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An e mail to Red Elk:

“C” got me to drive her car into Bendigo today to pick “B” up…got cheap Aldi food & had a good time with “B”…at her school, all the kids were sitting around in groups on the ground….it was wonderful to ‘see’…& be shown insight into why….its for the future ‘aftertime’…all will be tribal again as before…Father preparing them for future…just reconnecting physically to Mother Earth in this way is a healing healthy thing to do…the kids don’t even realize what’s happening to them….soon as $ is removed from the scene, the only way to survive will be in small tribal groups…I was shown the future return to Tribal living bro…just by watching these kids……..this new generation are so Tribal & they don’t even realize it….I know tribal people when I see them…how they move & sit…seen it in New Guinea…these young kids (early teens) will be right at home in the return to Tribal Future….it made my day to ‘SEE’ (be shown) this….then Father kept giving me all the things i needed to get ON SPECIAL…(His subtle way) …some where the only or last left on shelf….unreal…best part is He did it in front of “B”…& I told her what was happening…also about future return to Tribal Living…GB

Red Elk Responds:

Like and echo….you repeat. Must have been VERY special to you indeed…as you contemplated and re-contemplated the Loving Memory of it. Wonderful indeed. Ho

Ive just returned from a (now) rare ride into town. Contemplating as I drove. Was “shown” ME as ‘GOD’…and Christ as Me. How are relationship is as “Dads” relationship with Me. So MANY disappointments…days after days, weeks after weeks….and THEN, out of the ‘blue’, a Ray of SUNSHINE. A Good Deed…a Gift of GIVING without reward. The sign of HOPE…of LOVE, and of a deep respect.
“C” occasionally, is the sunshine in the sad darkness of our being together. Occasionally, giving…without the need, or want, of recompense. It is rare, but when it occurs…OH the WONDER and LOVE of IT!
MAKES you want to continue LOVING that one. Aho?

Yes, just as I am like “C” to Me, I AM LIKE THAT to GOD. Aho? re