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A brother responded regarding what was said in “Here There Be “Secrets!””:

    RE I agree with you in many ways and as far as being heady I read that too, a lot of “I”‘s  in his letters. If Paul dipped into the law some imagine what the other disciples were like, remember Peter in the book of Acts being afraid to be seen eating with gentile believers when men from James’ crew came up? Paul confronted him for his wrong…so I have no doubts none of the disciples had the whole ball of wax, as I say. If they did they would have done the Greater Works Jesus has told us to do.
       Your also right we are both heading to Glory and either way I rely on His Grace and not my works and thank GOD for that!!! GOD bless  JB     I would like to know what the others say too…..JB

RE replies:
YES!  Forgot about THAT one.
Religions are strange things.  VERY HARD (near Impossible) to “shake”…we are so INGRAINED IN IT!  Almost like BREATHING!!!

Then along comes Red Elk, TIPPING OVER THEIR “TABLES.”  Oh OH!

But what good AM I if I DON’T TELL AS MUCH TRUTH(S) AS I CAN!?

Jesus DIED for “tipping,” AND IN THAT, SET US FREE!

I KNEW this would cause a firestorm.  But, I’m old…what does it matter?  ( :

I’ve sent ONEs Emails to me concerning this.  GOOFED on the LAST:  meant to say “Either will   NOT  go ‘to hell for it.'”  MISSED DOING the “NOT!”  OOPS!

I’m really AMAZED tho how MANY feel the same as I.  MOST!  AMAZING!

Difference is, I OPENLY SHARED and THEY quietly “hold.”  This “holding” means “It’s OK…Yup, Paul was a SUPER TEACHER!”  tho IN THEIR MINDS THEY DON’T AGREE WITH THE “NORM” OF WHAT HE’S SAID.  THIS CAN BE TROUBLE AHEAD for Each.

Many didn’t “believe” HITLER was 100% correct too….and  A  L  L   PAID FOR IT!


If one is afraid to NOW…WHAT WILL OUR WORLD COME TO?!!!???

OK, I knew I was gonna “raise hackles,” and Have.  MY CHOICE!  My WILLINGNESS to SPEAK TRUTH.  MY “sacrifice”…which is NOTHING like JESUS’!  Aho?

“Fear NOT.”         I WON’T “HOLD” no matter WHO I get upset, OR how MANY!

GB    re   (PS: sharing this.  Hope you don’t mind.  MIGHT HELP OTHERS!  Aho?)