I am one who disagrees with the often said (Science / Doctors / Etc.) that claim mankind are of the Animal Kingdom.

We are a UNIQUE race of beings….Animal LIKE, but ABOVE them.

WE have SOULS….AND Creator Awareness.   Animals only the last.

This constant bombardment of “we are animals” has caused many to BELIEVE it.  Thus ACT LIKE IT.

Sex is one that comes to mind.

It seems mankind have forgotten it is a Gift…..(nice one, too) but WE NEED TO RETURN TO OUR TRUE MORALITY : ResponsiBILITY.

It seems Viagra is always before our eyes.  Now even one for Gals.

“If you are not HAVING SEX, you are not “HUMAN”.

Look what this “gotta be “human”” has done :    10 and 12 yr. old CHILDREN active in sex.

Extremely early mother / father “hood”.  KIDS themselves, trying to take CARE of a KID.  Aho?

Aids / HIV

Pornography and rampant Child Molesters (male AND female)

And now :  WE ARE ANIMALS being told AND BELIEVED!


Sex is GOOD….but choosing to “go” the “open” relationships / etc.  way (just get up and LEAVE when things get rough) instead of the Creator’s way is….well….LIKE ANY ANIMAL.

I tell you true,  Having a Sexual Organ makes you “as an animal” indeed.  This means NO RESPONSIBILITY TO ANY.  To have a  penis or vagina, well,  ALL animals have THOSE!  IT DOES NOT…  N  O  T…  Make you a MAN! (Woman).

Just another…………….ANIMAL!!!

If you SAY you are “Godly”, BE  GODLY!

Think about it.




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One Response to “Man? Or ….. Mouse?”

  1. M says:

    thank you re.

    I came to an understanding that we are different to other animals pretty young,
    They receive the spirit and work as it is intended through their instincts- what i beleive we have evolved into emotions at the aid of our awareness. Add a growing self awareness and free Will to the mix of man and you have an animal able to weild this spirit for higher understanding and creativity, or give them(our emotions, and the rest of our being in the process) to L, disregarding our intellect and gifts, true nature and responsibility,
    We are the only animal that can choose how to redirect the spirit of the creator.
    ‘Alignment’ comes to mind, and man starts with the understanding of his own spirit, his own emotions and the reactions conditioned in them.