Friends, there’s alot of Free Food about you….IF you know WHAT is Edible, What it Looks Like and HOW to Prepare it.  EVEN IN WINTER.
Tho my mother “fought” Indianhood…there was ONE thing she enjoyed so much, she used it and taught it:  FISH PATTIES.   From what is normally considered “trash” fish.  Carp / Suckers / Gar / Etc.  These ARE Delicious!  But don’t take my word for it….there’s plenty of recipes on the Internet.
Weeds, as well as some of your FLOWERS, are Great eating, TOO.
Honestly, there’s no good reason to go hungry in most of this country.
Or to buy MANY MEDICINES!  These plants also HEAL.
Again, INTERNET, folks.
Might as well start learning….you’ll be FAR AHEAD of “the game” AND be helpful to others!   I hope you pay attention to what I’m saying.  re


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4 Responses to “Food for the Taking…and Thought”

  1. al snapp says:

    dad bless you.just a no body,but loves your message.ive listenend .

  2. al snapp says:

    one question? faith how do i get faith? HOW DOES LOVE CONCOURE GREED.

  3. Living Documents says:

    “Nobody”? Seems He thinks otherwise. Died for you, didn’t He? re

  4. Living Documents says:

    ONE question? I see TWO! “Greed” IS Love…the LOVE of HAVING! Thus, Greedful. What do you want MOST? YOURSelf “stuff”? or AGAPE (Caring Love for OTHERS) stuff? Choice is yours. With a question like that, you (?) evidently know the first….now ask yourself “do I REALLY WANT #2?”. If you REALLY want #2…Trust…it starts happening.

    REAL Love GIVES…does not HOARD…does not Want to WANT for SELF as much as for others. re