The Old man was at a conference.  One filled with men and women of Science and High Government and High Business people.

Speaker after Speaker taking turns.  Lauding their Accomplishments.  Telling how, if it wasn’t for THEM, we wouldn’t have what we have today.  Planes / Moon Travel / Space exploration / Cars / Roads / TV / PCs…. and on and on and on.  All patting their own back and the backs of the others. All with the “LOOK what WE have Done!!!  What accomplishments we of Science and Companies and Government help and backing…have done For THE WHOLE WORLD!”

Towards the end, the old one requested to speak.  “YES, by ALL MEANS!”

He went to the podium, filled with mikes.

“I see what you have done. (He said)….INDEED…LOOK WHAT MANKIND HAS DONE!  Now we can travel in HOURS across our Earth….in what may have taken Days…or even Weeks!

Thanks to you of Science, the “world” is at our fingertips!  We can, THANKS TO YOU, now simply pick up a phone or go to our Personal Computer!



This brought a roll of applause.


(Again, applause and big smiles).

The old one continued:   “With this technology, We now have POLLUTION / DYING FORESTS / DEAD and Dying Seas /  Less Food grown / MASSES DYING from Starvation and Weather Exposure and lack of Clean Air and on and on.

YOU have done WELL!

Each “doing” needing our Earths natural Resources to MAKE these ‘WONDERFUL’ things.

At the rate ‘Technology’ is going…40 TREES in a “togetherness Group” will be called a “Forest”.  In time, even THOSE fenced off and be called a MUSEUM !  LIVING PROOF of what earth USED to have…OVER ITS WHOLE Width and Breadth!

YES!  LOOK what “we” (motioning to the auditorium filled with “Praise Givers”) have DONE!

I tell you true we are HERE, not because what you have done that makes us so “GOOD”…but because of  what you have done to Make us     So          BAD!”




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