Sky & Sky Dome

SkyDome comeing right along.  BEAUTIFUL DAY to “DO”.  Thing is, I’m doing the Uprights nearly alone.  Sky and “helper” help (HA!) a TINY BIT and are STILL here playing @$#!!! Video Games.

Does have it’s Good Side tho….no griping and “huffing” to listen to as I do the PVC Uprights.  Several in already…AND a ROUND WINDOW FRAME (Hula Hoop)!

Even the PVC and Conduit pipes were GIVEN, MANY years ago!  My cost so far: STRAPPING TAPE…and THAT roll bought 2-3 Xmases ago.  Using THIS instead of string Ties.  GOING UP FAST so far.  About 3 1/2 10s done all around.

Uprights are Easy…getting ‘em connected at top will be another matter.   This dome is more an oval then round….that’s why it will be difficult.

OK, dragged the boys out. Sought Sky’s advice to make SURE his design is being met.  So far so good.

Back in from #2 dome.  Marshmallow roast and more laughter.  Seems kids are only interested in DVD Games and FOOD!  ( :  

I’m getting better at these domes.  Fast and more PERMANENT.  The use of pvc is great and would sure go that route in the future…IF I didn’t have to BUY the stuff!   Won’t rot/bends rightly.  Fast!

The HORIZONTALS are still Willow.  Looks good and easy to get.  Holds the whole structure tight together.  Being INSIDE the tarp cover they won’t rot either.  Aho?

I’ve learned to NOT “shovel” dig the upright holes, too.  Pound in a Garden Trowel.  Then deeper with a stout “stick”.  This keeps the holes deep and VERY tight….RIGHT OFF! Shovel makes these holes to much trouble to “toughen up”.  Aho?

OK, enough for now.  GB    re



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