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A brother seeker sent this email:
I’m home now from vancouver island. Would love to come for a visit but i understand that you are very busy. An ideal situation would be that i could help in some way. Maybe a carpool somewhere or if you needed some help with building, ect… Probably would be able to make time for that until i have to leave for the island again towards the end of the month. Otherwise we’ll leave my visit for a time when things have settled down for you. (Would be selfish otherwise)
I have to thank you for opening my eyes to the adventure that life is at any given moment. I’ve been testing making a connection with animals with great results. The concept of love as a tangible force WORKS! It makes a strong connection and then it also washes negativity from us.(Like predatory instinct.) A raven flew by as i was walking in the country. I loved every aspect and detail of the bird. Saw the feathers and the detail within them. The way the wind moved them. I could almost see/imagine through the birds eyes. When I called to it to my surprise it spun around and flew straight for me. It was flying purposefully to the south so it was wierd that it would all of a sudden fly for me. In my surprise I thought what if it lands on me. Of course with that thought the connection was interupted and the bird flew straight above my head and turned as I looked up. It then flew purposefully the original direction it was going in. Incredible (Funny, as if a large raven would land on me. If i could of kept the connection maybe it would of landed in front of me or on a tree close by.) Since meeting with you I’ve gotten within feet of a badger, a crow, family of sparrows, and a mink. As well as seeing of in the distance a variety of wildlife big and small with open eyes. It seems animals are a lot like people with there thoughts. Sometimes they don’t want to come, they have things to do. Sometimes they just don’t care, ect.. But some of them are curious and want to be friends.
Thank you for this universal way of being and the power in LOVE, it’s working for everything.

TRIP REPORT on Dome Work on Other Property:


Won’t go into explanation but Adam and I took our own rigs….LOADED with To-Do needs.  Both DEAD BEAT SLEEPY, but went anyway Friday evening.  “Lost” Adam’s rig and had to park it MILES from domesite.

Got LOST trying to locate a DETOUR sign that WORKED!  Back and Forth looking.  Didn’t get there till 1:00 AM!  Maybe 2 1/2  hrs MORE then normal.

A 3rd joined us.

Set up camp.  I slept in my pickup.  They on ground.

Anyway, after SOME sleep we  went back to Adams pickup and brought it up.  THEN started looking for land to buy (Adam).  So, Saturday nearly WASTED. Not totally tho.  The 2 got SUPER BUSY.  Had to cut weeds SO TALL they went to Adam’s HEAD (over 6 ft tall).  Had to do to GET TO THE DOME!  Adam learned how to use a SCYTHE while Tom (the other) used my weed eater.  BEAUTFUL JOB!  Looks darn near like a Park now.  PTL!

Then moved the Dog Kennel in the spot that I needed.  This to be the wall “framing” for our kitchen.  Left a Walk-In GAP between this and dome…SET A LARGE BATHROOM area there.  Nothing Small about it.  Then did a “quicky” WOOD SHED dome. TEMP for now.  Frame only.

I added more Heat Collecting Stones to both sides and back of the small woodstove as Tom connected wire mesh.  Still not fully done but only a SMALL amount to finish That (next trip).

Adam left early Sunday,  a LOOONG drive.  11 or more hours and had to work next day. Tom took on the extra “load”.  Did a HECK of a job!

Me? Mostly SAT and “ordered” Both of ‘em.  Leg stove in…and back.  Easier to Supervise then “do”.  Aho? THESE TWO GUYS WERE WONDERFUL!  Missed day or not, LOTS DONE in but a few hours.

They made a SUPER Camp set-up too.  BIG Lean-To Tarp…my fire pit in front.  NEVER TOOK PICTURES OF THIS (darn it).  REAL “early FUR GATHERER set up.  PRIMITIVE but RIGHT AT “HOME”.

The 2 took turns putting out some FANTASTIC Meals!  Me?: “SUPERVISED”.  ( :

Anyway, no covering BUT ONLY HOURS FROM DOING SO!

Took up more tarps.  Should be Enough IF NO BIG HOLES.

Anyway, stopped in our local town to fill the tank.  On my home..leaving just some change and $16.00.


Want all to understand:  this trip would have been IMPOSSIBLE without the PRAYERS sent up and the DONATIONS sent.  THANK YOU ALL FOR WHAT YOU MADE POSSIBLE!

Oh, before closing: saw some NICE “For Sale” property at this SAFE site.  20 acres per at $30,900.00 per.  WILDERNESS THO!  You’d need to be VERY serious to live in MOST of these spots.  Darn near “Mountain Man” living..  With a FAMILY, HARD !  Alone? HARD!

Interested?   re


Already getting Emails from some :  RE, you are NOT FORGIVING…. etc..

Tell me, didn’t Jesus DIE for EVERYONE, DESPITE “getting tough on some?  Got REALLY rough with the day’s Leaders….”Whitewashed”  “Snakes”  etc. etc. and ETC.!  Then, too, did a number on the Temple “traders”…knocking over tables, etc.

STILL, as DYING…Wrists and feet NAILED to the cross, said “Forgive THEM Father for they Know NOT what they DO.”  HE DIED FOR EVERYONE…EVEN the “SNAKES” and guys at the Temple.


HOW will SOME “eggheads” LEARN if they Refuse to PAY ATTENTION! ???

Yup, I get tough.  Don’t like it?  TOUGH!  re


I’ve told this before.  But STILL Getting Requests…UN-respectable  Requests.  IE:  “re, what do I do about this? That?”    “re, I’m SPIRITUAL, PLEASE TEACH ME”…..”Where IS this / that?”      “re, what does THIS dream mean?”    Etc.  Etc.




ALMOST none (who DO send a return envelope) HAVE NO STAMP ON IT.

To those who “are SPIRITUAL”…..”Give” / “teach” / Etc. :   IF YOUR SO DA– “SPIRITUAL,”  then GO TO “HIM” AND GET YOUR ANSWERS!           DORK!!! re


I occasionally get a donation.  People supporting this ‘work’.  I call the Silent Christians.

Some send $$…some send PRAYERS.  BOTH worth “millions” to me.

People who remain Hidden, but to HIM.  Aho?

What $$ I get helps me Eat,  Fuel Up the truck,   Take the garbage to the dump…    a MULTITUDE of things.  Things that help keep this ongoing.

To THEM, All owe them thanks.  Not just me.  YOU benefit…at least get the opportunity to decide if this “way” is, or is NOT, your “Bag”.  Aho?  re


Been SLOWLY buying ZIP TIES.  A bag ,to 3, at a time.  This to use in building yet another li’l dome here.  Faster and can be adjusted as the willows shrink.  Been using strong string.  Sky’s dome has HUNDREDS of String Ties…..all now becoming loose (due to willow shrinkage).  Most should now be redone…but won’t.

My next (or NEXT AFTER next) will be a bit more expensive…using almost All framing and horizontals of PVC piping. Been buying THOSE at HABITAT FOR HUMANITY store.  Alot cheaper and supports the homeless / etc. at the same time.  Won’t need many as this one will be more a 2-Sleeper ONLY.  No cooking / heat / etc., just a fast permanent “tent” shelter….made to experiment and “catch” the Overflow of the other domes.  Small as it will be, it won’t surprise me to spend upwards of $200.00 to make this way.

Seems you are sending what I Email you to a small group of others you keep in contact with (the person he’s sending this email to is, that is. – WS).  One sent me a $40.00 donation today.  (I won’t tell who…so God gets the credit for using her.  A “Silent Christian”.  ALOT out there that ARE.  Some occasionally share with money…and ALL with what they CAN give : PRAYER Back Up.  Aho?

Well, this provided needed gas (now a half tank) and I got 3 more bags of those LOCK (“zip”) ties…adding to the few others I have.  EVEN BOUGHT A HOT DOG and PEPSI!

(I eat “on the run”…HOME is just a place to catch up on sleep…little time to even make a sandwich.  Either sleep (ALWAYS NEEDED)…or answering Emails or working on the Domes.  Run in to do dishes to help the wife, as I can.  Email “silent ones” help this keep going.  By “this” I mean ME…old “Loud Mouth”. The one unafraid to publically “Call In The Wilderness”.  Aho?  (How will people learn TRUTH if most stay silent?)  Aho?  Well, “Dad” saw one unafraid, and uses me to Tell AND SHOW.  Now OTHER “mouths” are “coming out”…PTL!



Adam and a Canadian learner here.  Getting ALOT of yard things done.  Canadian with weed eater, Adam. with big Dr. Field Cutter. Teaming up and getting ALL our outside of house / domes back in GREAT looking shape.  We also got 2 Big loads of white sand…poured on Adam’s Dome floor and re-covered.  Re-arranging the interior as well.  LOTS AND LOTS of inner space.  Everything in its place…PERFECTLY..  Tieing his sleeping bag (rolled) to the wall…etc.  We now call it “The Apache Taj Mahal”.  ( :
Adam leveled the floor…the dirt put against dome outside (higher berming).  Now that (3 domes) area being “trimed” of weeds / etc.  WHOLE AREA WILL look GOOD in an hour or so.
LOTS of TEACHING, TOO.   Taught both Mental Telepathy and both successul the 1st time doing. Both Receiving and Sending to each.
The Canadian started and darn if he didn’t get side-tracked…Sending to ME.  CHEWED HIM OUT!  He hadn’t thought he WAS…..’TIL HE THOUGHT ABOUT IT!  ( :

Quite a time so far.
I’m on This while THEY are ‘DOING’.  Gotta go give ’em a hand….not fair.  Aho?   GB    re

This one (Red Elk), has aligned with JOHN of

He and this one on very similar lines of thought:  ONE TOGETHER…the RETURN of ONE In / With “HIM”.  Aho?

John called me yesterday…seeking to know if this one (“I”) would be willing to “come to New Zealand on 10 / 10 /10”.  To speak / share to ???

I have my Passport…AND (at this time anyway) CAN do so.  The question being: AM I TO?

John’s backers willing to pay for the trip / etc.

“I” just don’t know if it has any real need.  “I” AM SEEKING PRAYER!

Don’t wanna be Out of “HIS” will.  Aho?

“I” am not into “going” to “See The World”.  Figure “I” am doing so via all on Internet….no “BIG DEAL” (on being “seen”).  Money can go to BETTER MEANS, as far as “I” can see.  Aho?

I’m not seeking Opinions nor Advice.  SEEKING PRAYER on “YEA or NAY”.  “HE” will let me know.  Aho?

Need YOU (who feel LED) to please join me on this knowledge.  Aho?  Thank You.    re


“He knows your needs”…..”Fear not”…..”Trust in HIM”….”Seek / Knock / Find”….”Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and ALL will be GIVEN onto you.”

Do you SEE THESE! ??? !!!

Today, I had no gas to get home. Was in town to see a friend of long standing. The check my wife wrote for gas…COULDN’T BE CASHED…OVERDRAWN!

Ok…”HE” KNEW THIS, tho I Didn’t. Well, friend took me out to eat…STEAK! THEN, without asking : FILLED THE PICKUP!

Now, go back and read the first line again.


The more you do, THE EASIER IT IS TO GROW in BELIEVINGFAITH (One Word). DO you Understand? re

We Really Are All One

Today Red Elk received another generous donation for the work he has spent writing for you on his blog. I want to thank the readers for thinking of him because it is so important to support his work. He by no means is getting rich off of this. He has no advertisers and had received in the few months that is has been operational a total of $100.00. That may not seem like too much for all the work and effort, but every time someone sends a donation in he is able to buy food for his family or invest in something important to build a project or keep the lights on. So from the bottom of my heart – thank you for doing what you can – for this hard working Medicine Man.

I also want to thank the volunteers who keep this blog running. It would never be kept up to date if it wasn’t for Red Elk’s good friend Whale Sister who makes sure every time an e mail comes in that she corrects the spelling and posts it immediately to the blog. You are getting his messages hot off the press. As soon as Red Elk writes us an e mail she gets to work immediately and posts it fast. I can’t even believe it. If it wasn’t for her, I would be in a lot of trouble, because I simply don’t have the time left in the day.

I also want to thank Adam. Adam is capturing video and pictures and doing his own work with Red Elk which is so pure and genuine. Adam provided the notes for the pictures. So without further adue, here are some pictures that Adam sent me (a few days ago – see what I mean!) and I wanted to acknowledge every one from the reader to TKWeb for hosting the site, to Whale Sister (you may know her as WS), Red Elk’s family and friends. Really cool to be in this community together.


Sky Dome: The very beginning - I90 in the background

Sky Dome: In the process of being framed. More done since. Looks much better.

ZZ zip stove. An Awesome stove. I really love this stove. Note the battery case. One AA battery