I’ve a “sister” in Holland.  Quite a gal.  DOing much in “the OLD WAY”.  Just sent pictures of some of the tools the “BEFORE” Hi Tech” took over.  One, a SCYTHE.
I’ve used these often over the years.  AFTER learning the PROPER way…these are a JOY to use.  Actually rather RELAXING.  You get into a natural “rhythm” as you go…SLICING the bases of wheat to High weeds.  Really FUN!  AND: No GAS.  No SMELL.  No NOISE…and NO running back to fill up with gas/oil mix (“weed eaters”).
I’ve the last as well….DO like ’em for “close to fence / etc.” work”.  But in an overgrown Lot, to a Field, the Scythe just CAN’T be beat ($$ wise).  I’ve gone through 4 “weed Eaters” but YET to ruin the Scythe.

There are ALOT of “Old Timey” tools you can get…NEW…simply by knowing it’s name and looking Online.  Tools that Make SENSE!  Tools that LAST!  And often NOT AS EXPENSIVE as a “Modern” type.

I’ve been “burned” too often with High Tech things…so look for a BETTER Way….and darn if that “way” has an “antique” ‘stigma’.  Some are tools in our VERY ANCIENT past.

Ever lug two 5 gal.buckets, full?  ME TOO!  Banged legs / slopped out contents…and ROUGH ON THE ARMS / HANDS / BACK.  Well, I found and bought a SHOULDER YOKE!  WOW!  What a CARRYING Difference!  I LOVE IT! (Beaverbuckets.com).
Readers, we WILL be NEEDING TO KNOW OF THESE THINGS!  It is THOSE “ancient” ways / tools WE ARE HEADED FOR!!
“Hear” me.  We are NOT “Changing”…our future IS RIGHT AROUND THE “CORNER”.   Prepare NOW…by at least KNOWING of these ways.    re


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4 Responses to “The Ancient Ways Are Right Around the Corner…Will You Have the TOOLS or the KNOWEDGE?”

  1. Blake says:

    hi brother red elk,
    I’ve been reading your blog quite alot lately, just found it about a month ago…i use to go to your other sites awhile back, but am glad i found this one. It’s been a help and you do inspire us out here who are reading. I was wondering if there are any “scout” skills/techniques that you could tell us about so we can practice, to prepare for what is coming? a few things that you could write on your blog and we out here can go off into the woods and practice…?

    thanks and Godbless,

  2. Whale Sister says:

    I’ll tell you EXACTLY what he’s told countless people (including me) over the years who ask what you are asking:

    Get Tom Brown, Jr.’s books.

    You can find them at libraries, stores, and Amazon. Tom Brown, Jr. has taught survival skills for decades to civilians and military that he learned when he was a boy from Grandfather Stalking Wolf, and he has written it ALL down in several handy books you can take into the woods with you to practice. You can also google ‘survival skills’ and get step by step instructions you can print out by other people who’ve done it, from ‘primitive’ to ‘latest gear’.


  3. joe says:

    ive come 2 your website through another. if u wanna know then ask. but anyway my learning has brought me 2 magnetic energy. VERY INTERESTING!,but VERY SIMPLE and free, when running of course. materials are cheap 2 make this great energy source. by the way, i am terrible at writing, sorry. since, hopefully ur reading this, i wonder when u say do not follow u when in my mind ur helping cause i got here by wondering myself or learning or making sense out of things that happen in this world. i feel i still need 2 get closer with GOD but this is my way or THE way i have chosen. whats wrong with that. IM SORRY. i think i understand y u say that stuff about following u and going ur own route.u see i am/was a city boy by upringing but with people ive met i wanna live differently, country, free, like old times?, on my/our own. without gov. without command and especially$$$$$$$$$$. i tell every1 how much i HATE $$$, sorry if u dont understand cause of watever. like i said im terrible at writing but my understaning is more important. PLEASE respond. u can use my name. joe or joekool 2 use or make example. p.s. i understand more than i speak of

  4. Whale Sister says:

    From 4 to 22 (Navy time between) I was a Detroit boy. I repeat: DON’T FOLLOW ME! Use me as a Catalyst if you so choose.
    I too don’t Love money. NEED but don’t Love. Aho? re