My daughter asked me to take her debit card and get a few things for her.
I am unfamiliar with these cards.
Taking the items to the checkout stand, I inserted.  Evidently not the correct way.
Tried again…Ditto

The line behind me growing…as too was my frustration.

The checkout clerk (a nice looking gal in her late 30s (I’d guess))…saw what I was doing wrong.

She said  “Strip DOWN, Facing Me.”

oh oh!

I looked into her (nice!) eyes and said :

“You first.”

( :    re


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2 Responses to “The Heyoka Humor “Strikes” Again!”

  1. Al says:

    LOL You’re really something else red elk.

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Only our NA understand the REASON for these “riske’ jokes”…..we are KNOWN for them. WHAT is the REASON? “LAUGHTER IS A GOOD MEDICINE”
    Yes, she sure was embarrassed! BUT WILL LAUGH ABOUT IT Eventually. Probably tell others as well. And, just as those (who heard) LAUGHED, so too will those SHE tells.

    WHAT this Medicine DID (and will continue to do) is : FOR JUST A MOMENT…FORGET their OWN “woes”! Not a LONG time “cure” BUT ONE, RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT…HELPED THEM “FORGET!” Aho? re