Readers:  I was sent an Email that said “I can’t understand why a 1st Nation guy would share all this knowledge to we ‘white’ people, after all we’ve done to you.”

Friends, lets be honest:  YOU probably haven’t “done” ANYTHING to us!  Maybe your ANCESTORS did, but not YOU. Aho?

What YOU do NOW, is YOU.

That holds true to ANY Race YOU “do” TO.  Aho?

The Emailer also said “You NA”.

I’ve shared I am NOT a “Full Blood” Native American (1st Nation).  I’m a BREED.  A METIS.  That means MIXED “breed”.  NA AND WHITE,  RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE.  Blackfoot / Shoshone (I’m told) and French / Irish.  I CLAIM NO FULL NA and have told that over and over. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!

Why do I share (sell) How To’s on Telepathy / Teleportation / Etc.?   HAVE TOLD THIS Over and Over as well : I’M DOING YOUR HOMEWORK!  It is ALL FREE…and I’ve Told THAT as well!  ANY who will pick up a BIBLE can get this information on “How.”  (Use a CONCORDANCE when reading).  It’s FREE, friends.  F  R  E  E!

People are so LAZY (in general) they SEEK withOUT “Doing”.  “Want it NOW!” attitude.

Ok, you then Pay me to “GIVE IT…NOW!”

I make a “wage” to do what YOU are TOO LAZY to do YOURSELF.

Just like you pay to eat at a McDonalds, etc..  MORE CONVENIENT  to BUY, then to go home and COOK, YourSelf.

Told MANY times TOO, that there is NO “NA” Medicine Secrets I will “put out”.  (Tho get “attacked” by sharing these ability knowledges…BY the NAs.)


I’ve told (in my 2 DVD Videos) what I have been SHOWN…by THE CREATOR….and If YOU get as “close” to “Him” as I have…”HE” WILL SHARE WITH YOU, as well.

Or… me.             Your choice.  Aho?

I will (hopefully) soon get my BIG “Short Stories”  Book published and “out there”.  IF you intend to buy, SAVE YOUR MONEY…it WON’T BE CHEAP! ($35.00 to $40.00).

This book is filled with Insight.  Gives You ALOT TO THINK ABOUT!  (It will be around 400 pages).

As all I tell….Don’t buy if you think it is “bunk”.  Again, this is Your CHOICE.

Not ONE is being “forced” to go the way I have.  I’m just here to SHARE what this “way” has done for / in me AND tell what it has done In me.

EVERYTHING is UP TO YOU to choose.  Aho?

So, I leave you to do, or think, as you please.

I tell you true…YOU and  I      W  I  L  L       BE SEEING EACH OTHER….GB    re



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