This was my response to RE regarding the person who brought up the stuff about Paul:

Tell him to read 1 Corinthians through the end of Timothy.  Plenty of
     examples of him telling people how to worship, particularly notable are
     the ‘roles’ (really, rules) he assigned to women.

RE Replied:

( :    Seems to me he had a “thing” about his “Never No Sex” thing. May have “decreed” his anti – “rule” via marriages. His statement “I wish ALL were as me (‘sexless life’)” is rather telling of that eventual “ruling.”  Might be wrong tho.
I don’t know, know only that I’ve hit a hornet’s nest in some.
When Jesus said “I’ve come to set men free,” He meant ALL in “men.”  Guys AND Gals.  Today, many thanks to Paul, women are “2nd rate.”  “Servitude.”
Today’s “Free Sex” society an OUTBREAK of that perhaps.
I’m not for “free sex” at all.  Think one’s body is a SACRED thing.  To me, true lovers of God wouldn’t “whore” themselves (men OR gals) to this.  Think too highly of their Temple….and rightfully so.
SOME Catholic Priests & Nuns ARE “Holy” in this…and some NOT.  Probably most THINK about it tho (only human).  And THOUGHTS are REAL!  THANK GOD FOR HIS SON’S BLOOD!   Aho?  ( :    re



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