Reader(s):   I’ve asked Heather and Whale Sister to keep THIS posting CONSTANTLY ABOVE    ALL    others. (NEW POSTS are below. – WS)

Many Emailing or Commenting for “This / That” info.   I WILL NO LONGER ANSWER THESE.  “Why”?  IF you Do a SEARCH, INTERNET Search…..You will FIND IT IS TOLD (usually). EVERYTHING HAS  B E E N  Shared. I will Not “Re-Do” an already DONE thing.  I’ll have the big book out As Soon As Possible….WITH knowledge. Between THREE (3): This; What’s Already “out there”; ….AND SCRIPTURES….You WILL learn! I have no desire to do constant “Re-Dos”.  ITS ALREADY OUT THERE! I DO like to see the Emails/Comments that are UP-LIFTING.  Emails/Comments that Give me HOPE. But tired of “personal” “share with ME”.   Those that do so are simply Lazy.  Please, do your OWN ‘HOMEWORK’.

I suppose this posting will irritate some….WHY?  It should NOT, IF you are one REALLY wanting to connect!

Remember: YOU are the “Magic Button”.  PUSH IT!

Good luck and CreatorGod Bless      re


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