A brother seeker sent this email:
I’m home now from vancouver island. Would love to come for a visit but i understand that you are very busy. An ideal situation would be that i could help in some way. Maybe a carpool somewhere or if you needed some help with building, ect… Probably would be able to make time for that until i have to leave for the island again towards the end of the month. Otherwise we’ll leave my visit for a time when things have settled down for you. (Would be selfish otherwise)
I have to thank you for opening my eyes to the adventure that life is at any given moment. I’ve been testing making a connection with animals with great results. The concept of love as a tangible force WORKS! It makes a strong connection and then it also washes negativity from us.(Like predatory instinct.) A raven flew by as i was walking in the country. I loved every aspect and detail of the bird. Saw the feathers and the detail within them. The way the wind moved them. I could almost see/imagine through the birds eyes. When I called to it to my surprise it spun around and flew straight for me. It was flying purposefully to the south so it was wierd that it would all of a sudden fly for me. In my surprise I thought what if it lands on me. Of course with that thought the connection was interupted and the bird flew straight above my head and turned as I looked up. It then flew purposefully the original direction it was going in. Incredible (Funny, as if a large raven would land on me. If i could of kept the connection maybe it would of landed in front of me or on a tree close by.) Since meeting with you I’ve gotten within feet of a badger, a crow, family of sparrows, and a mink. As well as seeing of in the distance a variety of wildlife big and small with open eyes. It seems animals are a lot like people with there thoughts. Sometimes they don’t want to come, they have things to do. Sometimes they just don’t care, ect.. But some of them are curious and want to be friends.
Thank you for this universal way of being and the power in LOVE, it’s working for everything.


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