Hard Time Tips

To ease your ‘path’…is to KNOW HOW to make WILDERNESS LIVING Easier.  Thus :

“By Hook or Crook” was a way folks got high up tree limb deadwood.  Simple: get a long branch, Strip off all BUT THE BIG END with a “hook” branch.  All others taken off.  HOOK the “hook” over the tall branch(es) and PULL Down.  (Watch your head)

To carry out cut firewood : CUT NEARLY THROUGH one “long” log..  Shoulder carry out 3, etc. pieces at a time on  shoulders or Sled.  Break apart at home. STEP on it to break.

To fast dry wood, take a strip of bark off…or more.

Children’s cheap plastic sleds can sure help carry firewood, YEAR ROUND.

If a BIG Log: cut pulling end to a “point”.  Thus won’t “dig in” when pulling out.

BARK makes most of your CREOSOTE.  PEEL and use ONLY AS FIRE STARTER!

If firewood is across a ravine or up a hill….STRETCH A STRONG ROPE ACROSS to your “landing area”.  Cut lengths short.  Pound in U-bend “Fence nails” and SLIDE the wood across on the rope.  ALLOW ROOM to SLIDE down rope.

BE AWARE  these pieces have nails…WATCH OUT when going to landing area to collect.

A large MAGNET can help recoup your nails.

I’ve used a pet cow to pull out logs.  Made a yoke with a partially inflated car inner tube.  TAPE the AIR STEM so as to not harm animal.

Travois on dogs / horses / friendly cow / goats can be made easily.  DON’T OVERLOAD.


In Kindling Splitting….put wood to be spit Upright into center of
an OLD TIRE.  ALL pieces, split, then stand upright and no needless “chasing” and  bending. (Faster, too).

If using a HAND SAW…use KEROSENE to occasionally wet (rag) the blade.  FAR SMOOTHER going.

Hope this is useful for someone…or FUTURE someones.  Aho?  GB  re



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