Native American Angels


Hummmm   3 from this group asked for tellings regarding my last.  I could write (and sell) books!

Well, hummmm…you should know we Inner Heyoka deal / work with angels….Aho?

I’ll tell a tiny bit on that.  THEY ACTUALLY EXIST.  G(o)od AND BAD.  TOTEMS are not just totem POLES.  That’s another matter.  Totems are ALSO NATIVE AMERICAN ANGELS!  Ones WE Comprehend.  The Creator deals with MANY people.  Gives as EACH UNDERSTAND.

I, part White / Part NA, know NA AND Whites’ ‘winged ones’.  Aho?

Ok, with that: Last very late Fall Season, I did a seminar in “deep Mormon” country…DEEP in Utah.  Took my 18 yr old grandson.  (His 1st “trip” with me).  And WHAT a TRIP!  SEEING MANY long past NA Villages…People…MASTODONS!  Saber Tooth TIGERS…UNBELEIVABLE!  Telling Matt what I was seeing as I was driving.  “See that “hill” (small Mountain) over there?  That was called HUNTERS HILL”, etc.  “I’m seeing BIG HERDS of HAIRY MASTODONS…This VALLEY FILLED WITH ‘EM…and “HUNTERS”, Etc.

Then to the town.  Setting at the ‘to be’ seminar building (we in the pickup), Matt and I chatting, when : “WAIT A MINUTE MATT!  WE HAVE COMPANY COMING! A “Spook”!  Described him to Matt as he walked to my side window and stopped.  I rolled the window down to talk.  A short guy…rather ‘warm’ clothing. Floppy round beamed hat.  Beard and old spectacles. KNEW INSTANTLY HE WAS A LONG AGO MORMON!  “Are you Red Elk?”  “Yes.”  “Been waiting for you.  Glad you’ve come.  They NEED to KNOW what you teach.  WELCOME!”  Told me his name and we shook hands (YUP! as Matt WATCHED my “EMPTY” hand go up and down). His name was Joseph (something).  Not THE “Joseph tho.  A follower (and turned out, BEST FRIEND, to that one).  “DONT HOLD BACK” he said as he turned and walked into…NOTHING.  Nothing but still HEARABLE.  “THEY NEED TO HEAR YOUR MESSAGE.  DON’T HOLD BACK!”

I sent Matt in to get the seminar arranger.  Told him what had taken place and the Spirits looks.  “THAT’S JOSEPH (name?).  BEST FRIEND TO Our Leader!  He held GREAT RESPECT with ALL THE NA!  LOVED BY THEM!”  etc. etc.
Then told him of the vast herds I’d seen as I had drove into the valley.  (YES!  We are KNOWN THERE…ditto on the “spook”). “THEIR BONES!  Got a Full Skeleton in the small museum here!”  (Matt saw ‘em the next day.  Blew him away.  Old gramps was TELLING THE TRUTH!

After the late night set up, I then did ceremony.  Called in GOD Angels to FILL ALL SEATS and “Pack the building and surroundings”.  Then headed to eat / sleep.

Early the next day 119 attendees came.  (2 left when I “jumped” the Mormons for making us (NA) PETS!).  (Hey, I’m honest.  “Jumped” the Catholics too…for making us SLAVES!).

Anyway, THE PLACE was PACKED with GOD ANGELS!  Walking, sitting…(ON THE SEAT USER or them on an Angel).  ALL OVER! And OUTSIDE (saw through the windows) MORE, “Patrolling”.

At a “smoke (and personal Prayer)” time outside…Matt told me “I THINK I SAW SOME ANGELS, Grampa!”


Then, as I was speaking (Matt beside me) and stopped to drink (talk myself DRY), Matt whispered in my ear:  Grampa, are there 3 angels in the balcony up there?”  I looked “Nope”.  He was crestfallen.  “There are FIVE, LOOK AGAIN!”  Two others peeked around the opening.  YOU OUTTA HAVE SEEN MATT’S EYES POP!   ( :

Matt not a “believer”.  LEFT FOR HOME AS ONE THO!  (Still IS too!).

Oh, after seminar and some personal counseling….JOSEPH CAME AGAIN!  Matt and I about to drive off.  Said “YOU’LL BE BACK”…3 times…then waked off into the ? again.  The 3rd, saying as he disappeared.

Will I?  I don’t know.  One of those “wait and see” Checkings.  Aho?

(I’ve HUNDREDS of TRUE TELLINGS.  Hundred OF Hundreds! Why don’t YOU Connect and start your OWN True tellings)?  GB    re


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