Skydome Report

ALL Uprights now up.  This thing is HUGE!  As wide as my Fancy #1 dome is LONG  (18 ft.)…and 6 FULL STEPS long (3 ft per step=18 too ??).  Gotta get a tape on it though, to get an accurate measurement.  Anyway, a “PARTY SHACK”!  Too wide to meet the side uprights so will need to “sleeve” with larger pvc.  That means $$ needed.  sigh.  Might need to Prop Up at top too.  Just to be SURE it will take a snowload. Probably be wise to do so.  Don’t want all THIS work to go to pot!  ( : 

Trouble though….I can’t build closer then 10 ft from the Freeway Elk Fence….THINK I’m 9 FEET!  Again, gotta get a Tape on this.  sigh

Sky changed his mind on Cross Ventilation end window.  Think I’ll put a SMALL one in though…as an excellent idea.  Help keep inner condensation at bay.  Aho?

There will be a tall(ish) CLOSET in this one.  On the side up to the bed ledge.  That ledge will be 3 to 4 steps up.  A natural ledge above main floor area.

Finally ran out of strapping tape.  Can’t do side willows (horizontals) ‘til I get my SS $$ or a donation comes in.  Wednesday, at the latest.  I bought a 3 ft. wide roll of carpet (new) at a yard sale for a buck.  No WAY big enough to rug the floor, but WILL cover the Bed Ledge Steps. Anyway, use it somewhere.  Will keep my eyes open for a HUGE section.  Sky wants the main floor rugged.  OK by me…as this is more a HOUSE then EITHER of the other 2 domes!  God Willing, This will be a HECK OF AN ABODE!  Shoot… I may MOVE IN!  big  Big  BIG!  HUGE “BIG”!     I WANT it to look SHARP!  Sky does too.

So far its mostly me doing (again).  GOTTA TEAR HIM AWAY FROM HIS DANG VIDEO GAMES…AND his USELESS Free-Loading Buddies!  Grrrrr

Got him out to see what’s done so far.  He “Freaked”!  “I BET THE WHOLE  S  C  H  O  O  L  CAN FIT IN HERE, GRANDPA!  ALL OF ‘EM!”  ( :

OK, that’s it for now.  GB    re


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