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I was 19 or 20…over at ‘Nam.  My ship (152-157 men) ordered to teach the S. Vietnam navy (That was a “joke”).   During this tour we were at the mouth of a Big River.  One between ‘Nam and Cambodia.

It was VERY foggy.  I was standing besides the Officer Of The Day (guy in charge) as the bridge phoneman.

The officer was Lt. J. G. Berkowitz.

We were cruising very slowly, going to enter the river and go upstream a bit.  The heavy warm fog would occasionally have lighter patches…still foggy tho.

Suddenly we hit one of the small patches.  There, before us, mere 200 -400 yards ahead, appeared ANOTHER ship.  She, TOO, going upstream.

It was MIND BLOWING!  An OLD SAILING SHIP!  VERY Old!   Not a soul seen on board.  All main sails set…sails IN “RAGS”!  ROTTEN!   As too WAS HER HULL.

No noise…a true DERELICT.

The Lt. froze as we stood side by side.  I stood in AMAZEMENT….for we BOTH KNEW WE WERE SEEING………………………………THE FLYING DUTCHMAN !

He turned to me with a “Do You SEE THAT?!” look in his eyes.  I nodded, “yes.”

As we watched, she disappeared….sailing slowly into the fog.

He nor I never spoke ….  we had seen, now was Not the time to even ‘TIL….till now.

Shortly after, her “foretelling” came true.  We went to war.   re


Ghost Stories

“Ghost” (Shoestring Budget Hub) wrote (on website below).  Read it and responded.  If interested, my comment is there.  God Bless   re
Down here in ArizonaGeddon, the Border War, I’d like to ask a favor, Brother.  One of my recent hubs is doing pretty well in Google rankings.  If we could boost it a little extra, it might help–certainly the back-and-forth we’ve had on the cabin hub has helped that one a ton.  And if this particular (border) hub could get to the first Google page and stay there, enough people might well see it to make a political difference in our survival down here, long term.

So what I’m asking is, if you could stop by this one, leave a comment and/or let anyone you feel might respond well to it know about it…’twould be appreciated.  NOT pushing, ok?  But here’s the link:

Ugly Arizona



“Well Red Elk…then how do you know what you’ve seen in your “Great Vision” is NOT a PARALLEL Time?”

IS it of The Creator?  HOW WOULD I BE ABLE TO KNOW?  ???   That’s why I kept my mouth shut for so long!  IN that “no tell” period, I WATCHED (CHECKED) what was taking place!  ENOUGH DID to COUNT ON THE REST!  So, came out and TOLD.

Remember, what I was shown IS STOPPABLE!  It doesn’t HAVE to be.  At least in OUR Generation.  IF ENOUGH TURN TO THE CREATOR, ALL will be put off for the NEXT Generation….and if THEY Stay In / With the AGAPE LOVE, then THEY TOO can put it off to THEIR next Generation.  And On and On.


The thing is…ONE of the generations WILL “fall from favor”…THEN it WILL Occur!

The way things stand NOW….WE ARE THAT FAILING GENERATION!   Re

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