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Mel’s Hole…AGAIN?

What got me ‘public’ was Mel’s Hole.

I don’t like untruths.  This hole was told of on Coast-to-Coast/Art Bell.

Told and LAUGHED AT!  Ticked me off.

The hole IS.  Personally been there before, in 1960 or ’61.

Called ‘em and TOLD ‘EM SO.

I’ll stand by ANY who are falsely accused.

Well, now KOMO TV News (out of Seattle, Wa.) called me…wanting an interview.

Told ‘em I was willing, but………

NO MEDIA HAS TOLD THE TRUTH on this.  Urban Legends to Newspapers.

I’d share, they’d EDIT….and ALWAYS make it out as a “bald -faced” LIE.

OK, one more chance.  We meet today.

What they SAY and When it will be on air (IF), I have no idea.

We don’t get that channel here, so will never know.

So folks, IF it IS put on, and you ‘catch it’…..know This:  IT  IS  TRUE and STILL there AND OFF LIMITS by our MILITARY.   Re

Mel’s Hole – Curious

Mel’s Hole Curious

WS has told me she’s fielding a large number of Emails asking more on Mel’s Hole.

No need to, friends.  READ ABOUT IT and stop the queries.

Yes, its real.  Yes, its there…and it is a DANGER to searchers.

I should know….MUCH “Black Government” activity HERE (us/house) after backing Mel’s telling.  OUCH!

DON’T COME TO ME TO ASK anymore.  The dang thing isn’t IMPORTANT.  Your SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT worth FAR MORE!

I wish you’d search more for THAT then any Hole.  THAT’S WHAT MAN NEEDS TO KNOW…not some dumb HOLE!  re