Having a ball!


Got something to share.  See the time this is being done ( 12:07 am – WS)?  Why so Late?  Well, HAVEING A BALL!  Adam (#2 Co”owner”) and Sky and I have been out in #2 dome “shooting the breeze” around Adam’s new ZZ-Zip Camp Stove  (he LISTENED TO ME!).  Dome all closed and NO SMOKE!  WARM inside (I’m in a T shirt).  I’m in now while they’ve headed to town to buy MARSHMALLOWS!  WE ARE HAVING A BALL!
Spent nearly the whole day berming this dome.  4 to 5 wheelbarrows will FINALLY Finish it (outside)!    TIGHT FROM DRAFTS / WINDS and COLD!  Went in, made the fire, closed the door and goofed off.  Lots of Laughter!  Will go out again when they return.
Been planting live “clump grass” in the berming as we go.  MAKES THE DOME LOOK REALLY REALLY “COOL”.  Like its been there for a CENTURY!  Also “set” a long Half Log along one side up on berm as a SEAT for 3.  We’ve set and rested our backs against the “skin”, sunny side, and relaxed from digging work.  NICE!  I mean REALLY Nice!
Been a great day.  HECK OF AN ABODE!  So PRIMITIVE and so COMFORTABLE!  Price STILL : 10 CENTS!!!
Any staying a night in this will LOVE IT!
Also, Sky and I have been “roughing out” HIS dome (to be).  Making him wait till both #1 and #2 are FULLY Done first, tho.
He’s “chomping at the bit!  ( :
Really WANTS to DO!  PTL!
Pictures taken….might be a book(let) here.
Dirt to dome forming the Bath Room for both…Tub and Pot basically.  “2 birds with one stone” so to speak.  Aho?
So, coming right along.
Who knows, might be a VILLAGE!
The “Yesterday and Tomorrow” village.  ( :
Wish YOU were here!  ( :    GB    re
(PS: the fire pit has 3 “tiers”…2 being grates.  On Top Grate we set a flat Lava Stone…its heated from fire below as we are “off” awhile.  ( :   re )

ABOUT 2 hrs and 20 mins. sleep last night.  WORTH IT.  GREAT Time in the dome!
KNOW Sky will NEVER Forget….even long after I’m “gone”.
Know what I mean?  (Surely we ALL have “Good Memories” .  Things we’ll NEVER Forget…Aho?).
Sorta Kinda “Pass-On memories”.  REMEMBER!  ?        ( :   re

(edited by WS)

AHO!   YOU mean “Good Memories” Made?

I’m so “woozy” i could DROP!  But dinner in 1/2 hr.  Hate cold food and no would DARE wake me!  ( :   But, Boy, AFTER!!!  

Meachelle needed $$…took even my PENNIES!  ALL!  (Laundry).  My PENNIES for gosh sake!  ALL 8 OF ‘EM!   sigh   ( ;  

(Been there, Done that).   ( :


Not many can claim that.  Just havent learned to REALLY (and CONSTENTLY)  T R U S T “Him”.

SAY they do… ’til push comes to shove.  Poor buggers.

I really feel for them…ALL.  sigh

A Creator SO VERY REAL, and “children” that PANIC at the drop of a hat.  

Wish I could help……………………… Wish they would HEAR.  Aho?    

That’s why the Domes….HOPE!

Better then ULCERS! 

(Doesn’t take a Medicine Man to TRUST….just  GUTS!)   Aho?

GB    re


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