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I occasionally get a donation.  People supporting this ‘work’.  I call the Silent Christians.

Some send $$…some send PRAYERS.  BOTH worth “millions” to me.

People who remain Hidden, but to HIM.  Aho?

What $$ I get helps me Eat,  Fuel Up the truck,   Take the garbage to the dump…    a MULTITUDE of things.  Things that help keep this ongoing.

To THEM, All owe them thanks.  Not just me.  YOU benefit…at least get the opportunity to decide if this “way” is, or is NOT, your “Bag”.  Aho?  re


Been SLOWLY buying ZIP TIES.  A bag ,to 3, at a time.  This to use in building yet another li’l dome here.  Faster and can be adjusted as the willows shrink.  Been using strong string.  Sky’s dome has HUNDREDS of String Ties…..all now becoming loose (due to willow shrinkage).  Most should now be redone…but won’t.

My next (or NEXT AFTER next) will be a bit more expensive…using almost All framing and horizontals of PVC piping. Been buying THOSE at HABITAT FOR HUMANITY store.  Alot cheaper and supports the homeless / etc. at the same time.  Won’t need many as this one will be more a 2-Sleeper ONLY.  No cooking / heat / etc., just a fast permanent “tent” shelter….made to experiment and “catch” the Overflow of the other domes.  Small as it will be, it won’t surprise me to spend upwards of $200.00 to make this way.

Seems you are sending what I Email you to a small group of others you keep in contact with (the person he’s sending this email to is, that is. – WS).  One sent me a $40.00 donation today.  (I won’t tell who…so God gets the credit for using her.  A “Silent Christian”.  ALOT out there that ARE.  Some occasionally share with money…and ALL with what they CAN give : PRAYER Back Up.  Aho?

Well, this provided needed gas (now a half tank) and I got 3 more bags of those LOCK (“zip”) ties…adding to the few others I have.  EVEN BOUGHT A HOT DOG and PEPSI!

(I eat “on the run”…HOME is just a place to catch up on sleep…little time to even make a sandwich.  Either sleep (ALWAYS NEEDED)…or answering Emails or working on the Domes.  Run in to do dishes to help the wife, as I can.  Email “silent ones” help this keep going.  By “this” I mean ME…old “Loud Mouth”. The one unafraid to publically “Call In The Wilderness”.  Aho?  (How will people learn TRUTH if most stay silent?)  Aho?  Well, “Dad” saw one unafraid, and uses me to Tell AND SHOW.  Now OTHER “mouths” are “coming out”…PTL!