I would like you to know, it does Not make me feel good to “chew out”…nor to turn down those seeking advice.  It literally “turns my stomach”.

Over the years I’ve received THOUSANDS of Emails and Letters from folks “wanting”.

There are so MANY “out there”, Seeking.

When they stumble across one who understands and cares…and is open about it…they “jump right in”.

Try as I might, they keep “returning” again and AGAIN.

Suddenly I’m a GOOD FRIEND…and a “Pen Pal”.

Rarely giving in return.  My job is terribly “underpaid”….to say the least.

I am not writing this to “ask” or “hint”.  I am writing so you can understand the reasoning of WHY I do as I do (“jump” / Turn Downs / Etc.).

It is very upsetting to have constant “What about This / That” returns….people WANTING, but it seems not wanting enough to seek their answers from our Creator.  As often as I tell…”GO TO HIM and ask”, they totally ignore this telling.  Always seeking a SHORT CUT : ME!

Its one thing to deal / handle 4 or 5…or even 10.  Quite another to “do” with TENS OF THOUSANDS!

WS can verify SOME of the FLOOD of Emails I’ve received.  So too can my Post Master!  (Ever take home your daily mail in a NAVY SEA BAG!?!)

Frankly, I’m surprised I’m still Alive!  ANSWER EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Tho not all received the return.

MAIL HAS CONSTANTLY COME UP “Missing”!  Still does, too.

Believe me, I get some irate people from this.  (By the way, the POSTAL POLICE…a FEDERAL POLICE FORCE few know exists…has caught one of the thieves.  Now heading to “5 to 10” (YEARS in a Federal Prison)  THIS IS AN AUTOMATIC SENTENCE.  No “Buts” or “I’m sorries”…BAM! Off to judge and prison.

Over the years, I’ve “lost” ALOT of mail !  OUTgoing AND Incoming.

Friends, I CAN NOT “HANDLE” being a constant “Pen Pal”.

(In snail mail, most NEVER EVEN SEND A STAMP to return their answer(s)!)

The worse is those few EXCHANGE GIVERS who DO  give Some $$s / Etc  then expect  THAT   “Pays” for ALL help thereafter.  (‘Til the day I die,  I guess).

“GO to HIM,” I tell.     MOST DO NOT!

Well, maybe this will explain why I’ve been forced to do as I do.

Tell me, would YOU do DIFFERENTLY?

If so, “methinks you’re talking out of your” skivvies”!



That’s what I’m trying to Teach,   ANYWAY!

HE IS THERE FOR YOU, Just as HE’S there for ME!

DON’T try to take a “short cut”….I AM NOT HIM! Aho?

(Anymore, all I wanna do is crawl in a hole and SLEEP).   re

(Yes, yes I can vouch!  The first time I went down to help there were THREE LAWN BAGS COMPLETELY FULL of letters.  It took 3-4 FULL weekends to get it down to ONE bag, AND do the hundreds of emails!  He dictated, I typed.  Oh, there were a few that weren’t answered – because the person sending them forgot to include their name and address in some fashion.  No way TO answer!  — WS)


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