We’ve been invaded by Field Mice and now Pack Rats (1st cousin to the Peruvian rat called CHINCHILLAS) this year.  For ??? reasons they will NOT hear me and stay out.  WARNED ‘EM “Go, STAY GONE…or Die”).  Ok, their choice.  Time to ‘war’.

We are not ‘killers’ here…tho the mice, well, the HERD of mice, are just TOO MUCH.  Setting mouse traps.  Gotten LOTS too….but still, just not our “thing”.  Aho?

My wife sent me on a “mission”…”GO GET A LIVE TRAP”.  Well, just back.  $90 (+tax )    for  the    smallest   is      TOO  much.     Did get Regular types tho…PLUS Sticky Strips AND Poison.  NONE OF WICH I LIKE TO USE.  Gonna leave it up to “the Warden”. She will probably say “no…return ‘em”  ( I HOPE).

So, what TO do?  “Iz ah IDIOT”….GO BACK TO THE OLD WAYS!

My dad…1/2   Native American  and    1/2   White,  did this… but with a Twist”…COMBINING the 2.  Taught me in my youth.  THAT’S what I’ll be doing the next 2 days!

Dad used a PLASTIC BUCKET…Stretched a heavy Paper Sack over the top….Towards the CENTER he cut “Pizza” strips….baited the center tip(s)…put Water (about 5 inches deep – DEEPER FOR RATS) in the container…put 2 – 3 wide stick RAMPS to the top of pail.  Then set this where he chose.  Mice (AND “rats”) smelled the food…climbed the ramps, walked toward the baited tip(s).  THE “CUT” unable to hold their weight, AND THEY SLID IN.

Drowning isn’t a nice way to die  (been close to THAT 3 times in my life…UGH!)!

And killing not my way anyway.  So will add some food at the DRY bottom and HAUL the “catch” a long way from home.  Release ‘em there.

My father was rather “vindictive”.  When someone “crossed him”…he’d do this too…RELEASING at THIER Yard!  “Let the SOBs Have ‘Em,” he’d say.  (Not MY way tho).

I’ve noticed the New Traps today….ones with “names”…have their Names / Logos on CHINISE MADE Traps.  What USED to be QUALITY has gone to “Looks Good…HAS THEIR NAME…so I’ll Buy it”.  IVE FOUND THE CHINESE “Short Cut”…WEAK SPRINGS!   Springs that OFTEN Break Backs / Etc. but the poor beasts are STILL ALIVE! (I’ve had to “do ‘em in” myself, with a hit on the head).  DANG!  If you HAVE to Kill…KILL QUICKLY!

Wish THOSE makers lived ‘just down the road.”  AND the Once EXCELLENT USA COMPANY “heads” who have “Buy Cheap, Sell High” ‘money grubbers’….. I would do a LIVE Trap and RELEASE ‘EM in THEIR YARD!

Poisons WORK, but then the poor beast crawl off and die…OFTEN in YOUR WALLS!    UGH, the SMELL!

(If my wife chooses this, I’ll move to one of my Domes and let HER trace the stench!)    ( :

Anyway, this trap is a CHEAP and EASY “winner”.   Good Luck.   re



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