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Already getting Emails from some :  RE, you are NOT FORGIVING…. etc..

Tell me, didn’t Jesus DIE for EVERYONE, DESPITE “getting tough on some?  Got REALLY rough with the day’s Leaders….”Whitewashed”  “Snakes”   etc. etc. and ETC.!  Then, too, did a number on the Temple “traders”…knocking over tables, etc.

STILL, as DYING…Wrists and feet NAILED to the cross, said “Forgive THEM Father for they Know NOT what they DO.”  HE DIED FOR EVERYONE…EVEN the “SNAKES” and guys at the Temple.


HOW will SOME “eggheads” LEARN if they Refuse to PAY ATTENTION!  ???

Yup, I get tough.  Don’t like it?  TOUGH!   re


In response to this post, a brother asked:

Isn’t Armageddon at the end of the world?

Simply the End of CIVILIZATION as we now KNOW IT!

This time (including Earth Flip) has happened before.  THIS will be #5 !

YOU (a HUMAN) are STILL HERE, aren’tcha?

“Dad” just GIVING US ANOTHER BREAK….and, for mankind, a break We NEED! As horrible as it Will be.


There will be survivors…as in the past.  To RE-populate our Earth.

INCLUDING 1,000 YRS (after) of “PEACE ON EARTH.”  Then AGAIN, “L” will be loosed “for a Season”…and THEN “The Earth will ‘be destroyed and a NEW Heaven (stars / etc.) and a NEW Earth” will be.  It is THAT #6 THAT IS the “End”.  “End” HERE, to a NEW Place…a TOTALLY SINLESS, and ETERNAL Place.

Doubt me?  Well, if you are a “believer”…ask yourself This:  IF Armageddon IS the “End Of The World”….WHY THEN WILL THERE BE A NEED of 1,000 YEARs, and THEN “a SEASON” ?


You…and MILLIONS, are being LED IN LIES…by Leaders WHO THEMSELVES were TAUGHT in LIES.

YOU, as WELL AS THEM…..just plain ACCEPT what you are TOLD!  WHY oh WHY don’t “you” get into the Scriptures and LEARN the TRUTH! CHECK what you Hear….YOU check, not any OTHER then YOU, and YOU ALONE!

BREAK AWAY FROM THE LIARS!   Go to HIM and HIS Word (using a Concordance!) and TURN AWAY…..”sheep”!     WAKE UP to TRUTH…and GET AWAY FROM THE General ‘RUN’ of the SHEEP HERD!   The  Sheep Pen is FILLED with CRAP!  YOU’VE BEEN WALKING ON IT for ALL YOUR “belief” LIFE!      sigh          re


(ADMIN NOTE: PART 2 was posted chronologically BEFORE THIS so that these read in correct order, not the usual blog order.  IT’S A DOOZY!! – WS)

I have JUST returned from a “trip”….as well as a Trip to town.  Went to last to Contemplate on the first.

I went to check my blog about 1 1/2 hrs ago.  The HEADING was right BUT NOTHING BELOW IT WAS!  ALL postings GONE.  Emailed WS and H:  “What’s going ON?!” (Since it was after 2 am, we didn’t answer! Evidently we weren’t supposed to. – WS)

The “new” had 2 – 3 comments concerning TALKING BIRDS and “Thanks to Michael…your Webmaster”….(WHAT WEBMASTER?  And WHO THE DICKENS IS MICHAEL?!)

Anyway…did some return Emails and went back to the blog again.  Just minutes apart.  THE “REGULAR” BLOG WAS ON…that STRANGE ONE, GONE!


Well, time to seek “Dad.”

On the HARDLY REMEMBERED trip in (and for that matter…BACK) I queried “Him” on this “Blog thing.”

Was I going MAD?  Had I slipped into SCHIZOPHRENIC Mind?  “OD”ed on PAIN PILLS (back)?  “WHAT HAD HAPPENED!?”

SUDDENLY I WAS  AT  THE  PLACE that this strange “Form” Blog was about!  WAY  WAY  INTO THE FUTURE!  I mean WAY ahead!!! 2,000 plus YRS. AHEAD!  IN THE DAYS OF HUMAN KIND’S “BORGDOM!”

I had seen this time during my Great Vision of many  years ago….but THIS TIME I was IN IT!  TRANSPORTED!!   I  N  T  O   IT!


There was no Music….no Trees…JUST “Mankind” going ‘GOD KNOWS WHERE’ to do ‘GOD KNOWS WHAT!’  ALL were so MUNDANE!  Not BORED, but…”LOST” and NOT KNOWING IT!     Simply……EXISTING!

No laughter, no joy, no greetings, no anger…just…..well, MUNDANE!

(as said): They weren’t even BORED!

Simply breathing / walking…”EXISTING”………people!!!


Simply….”BREATHING!”   Aho?

Tho they saw each other as we see each other (personalities / color / shape / etc.)…I SAW DIFFERENTLY.  EACH an ALIKE “MACHINE ROBOT!”  Emotions ERASED…NO ACTUAL PERSONALITIES!  And I saw WHY!  :  CONTROLLED !!!!!

They, in turn, saw ME as DIFFERENT too!

These FUTURE “US” were SO “MACHINE-like”  I     REALLY     WONDERED if they had BLOOD!  Or “ran” on HYDRAULIC FLUID!

Everything was concrete.  EVEN ANTS …what Ants I could FIND, were….IGNORED!


They had LOST ALL TOUCH with NATURE!  Lost touch with REALITY!  Just Walked from ? to ?…..EXISTING!

(There’s more to this…but I’m exhausted, and need to go to bed.  Will add in a bit)   re


Part TWO

(ADMIN NOTE: PART ONE is posted chronologically AFTER this one so they appear in the correct reading order, not the usual blog order.  THIS NEWS IS A DOOZY! – WS)

Ok, I was there. Maybe more then 3/4th PHYSICALLY there (my HERE body EXISTING Here…driving (and recall little of THAT while the MORE Physical was THERE.  Aho?

As said, I WAS “NOTICED.”  “Police” (?) came as I walked about, in a dazed way….”gawking”…as THEY were “gawking” at ME!

MENTALLY my PRESENCE was “made known”.  Attracting the “authorities.”

IT WAS MUCH LIKE BEES…”sending” and the “Protectors” came.  Aho?

I was (HAD TO) “go with them.”  No Muss or Fuss…..I did so. Ending up at some kind of building.  Simply a “place”. One you knew was “jail” but gave no appearance of it being so….Outside OR in.  Aho?  “They” began “querying” me.  “WHO ARE YOU?”  “WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?” “HOW DID YOU GET HERE?” “WHO ARE YOU WITH?”  “WHAT ‘GROUP’ ARE YOU AFFILIATED WITH?”….Etc., Etc.

ALL were questions I was ASKING to MYSELF as well!  I WAS TRYING, PHYSICALLY, TO FIGURE OUT “What the HELL is GOING ON!?”  TRYING to make SENSE of all this, MYSELF! Aho?

THEN IT ‘CAME’ TO ME….I KNEW “Who” sent me…and “WHY” I was there!  “DAD” HAD DONE THIS TO ME!


My (back in Time) body was like Spirit….driving / etc., while my PHYSICAL was THERE, in THEIR Time!

“WHEW”!  (This made, and MAKES, sense to me…as here (now time) I do this nearly every waking moment…but in Reverse.  With(IN) Him SPIRITUALLY, while about 2/3ds (+) Here Physically).  Just that now it was Reversed.  Aho?

OK, “reason for all (I was gathering my thoughts)”….TOLD ‘EM I “WAS FROM THEIR PAST…WAY Past.  That tho I wanted to GO HOME (back), I COULDN’T.  Was BROUGHT here and will be TAKEN BACK…when what I was here for was completed”.

(Sure was HOPING so, anyway.)  ( :

I TOLD THEM OF THEIR DISTANT PAST….the Past just before “The GREAT WAR (Armageddon and the Earth Flip during)….Told them OF GOD!

They: “God?  there is no god..”



After conferring within themselves, I was “escorted” to Another “building”.  Some kind of hospital or “ward” for “disturbed”.  Aho?

There the REAL “interrogation” began. !  I WAS AN ENIGMA …. TOTALLY “Different”…SCARY to them!


Time seemed then to be speeded up.  In this “speed time” I was taken before their Government Heads…”Congress” Etc., and spoke before them from a podium.  Telling ALL (and “TV” cameras) Who I was “back home” (my time)…what I do there, Who I tell of AND IN TUNE WITH / Etc..


And, as said…thus a DANGER!  A Danger to their CONTROLLED MINDS….controlled by OTHERS Like ME (UNcontrolled).  REAL non-Borged Humans.  Told them too “there are others, off in small groups, HIDDEN / HIDING…NON-ACCEPTERS OF BORGDOM!”

They : “WHERE!?”

“I do not know.  I just know THEY EXIST.  I SAW THIS “way back when” in my other (past time) “Great Vision”. SO KNOW IT’S TRUE.  JUST AS I KNOW YOU (masses) ARE CONTROLLED by the ELITE, Non-Controlled HIDDEN GOVERNMENT!”

I was taken away.  Back to the “hospital” (?).  There they wanted to restrain me….wanted to STRAP ME DOWN in a room.. I protested.  They relented….but I was to be locked into the small “apartment”.  I protested again.  “We ard afraid you’ll escape!”

Me : “Why?  Where TO?  ALL see me. ALL know I’m different.  You are as interested in ME as I AM IN YOU.  I want to learn more about YOU, as YOU want to learn more about ME”.

Again, they relented.  I was “free to go as I pleased” (but with 2 – 3 “guardians”.  (FINE with ME)!  (  :

I did walk about.  In this I was taken to many places…”ARCHEOLOGY MUSEUMS” “stands out” ….THINGS THERE … “Of the Ancients” (us, now) time.”  PCs…a wrecked mashed car…Not MANY things, but found over time.  They asked “Do you know what THIS / THAT is?”  “How was it USED?”

THEY HAD NO IDEA OF THEIR FAR AGO PAST!  (They HAD figured the car was “some kind of transportation” tho).

I explained….”Steering wheel / Gas and Brake pedal.  USE to have Rubber Tires (was only AXLES left)….etc.  etc..   In this, I was a “KING” to their ancient learning.

I asked, “Why no MUSIC?  No Radio/ Etc?”

WHAT IS THAT!?  When explained, “HOW DID YOU GET THE SOUND TO CARRY?”  (Sound waves through the air / etc.)                     “AMAZING!!!”

As said, VERY LITTLE IN THIS MUSEUM!  (Almost like a big MAUSOLEUM)!

As I (we) walked, CROWDS would gather…to “SEE this DIFFERENT ONE” who says “He has come from our Past.”

Many questions from the crowds.  Aho?


Like I’ve said, the Earth’s masses where like a hive of Bees…or Ants.  What I said, what I did…was somehow (mental sending?) “Sent” To ALL!  EVERYONE KNEW!


I told them of a LIVING GODCREATOR.  Told them They HAD THE ABILITY to become UN-Borged and be a FREE THINKER…and much much more.



I told them too of their VERY SOON to be…TOTAL DESTRUCTION of EARTH.  (The “Earth will be destroyed and a New Heaven and Earth will appear” that Scriptures tells of).

My TRUTH BRINGING was like an ATOM BOMB amongst the Earth’s Masses. SHAKING THEM ALL UP!  (And TOO, the “Elite” Controllers).  Indeed, the UN-BORGING of those WILLING to Un-Borg WAS ABOUT TO BEGIN!  The “REBELLION”!  And thus, the ONES WHO WILL RETURN TO GOD!

For the first time in centuries, WAR WILL TAKE PLACE!  The UN-BORGERS HUNTED…and  H U N T  I  N  G !!!



Ok, now…( I mean HERE and “Now”  )     I “came out” of this experience…probably JUST in the NICK OF TIME, Too!  BUT, hear me, I AM THERE.  Only now in  a “Smaller” way.  More Spirit then Physical. Aho?

I am able to keep track AND HELP…safely, now.  Aho?

AM I NUTS!?   Only time…a LONG time, will tell.  YOU will not be around.

Remember, folks, I’M JUST REPORTING!  Aho?   re


Sacred Gifts

As a Medicine Man, Others of Medicine give me sacred things.  Once a year the seeds from the ORIGINAL Burning Bush (Bible fame) is given to certain ones.  I was honored with this gifting a few years ago.
At the proper time, a group go to this SECRET place to retrieve a number of its seeds.

Someday I intend to plant most of these….see if they’ll “take”.

Purty ‘cool’ huh?   re

The Old man was at a conference.  One filled with men and women of Science and High Government and High Business people.

Speaker after Speaker taking turns.  Lauding their Accomplishments.  Telling how, if it wasn’t for THEM, we wouldn’t have what we have today.  Planes / Moon Travel / Space exploration / Cars / Roads / TV / PCs…. and on and on and on.  All patting their own back and the backs of the others. All with the “LOOK what WE have Done!!!  What accomplishments we of Science and Companies and Government help and backing…have done For THE WHOLE WORLD!”

Towards the end, the old one requested to speak.  “YES, by ALL MEANS!”

He went to the podium, filled with mikes.

“I see what you have done. (He said)….INDEED…LOOK WHAT MANKIND HAS DONE!  Now we can travel in HOURS across our Earth….in what may have taken Days…or even Weeks!

Thanks to you of Science, the “world” is at our fingertips!  We can, THANKS TO YOU, now simply pick up a phone or go to our Personal Computer!



This brought a roll of applause.


(Again, applause and big smiles).

The old one continued:   “With this technology, We now have POLLUTION / DYING FORESTS / DEAD and Dying Seas /  Less Food grown / MASSES DYING from Starvation and Weather Exposure and lack of Clean Air and on and on.

YOU have done WELL!

Each “doing” needing our Earths natural Resources to MAKE these ‘WONDERFUL’ things.

At the rate ‘Technology’ is going…40 TREES in a “togetherness Group” will be called a “Forest”.  In time, even THOSE fenced off and be called a MUSEUM !  LIVING PROOF of what earth USED to have…OVER ITS WHOLE Width and Breadth!

YES!  LOOK what “we” (motioning to the auditorium filled with “Praise Givers”) have DONE!

I tell you true we are HERE, not because what you have done that makes us so “GOOD”…but because of  what you have done to Make us     So          BAD!”



A brother emailed this to Red Elk:

sounds like an incredable world down there….inner sun…unreal….makes Mother really special….GB

He answered:

It has its Ups and Downs.  Downs is “Extinct” species that are NOT extinct….thus DANGEROUS TO Physical Man.  Then too, ONE STEP ABOVE the NEXT Levels….and THOSE : Mostly DEMON(ic).  They have to Pass Through Direct below, to get up HERE.

SO…”Ups and Downs”.  Aho?

Even MORE amazing…the Life BETWEEN are (here) land and the ROOF of Next Down.  What we call “Earth” (Dirt / Etc.).  Yes, THERE!  “Rock Flyers” / “Fairytale” beings / Etc.

But to top THAT is the 7 LEVELS ABOVE US!  7 Layers of the one we call HEAVEN!

Told ya….MUCH mankind has No Idea of.  Aho?   re


If any have read my original 2 WEBSITES (I’ve had 5 changes since #1)….you will know I had several pictures on those. One set was on THE FORBIDDEN PYRAMIDS.  “Forbidden” by a (now) secret military base.

Believe me…when I say FORBIDDEN…it IS!

WELL guarded.  Snipers to “Black” Copters to “boxed” 1 1/2 – 2 ton roving RADAR trucks that SLOWLY roam…their ‘dishes’ pointed DOWN…(IE, “sweeping” for WALKERS).

Its no place a person wants to be caught on….GUARANTEED!

I spent 5 1/2 hours there…cloaked in Invisibility.  A HARD TRIP.  (Longest I’ve ever done this).

Tho I could not be SEEN…those trucks and the Tech they had was things that COULD “pick me up.”

There is MUCH I could tell of this site.  OF the PAST of it tho….not its ‘Now’.

The ‘Now’ is to remain untouched….let the Government have its ‘being’.  Wasn’t of interest to me….other then to warn why you should NEVER go there.  Aho?

There are other sites similar….some FAR BIGGER.  Unknown to the “passer-bys”.  Every day man drives over ‘em, walks over ‘em….sleep in their homes above ‘em.

All there, right below us.

Ancient to today’s modern.

Not ALL are “OUR” ‘bases’.  A number are NOT!

I’ve been instrumental in closing…PERMANENTLY…one Small one, that’s not “ours”.

This planet is VERY busy.


Even ancient sites…UNREPORTED (illegally) to the proper Government Agencies… as to not stop building $$ making communities (I’m referring to “Gated” High-Rise places.  Aho?

WHAT A DESTRUCTIVE RACE we humans are.  sigh

Someday, You and I will be a “dig” of our archeologists of the very distant future.  OUR Communities…..OUR Cities….YOUR HOUSE Foundation.

I wonder what they will think.

Yup, someday YOU will be on the future Hologram “TVs” of tomorrow.   SMILE!   ( :   re


Readers:  I was sent an Email that said “I can’t understand why a 1st Nation guy would share all this knowledge to we ‘white’ people, after all we’ve done to you.”

Friends, lets be honest:  YOU probably haven’t “done” ANYTHING to us!  Maybe your ANCESTORS did, but not YOU. Aho?

What YOU do NOW, is YOU.

That holds true to ANY Race YOU “do” TO.  Aho?

The Emailer also said “You NA”.

I’ve shared I am NOT a “Full Blood” Native American (1st Nation).  I’m a BREED.  A METIS.  That means MIXED “breed”.  NA AND WHITE,  RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE.  Blackfoot / Shoshone (I’m told) and French / Irish.  I CLAIM NO FULL NA and have told that over and over. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!

Why do I share (sell) How To’s on Telepathy / Teleportation / Etc.?   HAVE TOLD THIS Over and Over as well : I’M DOING YOUR HOMEWORK!  It is ALL FREE…and I’ve Told THAT as well!  ANY who will pick up a BIBLE can get this information on “How.”  (Use a CONCORDANCE when reading).  It’s FREE, friends.  F  R  E  E!

People are so LAZY (in general) they SEEK withOUT “Doing”.  “Want it NOW!” attitude.

Ok, you then Pay me to “GIVE IT…NOW!”

I make a “wage” to do what YOU are TOO LAZY to do YOURSELF.

Just like you pay to eat at a McDonalds, etc..  MORE CONVENIENT  to BUY, then to go home and COOK, YourSelf.

Told MANY times TOO, that there is NO “NA” Medicine Secrets I will “put out”.  (Tho get “attacked” by sharing these ability knowledges…BY the NAs.)


I’ve told (in my 2 DVD Videos) what I have been SHOWN…by THE CREATOR….and If YOU get as “close” to “Him” as I have…”HE” WILL SHARE WITH YOU, as well.

Or… me.             Your choice.  Aho?

I will (hopefully) soon get my BIG “Short Stories”  Book published and “out there”.  IF you intend to buy, SAVE YOUR MONEY…it WON’T BE CHEAP! ($35.00 to $40.00).

This book is filled with Insight.  Gives You ALOT TO THINK ABOUT!  (It will be around 400 pages).

As all I tell….Don’t buy if you think it is “bunk”.  Again, this is Your CHOICE.

Not ONE is being “forced” to go the way I have.  I’m just here to SHARE what this “way” has done for / in me AND tell what it has done In me.

EVERYTHING is UP TO YOU to choose.  Aho?

So, I leave you to do, or think, as you please.

I tell you true…YOU and  I      W  I  L  L       BE SEEING EACH OTHER….GB    re


Thought I’d share with you what it’s like to be a Medicine Man….especially an Inner Heyoka one.
Though my being a “breed” has “I don’t believe it” by many NAs as well as those of other “skins”…it has, to me at least, been a WONDERFUL experience.
Medicine People walk a fine line between what most would call Insane and INsane….as in: Sane WITHIN.
This jars many Medicine Apprentices and Does scare some so much, they cease their training.
Others see the “advantages” that their new knowledge gives and turn to the Sorcery side.  Ego – Pride – “POWER” has stepped in.
These are the ones with less training.  “Grabbing the ball and running”…withOUT seeing the End Posts.  Like running in a very heavy fog.
No “goal(s)” and so “Power-Heady” (“I’VE GOT THE BALL!  I’VE GOT THE BALL!….Ha HA!”) they learn JUST ENOUGH to “Do” SOME, and off they go.

A lot like new Teens, aren’t they?

Then there are those trained in “The Traditional.”

These have been “rote taught.”  Ancestor Passed Down to Today Knowledge.  Aho?
In this training they are told, at times Shown, then go test the learning. “Cementing” what they have been given.

High on Herbal, as well as Spiritual, training.

The Sorcery ones do as said, the Traditional ones are in a far longer training time.

Sorcery around 4 years,  and as high as 5.

The Traditional: 7, to as high as 17.

Then there are the Inner Heyoka.   Our training well beyond the others.  In my case, 41-42 years.  Most about the same.

We 12 left…(and one may be “gone,” leaving 11) are the last of this “Society.”

I replace one who ‘passed’….but as we still left ‘go’, the Society will totally cease to exist.

We “Inners” are trained to ‘align’ with the Creator and let “Him” be our “Herbs,”Etc.

In this connection, we have found NO plants are necessary.  NO chants are necessary.  Etc., etc..

We 12 (?), as All the others, are TRAINED.

What’s it like to be a Medicine Person?  A walk between what man calls “normal” and ALL of ALL in Medicine call “Sane, WITHIN.”

The Sorcerers are ‘stuck’ in the “world”…the Traditionalists have “reached out” PAST the world (and are the best respected)…the Inners  WALK BETWEEN THE STARS (and are therefor about USELESS in WORLD Ways).   The LEAST understood.  Aho?

Nevertheless, to be in Medicine is, indeed, WONDERFUL!    Ho
Red Elk