Already getting Emails from some :  RE, you are NOT FORGIVING…. etc..

Tell me, didn’t Jesus DIE for EVERYONE, DESPITE “getting tough on some?  Got REALLY rough with the day’s Leaders….”Whitewashed”  “Snakes”  etc. etc. and ETC.!  Then, too, did a number on the Temple “traders”…knocking over tables, etc.

STILL, as DYING…Wrists and feet NAILED to the cross, said “Forgive THEM Father for they Know NOT what they DO.”  HE DIED FOR EVERYONE…EVEN the “SNAKES” and guys at the Temple.


HOW will SOME “eggheads” LEARN if they Refuse to PAY ATTENTION! ???

Yup, I get tough.  Don’t like it?  TOUGH!  re



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