(ADMIN NOTE: PART 2 was posted chronologically BEFORE THIS so that these read in correct order, not the usual blog order.  IT’S A DOOZY!! – WS)

I have JUST returned from a “trip”….as well as a Trip to town.  Went to last to Contemplate on the first.

I went to check my blog about 1 1/2 hrs ago.  The HEADING was right BUT NOTHING BELOW IT WAS!  ALL postings GONE.  Emailed WS and H:  “What’s going ON?!” (Since it was after 2 am, we didn’t answer! Evidently we weren’t supposed to. – WS)

The “new” had 2 – 3 comments concerning TALKING BIRDS and “Thanks to Michael…your Webmaster”….(WHAT WEBMASTER?  And WHO THE DICKENS IS MICHAEL?!)

Anyway…did some return Emails and went back to the blog again.  Just minutes apart.  THE “REGULAR” BLOG WAS ON…that STRANGE ONE, GONE!


Well, time to seek “Dad.”

On the HARDLY REMEMBERED trip in (and for that matter…BACK) I queried “Him” on this “Blog thing.”

Was I going MAD?  Had I slipped into SCHIZOPHRENIC Mind?  “OD”ed on PAIN PILLS (back)?  “WHAT HAD HAPPENED!?”

SUDDENLY I WAS  AT  THE  PLACE that this strange “Form” Blog was about!  WAY  WAY  INTO THE FUTURE!  I mean WAY ahead!!! 2,000 plus YRS. AHEAD!  IN THE DAYS OF HUMAN KIND’S “BORGDOM!”

I had seen this time during my Great Vision of many  years ago….but THIS TIME I was IN IT!  TRANSPORTED!!   I  N  T  O   IT!


There was no Music….no Trees…JUST “Mankind” going ‘GOD KNOWS WHERE’ to do ‘GOD KNOWS WHAT!’  ALL were so MUNDANE!  Not BORED, but…”LOST” and NOT KNOWING IT!     Simply……EXISTING!

No laughter, no joy, no greetings, no anger…just…..well, MUNDANE!

(as said): They weren’t even BORED!

Simply breathing / walking…”EXISTING”………people!!!


Simply….”BREATHING!”   Aho?

Tho they saw each other as we see each other (personalities / color / shape / etc.)…I SAW DIFFERENTLY.  EACH an ALIKE “MACHINE ROBOT!”  Emotions ERASED…NO ACTUAL PERSONALITIES!  And I saw WHY!  :  CONTROLLED !!!!!

They, in turn, saw ME as DIFFERENT too!

These FUTURE “US” were SO “MACHINE-like”  I     REALLY     WONDERED if they had BLOOD!  Or “ran” on HYDRAULIC FLUID!

Everything was concrete.  EVEN ANTS …what Ants I could FIND, were….IGNORED!


They had LOST ALL TOUCH with NATURE!  Lost touch with REALITY!  Just Walked from ? to ?…..EXISTING!

(There’s more to this…but I’m exhausted, and need to go to bed.  Will add in a bit)   re



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