Adam and a Canadian learner here.  Getting ALOT of yard things done.  Canadian with weed eater, Adam. with big Dr. Field Cutter. Teaming up and getting ALL our outside of house / domes back in GREAT looking shape.  We also got 2 Big loads of white sand…poured on Adam’s Dome floor and re-covered.  Re-arranging the interior as well.  LOTS AND LOTS of inner space.  Everything in its place…PERFECTLY..  Tieing his sleeping bag (rolled) to the wall…etc.  We now call it “The Apache Taj Mahal”.  ( :
Adam leveled the floor…the dirt put against dome outside (higher berming).  Now that (3 domes) area being “trimed” of weeds / etc.  WHOLE AREA WILL look GOOD in an hour or so.
LOTS of TEACHING, TOO.   Taught both Mental Telepathy and both successul the 1st time doing. Both Receiving and Sending to each.
The Canadian started and darn if he didn’t get side-tracked…Sending to ME.  CHEWED HIM OUT!  He hadn’t thought he WAS…..’TIL HE THOUGHT ABOUT IT!  ( :

Quite a time so far.
I’m on This while THEY are ‘DOING’.  Gotta go give ’em a hand….not fair.  Aho?   GB    re


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