Getting What You WANT

Getting what you WANT….by PRAYER….Works.  “HE KNOWS YOUR NEEDS”.   There ARE times a “need” isn’t one that is really such…but a WANT.  Well, He also knows your WANTS, too.  To help you be happy…often He fills THAT as well.  “Keeps the kids happy” type thing.

Like you giving your child a “special toy”, tho he / she has a Roomful of toys all ready.  Aho?

In my domes building, I’ve “wanted” a number of things.  Things I couldn’t afford.  One has been my WANT of a certain Color / Nap of a very expensive rug (for Sky’s dome). I “haunted” the local rug sales places.  Hoping to find JUST the RIGHT Remnant (more affordable).  Even often went to the 2 local “Cheap Shops” AND the Habitat For Humanity place.

I HAD PRAYED, so KNEW HE HAD HEARD.  2 weeks, 3, and 4 weeks of looking went by…EXPECTING AN ANSWER.  “Somewhere…SOMEHOW” I’d find this answer met.  After all, I PRAYED.

Then, 3 days ago, AGAIN I went looking….AND THERE IT WAS!  At the Habitat place.  The EXACT ROYAL BLUE, DEEP SCULPTURED NAP, of what I WANTED!  $2.00!   Not a TINY piece, a small ROLL of cut off scrap.

So, now Sky has his floor rug (to yet be installed).

In that finding, I also found a rather large Burl Wood “wall hanging”.  All shiny and cover coated in clear resin.  I BOUGHT IT AS WELL!

NOW he has his “KITCHEN” TABLE!  The “SPECIAL” area I had ASKED would SOMEHOW BE, for his “Tri-Pod” kitchen area.

Between the “Glowing” Royal Blue rug and This “table” (GLOWING TOO), the Interior SHINES!  The inside is an “EYE GRABBER”!

(I’ve Pre-set both in, to see how well it will be…so know).

Folks, PRAYER WORKS.   But you must EXPECT IT TO.   Prayer, WithOUT FAITH, is a WEAKNESS.

I will now go to yet ANOTHER “need” Answered…..NEEDED A WHEEL ALIGNMENT.  Steel threads exposed on one tire….and I needed it “NOW!”.  Well, THE VERY NEXT DAY A DONATION CAME IN that COVERED THE COST. To top it off, I CALLED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to get it done.  HAD PRAYED!  Told ‘em “I need to get it done THIS MORNING!”

Guess what!?

“We have JUST GOT A CANCELLATION.  Can you come in at 10 minutes to 10:00?”  (43 minutes away). “YES!”

See what I mean?

Folks, When you Ask…ALWAYS KNOW ITS HEARD, and go along EXPECTING THE ANSWER.  Aho?    re



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