In the abilities of the Medicine Ways, many of us know spots of…to many…great interest.  In some cases, actual treasures.  Gold / Artifacts / Etc.

I myself have a number.  One, not treasure YOU’D call “treasure”,  but a Probition “Model A” rum runner.
This auto was making a run from Canada to Detroit.  Driving across ice.  Broke through and sank.
I was a diver and belonged to The Hamtramic Divers club.  2 of these divers came across the “A” just off a small island in the Detroit River.   “The current was very fast.  As we sped past we grabbed the car and hung on.  Holding the metal we were able to see inside.  We were surprised to see a HUGE “ROUND” of …… CHEESES!  I (one of the 2) worked off a hunk.  Then a Freighter was heard approching (the “A” was VERY close to the shipway).  We got out of there in a hurry!”  (The freighter’s turning props create a suction, adding to the current.  No place to be…or chance being sucked into the props).
Anyway, the chunk came with them.  Those ashore scraped off the “scum” and all had a “GREAT MEAL!”
Every year we’d go looking for that “A” again…with no success.
I don’t know if the group is still active.  GOOD MEMORIES!  (:

Other places are known as well.  Stage Robbery (gold and coins)….Hudson Bay Fur Trade Co. hidden gold (2 chests, Canada)…a hidden cache of gold nuggets in saddle bag(s) here not far from my home….Coins in Mason Jars buried in an apple orchard nearby….Crystal Skulls  (QUITE A FEW!)….Phoenician stash (2)….Rotting rolls of Big Bills buried in a back yard and under that home (Mich.)….a cave of Ellensburg Blues (a now a precious stone) here (caved in by landslide)….another Phoenician Place, OBELISK, mere miles from me here (and destroyed by Big FANCY “gated” community…so their making could go on)….and a number of others.

All “tempting” but “not my bag”.  I don’t want to be curtailed by what’s TRULY “treasure”….helping YOU GET CLOSE TO THE CREATOR!
I have watch men DESTROYED by their “thirst” for $$.  Doing VERY VERY WELL…HERE.  BUT WON’T BE WORTH A RAT’S REAR…”THERE”!
I do not want THAT to happen to Me.

And NO!  I will NOT tell YOU these SPOTS!   Instead, learn to walk with HIM and learn to TRUST HIM!  THERE is your TRUE TREASURE!     re


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