Got EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED!  A number thinking me crazy for not going after Any of these. “You can do so MUCH for OTHERS (I WOULD).” etc.


SAYING “I TRUST IN GOD”…then, when a “carrot” is dangled before ‘em…they DROP that “TRUST” in a BIG HURRY!   “Trust” in the Bill with “In God we Trust” on it…..MAN!

I expected it. I got it.

One “will fly out there and use the money for others.”  Wanna bet…..not ALL of it!?

No one seems to realize To be GODLY means to be HONEST!  IE:  REPORT YOUR FIND(s).  Guess what?  SCRUTINY!  Government will want to know where you got it.  How much.   Government Land or Private Land (not yours?…others)…TAXES, once LEGAL BATTLES are over….and on and on AND ON!  Maybe YEARS of LAWYER FEES to see IF you can have it, has OFTEN occurred!

So, you “Jackasses”…you want it, YOU go find it!   I was telling so MOST would actually SEE just WHERE THEIR TRUST REALLY IS!

Where is YOURS! ???    re



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