This one (Red Elk), has aligned with JOHN of

He and this one on very similar lines of thought:  ONE TOGETHER…the RETURN of ONE In / With “HIM”.  Aho?

John called me yesterday…seeking to know if this one (“I”) would be willing to “come to New Zealand on 10 / 10 /10”.  To speak / share to ???

I have my Passport…AND (at this time anyway) CAN do so.  The question being: AM I TO?

John’s backers willing to pay for the trip / etc.

“I” just don’t know if it has any real need.  “I” AM SEEKING PRAYER!

Don’t wanna be Out of “HIS” will.  Aho?

“I” am not into “going” to “See The World”.  Figure “I” am doing so via all on Internet….no “BIG DEAL” (on being “seen”).  Money can go to BETTER MEANS, as far as “I” can see.  Aho?

I’m not seeking Opinions nor Advice.  SEEKING PRAYER on “YEA or NAY”.  “HE” will let me know.  Aho?

Need YOU (who feel LED) to please join me on this knowledge.  Aho?  Thank You.    re



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