I’m Alice

JUST finished watching ALICE IN WONDERLAND (WS Note: the Burton version, tho RE did note it was a continuation so both versions and the book should be considered).
Sure reminds me of….ME.
To be an Inner Heyoka IS a lot like that, and Harry Potter and MANY “Fairy Tale” stories.  In the “Inners” (AND, TOO, the TRADITIONAL Medicine People), we live in Realities few ever can.  Almost like “Magic”.  To walk or ride down roads and see the Ancients…man OR beast, while still in THIS “reality”….to occasionally TALK with them….LEARN from them….Watch their Living ways….well; Wow!


Then there’s Visit Times with Big Brother…and an occasional time at the FEET of the Creator, HEARING “HIM” SPEAK….”WOW” is a WEAK Way of expressing it!!!
Yes, we Do / See / Learn AND STAND (In AWE) of these Times.  Oh, so WONDERFUL this “way” can be.  So Wonderful it IS!
No, not everyone can have this Calling…but ANY can have MOST OF IT!
But even in That…can You TAKE IT?
GO TO THE CREATOR.  HUNGER for Him.  SEEK    KNOCK     and be CONSISTENT.  Then YOU Too can find!




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