Daughter had a mouse on her dresser last night.  She keeps a night light on.  Noise woke her…mouse was on other side of a “water ball” thingy she has.  Was looking at her through it…water ball MAGNIFIES!  “2 HUGE…..GIANT EYES…I mean HUGE! STARING AT ME!  SCARED THE HELL OUTTA ME!!”.  Ran off..a BABY  Mouse !  (:   re



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2 Responses to “LOL!”

  1. Matt says:

    I had my first conscious connection with nature yesterday… speaking of big eyes!

    Walking through an area near home when a rock took me attention, enough to go back after a couple of steps past it. Nothing in the way of being shiny or anything like that.. pretty dull to look at but I wasn’t seeing that.. I saw the coolness it would bring to my hand and the adventure I would share with it for how ever long I had it with me.

    Cooling my right hand as I walked on I did another double take at a lovely little plant that was up to my head in height on a long stalk.. tiny prickly little leaves encircled the little branches that expanded at the ends like a star when looking down the barrel of its main branches. The prettiest white flowers cuddling the ends of the forks at the branches ends. I thanked it and shared with my partner in the beauty of it.

    No real reason for me to think I HAD to ask, but I did in my heart stay for a moment longer to contemplate the Nature we shared together. Looking at a brother plant growing next to the one I had shared just moments ago, I noticed this was the only other plant like it around and was upset to notice it was bent over on itself half way down its main stem and was only hanging by a thin strip of skin/bark. What do I do..? knowing this plant will have a better chance of growing strong if it can concentrate its energy on what it knows will stay with it, I gently snapped the bark back from its position and freed her from the exertion she must have been going through. I saw she still had leaves for the suns rays and and strong root system and brother that is looking out for her.

    I thanked them both with pure mind and still have the stone after owing to it and the Creator, my first true moment in nature.

    thankyou for sharing re,

    peace to you and our family. Matt

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Welcome to “The Club”. Wonderful, isn’t it!? ( :
    At one time ALL mankind had this “oneness”. Now only a rare few. Perhaps hundreds in each millions!
    I HAVE TO TEACH THIS TO MY NATIVE BRETHREN now. Have done whole NA groups.