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We’ve been invaded by Field Mice and now Pack Rats (1st cousin to the Peruvian rat called CHINCHILLAS) this year.  For ??? reasons they will NOT hear me and stay out.  WARNED ‘EM “Go, STAY GONE…or Die”).  Ok, their choice.  Time to ‘war’.

We are not ‘killers’ here…tho the mice, well, the HERD of mice, are just TOO MUCH.  Setting mouse traps.  Gotten LOTS too….but still, just not our “thing”.  Aho?

My wife sent me on a “mission”…”GO GET A LIVE TRAP”.  Well, just back.  $90 (+tax )    for  the    smallest   is      TOO  much.     Did get Regular types tho…PLUS Sticky Strips AND Poison.  NONE OF WICH I LIKE TO USE.  Gonna leave it up to “the Warden”. She will probably say “no…return ‘em”  ( I HOPE).

So, what TO do?  “Iz ah IDIOT”….GO BACK TO THE OLD WAYS!

My dad…1/2   Native American  and    1/2   White,  did this… but with a Twist”…COMBINING the 2.  Taught me in my youth.  THAT’S what I’ll be doing the next 2 days!

Dad used a PLASTIC BUCKET…Stretched a heavy Paper Sack over the top….Towards the CENTER he cut “Pizza” strips….baited the center tip(s)…put Water (about 5 inches deep – DEEPER FOR RATS) in the container…put 2 – 3 wide stick RAMPS to the top of pail.  Then set this where he chose.  Mice (AND “rats”) smelled the food…climbed the ramps, walked toward the baited tip(s).  THE “CUT” unable to hold their weight, AND THEY SLID IN.

Drowning isn’t a nice way to die  (been close to THAT 3 times in my life…UGH!)!

And killing not my way anyway.  So will add some food at the DRY bottom and HAUL the “catch” a long way from home.  Release ‘em there.

My father was rather “vindictive”.  When someone “crossed him”…he’d do this too…RELEASING at THIER Yard!  “Let the SOBs Have ‘Em,” he’d say.  (Not MY way tho).

I’ve noticed the New Traps today….ones with “names”…have their Names / Logos on CHINISE MADE Traps.  What USED to be QUALITY has gone to “Looks Good…HAS THEIR NAME…so I’ll Buy it”.  IVE FOUND THE CHINESE “Short Cut”…WEAK SPRINGS!   Springs that OFTEN Break Backs / Etc. but the poor beasts are STILL ALIVE! (I’ve had to “do ‘em in” myself, with a hit on the head).  DANG!  If you HAVE to Kill…KILL QUICKLY!

Wish THOSE makers lived ‘just down the road.”  AND the Once EXCELLENT USA COMPANY “heads” who have “Buy Cheap, Sell High” ‘money grubbers’….. I would do a LIVE Trap and RELEASE ‘EM in THEIR YARD!

Poisons WORK, but then the poor beast crawl off and die…OFTEN in YOUR WALLS!    UGH, the SMELL!

(If my wife chooses this, I’ll move to one of my Domes and let HER trace the stench!)    ( :

Anyway, this trap is a CHEAP and EASY “winner”.   Good Luck.   re


Ive reuest WS  and H to post this WITHOUT CORRECTIONS…..(gonna b ruff, folks):
I quit school at age 15.  9th grade.  Faild it.  Not because I was dumb, but because I had more importent things to study….”Medicin”.
I knew enough to do the reading n math to make my way through life.  Had no intentions of being a Rockit Scintist…Engineer…Etc..  i KNEW my calling..  HS wouldnt help in this one bit.
I had faild because of this.  The MUCH FEARD Truint Officer never cought me….everyone ELES, but never myself.
Who would exspect a ‘truint’ to b in the city librays, STUDYING?  “Anchent Ways”….Hypnoses…History of others on our countinit, Ect.?
When not in tese (Detroit has some GREAT Librarys), Id b at the MUSIUMS.  Again, 1st hand SEEING.
Then, if not in any of thsese, Id b off behind the big auto plants, tracking the many ENORMIS deer / etc. in the strips of bush / trees n trash the city never took care of.  Not a Park (as ud call a park) but a PARIDICE to wildlife…n thus, to ME!
The small mendering creeks n streems, filled with floating oil, trash, old tires, etc. TEAMING with fish.  BIG ONES!  Never DID see a Carp, or a Sucker….EVER.  But saw RECORD BREAKING Bluegills and Trout!  Never saw another human, ether….OR the Truint Officer.  ( :
Id trap Phasents…Rats…Farrow Cats…Racoons (live traping)…and use a willow branch as a fishing pole. Made my own hooks…but store bought fishing line (untill I learned how to make my own from green long weed leafs).  Everything found “on the spot”. This “usless and “STUPID” kid, dressed as a “hood”…had a BALL!  Building hideing places as Id go.  Little sleeping “huts” that fit into the area.  Nights out in these.  Tiny LOW fires in cleared brush to break up the smoke…hidden fires so as not to b detected. This “hood” was HAVEING a BALL!
Then, emerge to Taxis, City Busses, Noises (that had been dulled by the factorys masses) and hundreds of cars n predestriens…and FULL sunlight…SHOCKING to the sences!  Then onto a bus, or hitch hikeing….back home again.  A few days WHERE I “BELONGED” now behind me….the “normol” (WHITEMAN) world.  ugh!
My mother had long ago stoped worrying about me.  She had her own “life” and one less “kid” was alright with her.  (She was a ‘party girl’).
Trying to ‘hide’ her Indianess…telling all she was “Egyption” (hi ck. bones / etc.)…she did all she could to fit into the “white” world.  Ashamed of being NA.  ! was ASHAMED of HER!
Anyway…did as I needed to do, schoolwise.
Always WANTING a COLLEGE Education….eventualy (after 3 attempts) I managed to “tough it out” n passeds my GED test….then to 2 colleges.  Last just for Fun (likes the campis).  Studying in these things I could choose.  Things needed to help round off my ‘calling’.
Yup, this miss-spelling twit has a COLLEGE Degree!  ( :   (Only one yr. at #2 college…and, for fun…AND to futher my “Med.” training).
As u can c, my spelling is, well, sorta “off”. BUT U CAN READ IT!  Thats all u need as far as Im concerned.
Its not “Whitman” rules “way”…but at least ur understanding anyway.  (U outta c my COLLGE CLASES NOTES….my form of PETROGLIFS!  That only I CAN read. Aho?)!
Eventualy I joined the Navy.  ‘Survived’ THAT.  Fun, but got out as fast as I could.  The wouldnt give me what I had signed up for.  Just wasnt worth it.
Then, to marryed life.  At 26 (n officil batchler, as was my goal) I found “The Warden”.  Been a prisoner every sence.  Cant recall how many yrs, but over 40.
When I clled my mother to tell her I was geting marryed….her words went “Congradulations”….no, it was “is she INDIAN!”  Like spit comeing out of her mouth. (She realy had a “problem”).  ( :
When we adopted r daughter…a COLLVILL NA Child…..oh oh!
Yup, mom sure had a ‘problem’.
When my mother finily passed away….I felt no more oblagation to “honor” her “WE R WHITE” issue, and went from HER Nameing us…to my REAL name.  Yes, I am legely Red Elk.  Aho? No first name.  No last name…just Red (ElkRedElk).  Aho?
I am NOT related to ANY Red Elks in NA land.  Mine given in a Sacred Cerimony.
Wasnt MY choice…was GIVEN it.  Aho?
So, here I am, a Meti (“Half Breed”).  “2 Shoes” sorta being.   One Mocc., One Street shoe.
Ok, uve got a bit more “about” me….AND what WS has to put up with to make my spelling more platabel to u.  Bless her Vollinteer Heart!  re
(Yay, a break! 😀 😀 😀 – WS)

The Wife Has Nothing to Say?

Well, “Dad” has broken the “dam”…..REPAIRS TO THE PICKUP TRUCK TO BE COMPLETED Today.
Still no idea of how MUCH it will cost…but SUDDENLY $$ to do it HAS COME IN….and One More donation due anytime.  That SHOULD have arrived 2 days ago.  All in   HIS   TIMING.  All SHOULD cover it.
M’s DUMBFOUNDED!  BEFORE her eyes items ‘on hand’ SOLD and TRADED…plus the donation(s) …(2).  Praise The Lord!  And on top of THAT…things traded/sold are helping CLEAN UP OUR YARD!
Whew!    GB    re    ( :

I have much to “teach”. SHARE is a better word for it, as I am only an adviser…Not a “RULER”.

I’ve just returned from our Post Office. A very late run…due to being down to only one car. (My pickup broken, so need the wife’s car when she comes home).
She was “upset”….”GAS!”. Well, gas or not, this mail trip was necessary. I got there AND FORGOT THE BOX KEY! TWO “runs”! “M” was REALLY upset over THAT! To top it off, ONLY JUNK MAIL! “Toss Outs”. Aho?

We never know……………….

So, an upset wife FOR SURE! One I Love dearly…but sorta kinda “stuck” in her “whiteness”. To her…”a WASTE OF TIME! a WASTE OF GAS!…a WASTE OF MONEY!” Always worrying.

We kinda walk in “different shoes”. Aho?

WAS it a “waste”? Oh no, not to ME! It gave me the time to get away from the ‘hassles’ of the house (7 Chihuahua and a Shelty and a demanding 14 year old boy….AND all the e-mail answering…(plus things needed done outside). To me, “fresh air” AND TIME ALONE WITH “PAPA” (“God” to you).

On this ‘double’ trip I calmed a yearling doe…panicking before my headlights…allowing it to calm down and MEANDER to a safe fence crossing. I was able to “Ho” (greet) an owl….And too, to watch a house cat go safely home. Perhaps nothing to you…but things of relaxation to me.
Helping to calm my spirit.

THEN CAME TONIGHT’S of CONTEMPLATION TEACHING! “Dad” started filling my mind with….”things”….to think DEEPLY on.

“Big Brother’s way of teaching others…a “way” learned from us (NA) when He was here.
Rarely did he openly “chew out”…but DID “chew out SUITABLY! Just as did we, long ago. Peter walking on the water…and SINKING, was one of those ways.
Do you recall Peter saying “Is that YOU, Lord? IF SO, command me and I’ll come out to you”. Jesus did and Peter was true to his word…stepping out of the boat (that held several others) and commenced walking on the water towards Jesus. Aho?

THEN HE LOOKED DOWN….and SANK! His thoughts being “WHAT! I CANT DO THIS! HE Can but HE’S “The Son of GOD!”.

Well, here he was, DOING “The Things Of Christ”…just as Big Brother had/has told ANY can….then, in shock, PULLED AWAY from that, and sank. Aho?

DIS-BELIEF had set in. (Happens all the time).

Christ lifted him and walked with him to the boat. With-in earshot of all the others in the boat, He said “Oh Ye of LITTLE FAITH, WHY DID YOU DOUBT!?”

Today the Church Leaders Expound on Peters “Failure”.

Tell me, WHY? Do THEY “Walk On Water”?



No, Jesus was using the SUBTLE way that my Native American Ancestors used…

and today YOU shake your head in near “laughter” on what and HOW your Pastors, etc. “Teach” about that passage. ALWAYS POINTING YOUR FINGER At THE “OTHER GUY”!

Well, many want to be “Medicine” men / woman….others are entrusted in the Inner Heyoka Way of Purity….. OK

May I suggest that You …. GET OUT OF THE BOAT?! re