TRIP REPORT on Dome Work on Other Property:


Won’t go into explanation but Adam and I took our own rigs….LOADED with To-Do needs.  Both DEAD BEAT SLEEPY, but went anyway Friday evening.  “Lost” Adam’s rig and had to park it MILES from domesite.

Got LOST trying to locate a DETOUR sign that WORKED!  Back and Forth looking.  Didn’t get there till 1:00 AM!  Maybe 2 1/2  hrs MORE then normal.

A 3rd joined us.

Set up camp.  I slept in my pickup.  They on ground.

Anyway, after SOME sleep we  went back to Adams pickup and brought it up.  THEN started looking for land to buy (Adam).  So, Saturday nearly WASTED. Not totally tho.  The 2 got SUPER BUSY.  Had to cut weeds SO TALL they went to Adam’s HEAD (over 6 ft tall).  Had to do to GET TO THE DOME!  Adam learned how to use a SCYTHE while Tom (the other) used my weed eater.  BEAUTFUL JOB!  Looks darn near like a Park now.  PTL!

Then moved the Dog Kennel in the spot that I needed.  This to be the wall “framing” for our kitchen.  Left a Walk-In GAP between this and dome…SET A LARGE BATHROOM area there.  Nothing Small about it.  Then did a “quicky” WOOD SHED dome. TEMP for now.  Frame only.

I added more Heat Collecting Stones to both sides and back of the small woodstove as Tom connected wire mesh.  Still not fully done but only a SMALL amount to finish That (next trip).

Adam left early Sunday,  a LOOONG drive.  11 or more hours and had to work next day. Tom took on the extra “load”.  Did a HECK of a job!

Me? Mostly SAT and “ordered” Both of ‘em.  Leg stove in…and back.  Easier to Supervise then “do”.  Aho? THESE TWO GUYS WERE WONDERFUL!  Missed day or not, LOTS DONE in but a few hours.

They made a SUPER Camp set-up too.  BIG Lean-To Tarp…my fire pit in front.  NEVER TOOK PICTURES OF THIS (darn it).  REAL “early FUR GATHERER set up.  PRIMITIVE but RIGHT AT “HOME”.

The 2 took turns putting out some FANTASTIC Meals!  Me?: “SUPERVISED”.  ( :

Anyway, no covering BUT ONLY HOURS FROM DOING SO!

Took up more tarps.  Should be Enough IF NO BIG HOLES.

Anyway, stopped in our local town to fill the tank.  On my home..leaving just some change and $16.00.


Want all to understand:  this trip would have been IMPOSSIBLE without the PRAYERS sent up and the DONATIONS sent.  THANK YOU ALL FOR WHAT YOU MADE POSSIBLE!

Oh, before closing: saw some NICE “For Sale” property at this SAFE site.  20 acres per at $30,900.00 per.  WILDERNESS THO!  You’d need to be VERY serious to live in MOST of these spots.  Darn near “Mountain Man” living..  With a FAMILY, HARD !  Alone? HARD!

Interested?   re



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