There was a big fish.  Fishermen seeked him day and night. Using baits of all kinds.  Year after year.  He was hunted.

“I must CATCH THAT FISH!  When I have him, never again will I go hungry,” was their thoughts.

Ignoring the far smaller fish that the fish ate and got his size from.  Ignoring, too, that he had to eat daily

It was not an instant happening to get to his size.

Day after day the fishermen tried.  Day after day they went home hungry.

“I don’t WANT to nibble on LITTLE fish.  I WANT THAT…..ONE!”

The big fish was often “tried” by wonderful baits. Occasionally ALMOST being fooled.  But he tested before he’d swallow.  Thus grew bigger and bigger, Safely.

Still the fishermen came.  Still, they left, hungry.

IGNORING the foods the “great” fish ate.

He did not.  Growing bigger. Growing stronger.   Growing wiser.  Knowing his Safe food the fishermen passed by.

The “great” fish gave thanks, daily, for his many small tidbits….and still lives.

And the fishermen continue to go home, hungry.  re



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4 Responses to “The Big Fish (a Parable)”

  1. I am a fan and have followed Red Elk for a couple of years now, I have Canadian and American Native roots..also irish and wish to contact Red Elk to ask him what he thinks this creature was that I witnessed. I would offer cedar, white sage, tobacco, and sweetgrass but I am out of those things at this time. Please I need to know what this wingged creature was.

  2. About the parable: Smart fish! I understand that out of greed for the large catch they refuse to nibble instead on the small. They could feed them selves on the smaller fish but (WANT) the big fish.

  3. Whale Sister says:

    ( : Thanks…ciggs only….the rest in donation, please. Got plenty RIGHT HERE…I just go out and pick at my pleasure (AND Nature Trip). Aho?
    Make SURE the tobacco is the UNFILTERED Paul Mall please. A pack here is over $11.00 a pack!

    IF your request is sent by Snail Mail…make SURE you have a SELF ADDRESSED and STAMPED Envelope. USA STAMP. Our PO will NOT send back otherwise. Aho?

    Ok, I will await. Sounds intriguing. re