day.  Blew him away.  Old gramps was TELLING THE TRUTH!

After the late night set up, I then did ceremony.  Called in GOD Angels to FILL ALL SEATS and “Pack the building and surroundings”.  Then headed to eat / sleep.

Early the next day 119 attendees came.  (2 left when I “jumped” the Mormons for making us (NA) PETS!).  (Hey, I’m honest.  “Jumped” the Catholics too…for making us SLAVES!).

Anyway, THE PLACE was PACKED with GOD ANGELS!  Walking, sitting…(ON THE SEAT USER or them on an Angel).  ALL OVER! And OUTSIDE (saw through the windows) MORE, “Patrolling”.

At a “smoke (and personal Prayer)” time outside…Matt told me “I THINK I SAW SOME ANGELS, Grampa!”


Then, as I was speaking (Matt beside me) and stopped to drink (talk myself DRY), Matt whispered in my ear:  Grampa, are there 3 angels in the balcony up there?”  I looked “Nope”.  He was crestfallen.  “There are FIVE, LOOK AGAIN!”  Two others peeked around the opening.  YOU OUTTA HAVE SEEN MATT’S EYES POP!   ( :

Matt not a “believer”.  LEFT FOR HOME AS ONE THO!  (Still IS too!).

Oh, after seminar and some personal counseling….JOSEPH CAME AGAIN!  Matt and I about to drive off.  Said “YOU’LL BE BACK”…3 times…then waked off into the ? again.  The 3rd, saying as he disappeared.

Will I?  I don’t know.  One of those “wait and see” Checkings.  Aho?

(I’ve HUNDREDS of TRUE TELLINGS.  Hundred OF Hundreds! Why don’t YOU Connect and start your OWN True tellings)?  GB    re

Skydome Report

ALL Uprights now up.  This thing is HUGE!  As wide as my Fancy #1 dome is LONG  (18 ft.)…and 6 FULL STEPS long (3 ft per step=18 too ??).  Gotta get a tape on it though, to get an accurate measurement.  Anyway, a “PARTY SHACK”!  Too wide to meet the side uprights so will need to “sleeve” with larger pvc.  That means $$ needed.  sigh.  Might need to Prop Up at top too.  Just to be SURE it will take a snowload. Probably be wise to do so.  Don’t want all THIS work to go to pot!  ( : 

Trouble though….I can’t build closer then 10 ft from the Freeway Elk Fence….THINK I’m 9 FEET!  Again, gotta get a Tape on this.  sigh

Sky changed his mind on Cross Ventilation end window.  Think I’ll put a SMALL one in though…as an excellent idea.  Help keep inner condensation at bay.  Aho?

There will be a tall(ish) CLOSET in this one.  On the side up to the bed ledge.  That ledge will be 3 to 4 steps up.  A natural ledge above main floor area.

Finally ran out of strapping tape.  Can’t do side willows (horizontals) ‘til I get my SS $$ or a donation comes in.  Wednesday, at the latest.  I bought a 3 ft. wide roll of carpet (new) at a yard sale for a buck.  No WAY big enough to rug the floor, but WILL cover the Bed Ledge Steps. Anyway, use it somewhere.  Will keep my eyes open for a HUGE section.  Sky wants the main floor rugged.  OK by me…as this is more a HOUSE then EITHER of the other 2 domes!  God Willing, This will be a HECK OF AN ABODE!  Shoot… I may MOVE IN!  big  Big  BIG!  HUGE “BIG”!     I WANT it to look SHARP!  Sky does too.

So far its mostly me doing (again).  GOTTA TEAR HIM AWAY FROM HIS DANG VIDEO GAMES…AND his USELESS Free-Loading Buddies!  Grrrrr

Got him out to see what’s done so far.  He “Freaked”!  “I BET THE WHOLE  S  C  H  O  O  L  CAN FIT IN HERE, GRANDPA!  ALL OF ‘EM!”  ( :

OK, that’s it for now.  GB    re

Sky & Sky Dome

SkyDome comeing right along.  BEAUTIFUL DAY to “DO”.  Thing is, I’m doing the Uprights nearly alone.  Sky and “helper” help (HA!) a TINY BIT and are STILL here playing @$#!!! Video Games.

Does have it’s Good Side tho….no griping and “huffing” to listen to as I do the PVC Uprights.  Several in already…AND a ROUND WINDOW FRAME (Hula Hoop)!

Even the PVC and Conduit pipes were GIVEN, MANY years ago!  My cost so far: STRAPPING TAPE…and THAT roll bought 2-3 Xmases ago.  Using THIS instead of string Ties.  GOING UP FAST so far.  About 3 1/2 10s done all around.

Uprights are Easy…getting ‘em connected at top will be another matter.   This dome is more an oval then round….that’s why it will be difficult.

OK, dragged the boys out. Sought Sky’s advice to make SURE his design is being met.  So far so good.

Back in from #2 dome.  Marshmallow roast and more laughter.  Seems kids are only interested in DVD Games and FOOD!  ( :  

I’m getting better at these domes.  Fast and more PERMANENT.  The use of pvc is great and would sure go that route in the future…IF I didn’t have to BUY the stuff!   Won’t rot/bends rightly.  Fast!

The HORIZONTALS are still Willow.  Looks good and easy to get.  Holds the whole structure tight together.  Being INSIDE the tarp cover they won’t rot either.  Aho?

I’ve learned to NOT “shovel” dig the upright holes, too.  Pound in a Garden Trowel.  Then deeper with a stout “stick”.  This keeps the holes deep and VERY tight….RIGHT OFF! Shovel makes these holes to much trouble to “toughen up”.  Aho?

OK, enough for now.  GB    re


Having a ball!


Got something to share.  See the time this is being done ( 12:07 am – WS)?  Why so Late?  Well, HAVEING A BALL!  Adam (#2 Co”owner”) and Sky and I have been out in #2 dome “shooting the breeze” around Adam’s new ZZ-Zip Camp Stove  (he LISTENED TO ME!).  Dome all closed and NO SMOKE!  WARM inside (I’m in a T shirt).  I’m in now while they’ve headed to town to buy MARSHMALLOWS!  WE ARE HAVING A BALL!
Spent nearly the whole day berming this dome.  4 to 5 wheelbarrows will FINALLY Finish it (outside)!    TIGHT FROM DRAFTS / WINDS and COLD!  Went in, made the fire, closed the door and goofed off.  Lots of Laughter!  Will go out again when they return.
Been planting live “clump grass” in the berming as we go.  MAKES THE DOME LOOK REALLY REALLY “COOL”.  Like its been there for a CENTURY!  Also “set” a long Half Log along one side up on berm as a SEAT for 3.  We’ve set and rested our backs against the “skin”, sunny side, and relaxed from digging work.  NICE!  I mean REALLY Nice!
Been a great day.  HECK OF AN ABODE!  So PRIMITIVE and so COMFORTABLE!  Price STILL : 10 CENTS!!!
Any staying a night in this will LOVE IT!
Also, Sky and I have been “roughing out” HIS dome (to be).  Making him wait till both #1 and #2 are FULLY Done first, tho.
He’s “chomping at the bit!  ( :
Really WANTS to DO!  PTL!
Pictures taken….might be a book(let) here.
Dirt to dome forming the Bath Room for both…Tub and Pot basically.  “2 birds with one stone” so to speak.  Aho?
So, coming right along.
Who knows, might be a VILLAGE!
The “Yesterday and Tomorrow” village.  ( :
Wish YOU were here!  ( :    GB    re
(PS: the fire pit has 3 “tiers”…2 being grates.  On Top Grate we set a flat Lava Stone…its heated from fire below as we are “off” awhile.  ( :   re )

ABOUT 2 hrs and 20 mins. sleep last night.  WORTH IT.  GREAT Time in the dome!
KNOW Sky will NEVER Forget….even long after I’m “gone”.
Know what I mean?  (Surely we ALL have “Good Memories” .  Things we’ll NEVER Forget…Aho?).
Sorta Kinda “Pass-On memories”.  REMEMBER!  ?        ( :   re

(edited by WS)

AHO!   YOU mean “Good Memories” Made?

I’m so “woozy” i could DROP!  But dinner in 1/2 hr.  Hate cold food and no would DARE wake me!  ( :   But, Boy, AFTER!!!  

Meachelle needed $$…took even my PENNIES!  ALL!  (Laundry).  My PENNIES for gosh sake!  ALL 8 OF ‘EM!   sigh   ( ;  

(Been there, Done that).   ( :


Not many can claim that.  Just havent learned to REALLY (and CONSTENTLY)  T R U S T “Him”.

SAY they do… ’til push comes to shove.  Poor buggers.

I really feel for them…ALL.  sigh

A Creator SO VERY REAL, and “children” that PANIC at the drop of a hat.  

Wish I could help……………………… Wish they would HEAR.  Aho?    

That’s why the Domes….HOPE!

Better then ULCERS! 

(Doesn’t take a Medicine Man to TRUST….just  GUTS!)   Aho?

GB    re

An e mail to Red Elk:

“C” got me to drive her car into Bendigo today to pick “B” up…got cheap Aldi food & had a good time with “B”…at her school, all the kids were sitting around in groups on the ground….it was wonderful to ‘see’…& be shown insight into why….its for the future ‘aftertime’…all will be tribal again as before…Father preparing them for future…just reconnecting physically to Mother Earth in this way is a healing healthy thing to do…the kids don’t even realize what’s happening to them….soon as $ is removed from the scene, the only way to survive will be in small tribal groups…I was shown the future return to Tribal living bro…just by watching these kids……..this new generation are so Tribal & they don’t even realize it….I know tribal people when I see them…how they move & sit…seen it in New Guinea…these young kids (early teens) will be right at home in the return to Tribal Future….it made my day to ‘SEE’ (be shown) this….then Father kept giving me all the things i needed to get ON SPECIAL…(His subtle way) …some where the only or last left on shelf….unreal…best part is He did it in front of “B”…& I told her what was happening…also about future return to Tribal Living…GB

Red Elk Responds:

Like and echo….you repeat. Must have been VERY special to you indeed…as you contemplated and re-contemplated the Loving Memory of it. Wonderful indeed. Ho

Ive just returned from a (now) rare ride into town. Contemplating as I drove. Was “shown” ME as ‘GOD’…and Christ as Me. How are relationship is as “Dads” relationship with Me. So MANY disappointments…days after days, weeks after weeks….and THEN, out of the ‘blue’, a Ray of SUNSHINE. A Good Deed…a Gift of GIVING without reward. The sign of HOPE…of LOVE, and of a deep respect.
“C” occasionally, is the sunshine in the sad darkness of our being together. Occasionally, giving…without the need, or want, of recompense. It is rare, but when it occurs…OH the WONDER and LOVE of IT!
MAKES you want to continue LOVING that one. Aho?

Yes, just as I am like “C” to Me, I AM LIKE THAT to GOD. Aho? re

I have much to “teach”. SHARE is a better word for it, as I am only an adviser…Not a “RULER”.

I’ve just returned from our Post Office. A very late run…due to being down to only one car. (My pickup broken, so need the wife’s car when she comes home).
She was “upset”….”GAS!”. Well, gas or not, this mail trip was necessary. I got there AND FORGOT THE BOX KEY! TWO “runs”! “M” was REALLY upset over THAT! To top it off, ONLY JUNK MAIL! “Toss Outs”. Aho?

We never know……………….

So, an upset wife FOR SURE! One I Love dearly…but sorta kinda “stuck” in her “whiteness”. To her…”a WASTE OF TIME! a WASTE OF GAS!…a WASTE OF MONEY!” Always worrying.

We kinda walk in “different shoes”. Aho?

WAS it a “waste”? Oh no, not to ME! It gave me the time to get away from the ‘hassles’ of the house (7 Chihuahua and a Shelty and a demanding 14 year old boy….AND all the e-mail answering…(plus things needed done outside). To me, “fresh air” AND TIME ALONE WITH “PAPA” (“God” to you).

On this ‘double’ trip I calmed a yearling doe…panicking before my headlights…allowing it to calm down and MEANDER to a safe fence crossing. I was able to “Ho” (greet) an owl….And too, to watch a house cat go safely home. Perhaps nothing to you…but things of relaxation to me.
Helping to calm my spirit.

THEN CAME TONIGHT’S of CONTEMPLATION TEACHING! “Dad” started filling my mind with….”things”….to think DEEPLY on.

“Big Brother’s way of teaching others…a “way” learned from us (NA) when He was here.
Rarely did he openly “chew out”…but DID “chew out SUITABLY! Just as did we, long ago. Peter walking on the water…and SINKING, was one of those ways.
Do you recall Peter saying “Is that YOU, Lord? IF SO, command me and I’ll come out to you”. Jesus did and Peter was true to his word…stepping out of the boat (that held several others) and commenced walking on the water towards Jesus. Aho?

THEN HE LOOKED DOWN….and SANK! His thoughts being “WHAT! I CANT DO THIS! HE Can but HE’S “The Son of GOD!”.

Well, here he was, DOING “The Things Of Christ”…just as Big Brother had/has told ANY can….then, in shock, PULLED AWAY from that, and sank. Aho?

DIS-BELIEF had set in. (Happens all the time).

Christ lifted him and walked with him to the boat. With-in earshot of all the others in the boat, He said “Oh Ye of LITTLE FAITH, WHY DID YOU DOUBT!?”

Today the Church Leaders Expound on Peters “Failure”.

Tell me, WHY? Do THEY “Walk On Water”?



No, Jesus was using the SUBTLE way that my Native American Ancestors used…

and today YOU shake your head in near “laughter” on what and HOW your Pastors, etc. “Teach” about that passage. ALWAYS POINTING YOUR FINGER At THE “OTHER GUY”!

Well, many want to be “Medicine” men / woman….others are entrusted in the Inner Heyoka Way of Purity….. OK

May I suggest that You …. GET OUT OF THE BOAT?! re


Now THIS is worth SHARING!  ( :   re


A man suffered a serious heart attack and had open
heart bypass surgery. He awakened
from the surgery to find himself in the care of nuns at
a Catholic Hospital . As he was
recovering, a nun began asking him questions regarding how
he was going to pay for his treatment.

She asked, ‘Do you have health insurance?’

He replied in a raspy voice, ‘No health

The nun asked, ‘Do you have money in the

He replied, ‘No money in the bank.’

The nun asked, ‘Do you have a relative who could

He said, ‘I only have a spinster sister, who is a

The nun became agitated and announced loudly,
‘Nuns are not spinsters! Nuns are married to

The patient replied, ‘Send the bill to
my brother-in-law.’