A brother emailed this to Red Elk:

sounds like an incredable world down there….inner sun…unreal….makes Mother really special….GB

He answered:

It has its Ups and Downs.  Downs is “Extinct” species that are NOT extinct….thus DANGEROUS TO Physical Man.  Then too, ONE STEP ABOVE the NEXT Levels….and THOSE : Mostly DEMON(ic).  They have to Pass Through Direct below, to get up HERE.

SO…”Ups and Downs”.  Aho?

Even MORE amazing…the Life BETWEEN are (here) land and the ROOF of Next Down.  What we call “Earth” (Dirt / Etc.).  Yes, THERE!  “Rock Flyers” / “Fairytale” beings / Etc.

But to top THAT is the 7 LEVELS ABOVE US!  7 Layers of the one we call HEAVEN!

Told ya….MUCH mankind has No Idea of.  Aho?   re



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