In regard to the message below this one, I’d like to tell what the “before THIS Earth, earth” was like.

Most have no doubt heard our (now) planet is called “The Emerald Marble in space”.  Most have seen pictures of our (now) planet, taken by out-of-space cameras.  Indeed, we live on a BEAUTIFUL planet.

The one THIS emerged from, in comparable size, would be considered a BB in size.  VERY VERY SMALL….and ABSOLUTELY AWESOME IN BEAUTY!

Its surface was always Tropical-Like.  The 2 Poles the coolest…forming MORE ICE and SNOW only during a certain time in its year. They stayed “snowy and Icy” year round….but more like our earths tall mountains do.  Aho?

The ancient of ancient ancestors (that I was Shown) were alot like LAOTIANS in structure.  Small, Lithe, BEAUTIFUL people.

I said “THOSE I WAS SHOWN”….There was yet ANOTHER type.  UNSHOWN, but I “KNEW” they existed.

These last were that Earth’s CONTROLLERS.  Earth people too, but VERY Controlling…..almost Early ROME type “leaders”.

I don’t know what was / had happened for this (THEN) Earth’s “demise” reason….but it wasn’t a good thing.  Brought on this Whole Earth’s people’s CONTROLLING “Society”.

I DID get the “feeling” the Controlling Ones were TALLER…and LIGHTER in Color.  “White”?  While those I was shown were tan and, well, ….Laotian-Like, in skin shade / eyes / hair.  Aho?

I was shown a SECRET SOCIETY of the smaller stature ones.  One that was CONSIDERED VERY DANGEROUS to the Controllers.

Constantly hunted….tortured (to tell where more “of their ‘ilk’ were”) and murdered.

The WHOLE (then) EARTH Was in TOTAL “Disarray”…the G(o)od verses the “bad”.  LOVE verses CONTROL….”All One” verses “US”.

At this ‘showing’ all “HELL” was about to take place (due to the friction).  THE (then) EARTH WAS ABOUT TO BE “DESTROYED!”)!

This secret Society had certain people who … in EXTREME SECRECY … would meet “out in the boonies” (hidden places away from scrutiny).  VERY DANGEROUS to do (this group meeting).

They had look-outs all about them (outside the prime meeters) to guard against “finders”.  (Controller men).

These PRIME Meeters would go to an object (in one case, a large “finger-like” upright stone boulder) AND BEGAN A CERTAIN PRAYER.  Then go to the stone, lay hands upon it, CONCENTRATE, and IMPRINT THIER KNOWLEGE INTO IT.  Each imprinting their “piece” of knowledge.


CERTAIN OF TODAY’S PEOPLE know how to turn on the “search” mode OF THIS / THESE OBJECT “COMPUTERS”.

Anyway, when all the knowledge was Mind-Inserted into the object (in this case, the stone), the stone was somehow cut into MANY small pieces. (It wasn’t an “overnight thing”…ALL took WEEKS….insertion to cutting).

These pieces were snuck onto 5 Controllers’ Rockets (like our ICBMs)….and the rockets’ Trajectory orders were secretly reset.

THESE ROCKETS WERE MADE TO HELP CONTROLLERS ESCAPE the Disaster that was coming.  “Lifeboats” for the “elite”.

(Yup…”SAVE OUR REARS and SCREW THE LITTLE GUYS”…..same-old same-old as dictators / etc. today).

Well, literally 2 – 3 minutes before the Controllers were to embark and EVACUATE the (then) earth….THE G(o)od SOCIETY “SHOT” THESE (5) ROCKETS OFF INTO SPACE!

MOMENTS AFTER LAUNCH…THIS (their) EARTH WAS “Destroyed”.  “Killing” ALL ON IT!


The 5 ships …unmanned…escaped just in time.  Heading out into space.  To travel in different directions…floating for
“ages”.  The knowledge objects aboard, sent, HOPING at least ONE ship would crash on the (THIS) NEW EARTH.

At least ONE made it when their (our OLD) Earth was reformed and appeared in THIS (Our earth NOW) plane.  (A sort of “Beam me up, Scotty” type transference).

IT TOOK HUGE CENTURIES to “Re-Group” the (now) earth, we have now today.

In this “Re-Grouping”, the “then” earth’s PIECES …COLLECTED MORE “components” as it floated about in space AND EMERGED as OUR “MARBLE”.  It GREW LARGER then it HAD been!

Anyway, these KNOWLEDGE objects are now (the FOUND ones) in Safe Hands “here-n-there”.  PROTECTED AND WAITING TO BE OPENED AND SHARED TO ALL MANKIND.

So, that’s that.  The start of TODAY’S Earth….from YESTERDAY’S Earth.  The ORIGINAL Earth that began when “All was void, and without form”.




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  1. Serge.H. says:

    How is there life here now if all the life was destroyed?