If any have read my original 2 WEBSITES (I’ve had 5 changes since #1)….you will know I had several pictures on those. One set was on THE FORBIDDEN PYRAMIDS.  “Forbidden” by a (now) secret military base.

Believe me…when I say FORBIDDEN…it IS!

WELL guarded.  Snipers to “Black” Copters to “boxed” 1 1/2 – 2 ton roving RADAR trucks that SLOWLY roam…their ‘dishes’ pointed DOWN…(IE, “sweeping” for WALKERS).

Its no place a person wants to be caught on….GUARANTEED!

I spent 5 1/2 hours there…cloaked in Invisibility.  A HARD TRIP.  (Longest I’ve ever done this).

Tho I could not be SEEN…those trucks and the Tech they had was things that COULD “pick me up.”

There is MUCH I could tell of this site.  OF the PAST of it tho….not its ‘Now’.

The ‘Now’ is to remain untouched….let the Government have its ‘being’.  Wasn’t of interest to me….other then to warn why you should NEVER go there.  Aho?

There are other sites similar….some FAR BIGGER.  Unknown to the “passer-bys”.  Every day man drives over ‘em, walks over ‘em….sleep in their homes above ‘em.

All there, right below us.

Ancient to today’s modern.

Not ALL are “OUR” ‘bases’.  A number are NOT!

I’ve been instrumental in closing…PERMANENTLY…one Small one, that’s not “ours”.

This planet is VERY busy.


Even ancient sites…UNREPORTED (illegally) to the proper Government Agencies…..so as to not stop building $$ making communities (I’m referring to “Gated” High-Rise places.  Aho?

WHAT A DESTRUCTIVE RACE we humans are.  sigh

Someday, You and I will be a “dig” of our archeologists of the very distant future.  OUR Communities…..OUR Cities….YOUR HOUSE Foundation.

I wonder what they will think.

Yup, someday YOU will be on the future Hologram “TVs” of tomorrow.   SMILE!   ( :   re



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