In response to this post, a brother asked:

Isn’t Armageddon at the end of the world?

Simply the End of CIVILIZATION as we now KNOW IT!

This time (including Earth Flip) has happened before.  THIS will be #5 !

YOU (a HUMAN) are STILL HERE, aren’tcha?

“Dad” just GIVING US ANOTHER BREAK….and, for mankind, a break We NEED! As horrible as it Will be.


There will be survivors…as in the past.  To RE-populate our Earth.

INCLUDING 1,000 YRS (after) of “PEACE ON EARTH.”  Then AGAIN, “L” will be loosed “for a Season”…and THEN “The Earth will ‘be destroyed and a NEW Heaven (stars / etc.) and a NEW Earth” will be.  It is THAT #6 THAT IS the “End”.  “End” HERE, to a NEW Place…a TOTALLY SINLESS, and ETERNAL Place.

Doubt me?  Well, if you are a “believer”…ask yourself This:  IF Armageddon IS the “End Of The World”….WHY THEN WILL THERE BE A NEED of 1,000 YEARs, and THEN “a SEASON” ?


You…and MILLIONS, are being LED IN LIES…by Leaders WHO THEMSELVES were TAUGHT in LIES.

YOU, as WELL AS THEM…..just plain ACCEPT what you are TOLD!  WHY oh WHY don’t “you” get into the Scriptures and LEARN the TRUTH! CHECK what you Hear….YOU check, not any OTHER then YOU, and YOU ALONE!

BREAK AWAY FROM THE LIARS!   Go to HIM and HIS Word (using a Concordance!) and TURN AWAY…..”sheep”!     WAKE UP to TRUTH…and GET AWAY FROM THE General ‘RUN’ of the SHEEP HERD!   The  Sheep Pen is FILLED with CRAP!  YOU’VE BEEN WALKING ON IT for ALL YOUR “belief” LIFE!      sigh          re



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  1. SergeH says:

    thank you red elk!