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This was my response to RE regarding the person who brought up the stuff about Paul:

Tell him to read 1 Corinthians through the end of Timothy.  Plenty of
     examples of him telling people how to worship, particularly notable are
     the ‘roles’ (really, rules) he assigned to women.

RE Replied:

( :    Seems to me he had a “thing” about his “Never No Sex” thing. May have “decreed” his anti – “rule” via marriages. His statement “I wish ALL were as me (‘sexless life’)” is rather telling of that eventual “ruling.”  Might be wrong tho.
I don’t know, know only that I’ve hit a hornet’s nest in some.
When Jesus said “I’ve come to set men free,” He meant ALL in “men.”  Guys AND Gals.  Today, many thanks to Paul, women are “2nd rate.”  “Servitude.”
Today’s “Free Sex” society an OUTBREAK of that perhaps.
I’m not for “free sex” at all.  Think one’s body is a SACRED thing.  To me, true lovers of God wouldn’t “whore” themselves (men OR gals) to this.  Think too highly of their Temple….and rightfully so.
SOME Catholic Priests & Nuns ARE “Holy” in this…and some NOT.  Probably most THINK about it tho (only human).  And THOUGHTS are REAL!  THANK GOD FOR HIS SON’S BLOOD!   Aho?  ( :    re


A brother responded regarding what was said in “Here There Be “Secrets!””:

    RE I agree with you in many ways and as far as being heady I read that too, a lot of “I”‘s  in his letters. If Paul dipped into the law some imagine what the other disciples were like, remember Peter in the book of Acts being afraid to be seen eating with gentile believers when men from James’ crew came up? Paul confronted him for his wrong…so I have no doubts none of the disciples had the whole ball of wax, as I say. If they did they would have done the Greater Works Jesus has told us to do.
       Your also right we are both heading to Glory and either way I rely on His Grace and not my works and thank GOD for that!!! GOD bless  JB     I would like to know what the others say too…..JB

RE replies:
YES!  Forgot about THAT one.
Religions are strange things.  VERY HARD (near Impossible) to “shake”…we are so INGRAINED IN IT!  Almost like BREATHING!!!

Then along comes Red Elk, TIPPING OVER THEIR “TABLES.”  Oh OH!

But what good AM I if I DON’T TELL AS MUCH TRUTH(S) AS I CAN!?

Jesus DIED for “tipping,” AND IN THAT, SET US FREE!

I KNEW this would cause a firestorm.  But, I’m old…what does it matter?  ( :

I’ve sent ONEs Emails to me concerning this.  GOOFED on the LAST:  meant to say “Either will   NOT  go ‘to hell for it.'”  MISSED DOING the “NOT!”  OOPS!

I’m really AMAZED tho how MANY feel the same as I.  MOST!  AMAZING!

Difference is, I OPENLY SHARED and THEY quietly “hold.”  This “holding” means “It’s OK…Yup, Paul was a SUPER TEACHER!”  tho IN THEIR MINDS THEY DON’T AGREE WITH THE “NORM” OF WHAT HE’S SAID.  THIS CAN BE TROUBLE AHEAD for Each.

Many didn’t “believe” HITLER was 100% correct too….and  A  L  L   PAID FOR IT!


If one is afraid to NOW…WHAT WILL OUR WORLD COME TO?!!!???

OK, I knew I was gonna “raise hackles,” and Have.  MY CHOICE!  My WILLINGNESS to SPEAK TRUTH.  MY “sacrifice”…which is NOTHING like JESUS’!  Aho?

“Fear NOT.”         I WON’T “HOLD” no matter WHO I get upset, OR how MANY!

GB    re   (PS: sharing this.  Hope you don’t mind.  MIGHT HELP OTHERS!  Aho?)


The Man-Separation (continents, etc.) was brought on BY MAN.  Their UNITED Arrogance to “Build a GREAT TOWER”…The “Tower of Babel,”  to simply walk up to “Talk with God.”  Never understanding this Tower WAS ALREADY MADE!  It was, and Still IS, the “heart.”
Now our arrogance will, will be humbled…and man Will return to that ONE LOVE BEING.
In fear and trembling, we will be as ONE once again.  The ARMAGEDDON “ROLL” will make it so.
“After”, there will be so FEW of us (mankind) we will SEEK ONE ANOTHER for SURVIVAL of our Species…and ONE LANGUAGE will become.  In that, WE WILL UNITE ONCE AGAIN!

Sadly to say…even THAT unity will pass away.  Over 2,000 years after Armageddon.  THEN the FINAL “Destruction” will be….and the Earth and the Heavens will change.  Our known earth, THEN, will “be destroyed” (disappear) from this galaxy’s Universe AND GO TO ANOTHER!  A DIFFERENT Dimension.   HEAVEN.

It is in THAT TIME that will be “The DAY OF JUDGMENT.”

This I was shown in “The Great Vision.”     re


Would be nice if all here who are on the same FREE Path, were all together.  No ONE as Boss.  All meeting “as one” to SHARE Thoughts, SHARE Experiences, SHARE Help…as WELL as Prayer Requests, Praise, Etc.  The ORIGINAL “Way” of the Newly emerging CHURCH.  Free to LEARN from each other.

Not “religion(s)”, not “I’m Right, You’re Wrong”…not Name Calling or NAMES of The ONE CREATOR being “THE name”…but FREEDOM and LOVE.

Someday this will be.  SOMEDAY.  Maybe not Us, but SOMEDAY………………………

sigh   re


On Paul

A Brother Said:
            RE  I think your wrong here Brother, Paul was a defender of his FREEDOM in Christ he was not a Judaizer. Read Galatians he warns explicitly against what you are accusing him of. O Foolish Galatians who has bewitched you that you should turn from grace to the law! If anyone was a LAW man and old ways it would be JAMES not Paul. James live right in Jerusalem for years and he passed as a Jew not
Christian, he went to the temple, followed the traditions ect. It was Paul who went to the Gentiles and preached Christ but no Law, Freedom was his quest GRACE was his companion.
               If you can show me otherwise I will check it out but as it stands now I think you got it wrong…CK CK CK….GOD bless JB

Red Elk replied:
( :   I expect this from many.  Doesn’t matter.  Of COURSE he WAS freed from Judaism BUT IT APPEARS HE STARTED MAKING RULES…bringing in Today’s CONFUSION.  Please Re-read and you’ll see how he slowly SLIPPED BACK to SOME of the “Rules” the Pharisees and Sadducees had.  Not A LOT but TOO MUCH to suit FREEDOM.
I am not the only who sees this, some PASTORS I now know do as well. The only difference between me and these is I TELL IT OPENLY.
Believe me, this was no “overnight” change…it was CHECKed for ALMOST 2 1/2 YEARS!
To go against the Accepted “norm” is a very ‘dangerous’ thing.  As I read and compared from his FIRST change to his Semi-Returning change, I Too was “uneasy”.  REALLY “going against the grain.”
Yes, I expect(ed) “views” just as yours.  CHECK and LOOK Again.  Nothing wrong with disagreement…but I Will stand FIRM in this.  Good luck .   LOVE YOU ANYWAY, BROTHER!  GB   re

    RE thanks I will check again. This I do know, in ACTS he got arrested before he made a sacrifice in the Temple and this was after he had shaved his head. It seems to me he was trying to appease the Judaizers in Jerusalem but a riot started and he got arrested. I know he wasnt perfect thats a given, he parted ways with Barnabas after a big fight over John Mark but his letters are constantly reprimanding believers who keep going back to the Law or not marrying or not eating meat ect. also Paul said that it was fine to eat anything even food pagans sacrificed to idols…
       If you can give me an example where he set up rules or constrictions. Like I said it was JAMES and in his letter that lays down a lot of rules and OT stuff. So I will CK but if you have good examples let me know….hey I dont have a dog in this race TRUTH is my game so if I can learn and be Freer I am game…thanks and you know I LOVE you too! JB

If THAT doesn’t “show you” then no use trying.
PAUL WAS A TRUE CHRISTIAN.  Still, in time he SLIPPED (“dipped”) BACK INTO HIS “Old Ways”…but ONLY Dipped!
God is “NOT  GOD of CONFUSION.”  And Paul’s “telling” BROUGHT IT BACK!  Just a BIT, but ENOUGH TO “Hurt” and “CRIPPLE” MILLIONS over the years.
The “RULES” Paul “set down” makes You “IF YOU ‘GO’ TO ANOTHER” then YOU are RESPONSIBLE for what your FORMER MATE DOES.  ANY “outside of the marriage (divorced or what-ever)” makes YOU a “SINNER” for what the FORMER MATE now does.


Again, this was hard for even ME to accept.  VERY HARD!

MUCH Prayer over MANY MANY MONTHS went into the views I now tell.  I WILL STICK BY IT!

<Name withheld>, you are not alone in your thinking.  Either way, WE ARE BOTH HEADING “HOME” IN THE “End.”  We BOTH will face Him AND WRONGS by either YOU or I WILL BE REVILED.   We (either one) will “go to hell” over it.  Aho?

I would like to send our correspondence to the others.  Each must decide for themselves.  Our Emailing will help in that.  Aho?  (Hope so).  GB    re